PUP Says Ellen Is Shunning Boakai


The People’s Unification Party (PUP), the brain-child of Unity Party vice standard bearer Emmanuel Nuquay, has denied that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf supports Vice President Boakai’s bid for the presidency. At the recent launch of the Movement to Support Boakai and Nuquay (Mosbon), PUP national chairman Isobe Gborkorkollie said partisans have printed 100,000 T-shirts in support of the VP’s bid to replace President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who, although the Vice President has served well for the last 12 years, and was therefore expected to overwhelmingly support his presidential bid, is, on the contrary, not supporting him.

People’s Unification Party, the brainchild of UP vice standard bearer, Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay (right), believes that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (left) has abandoned the ruling party’s cause.

Though Gborkorkollie said there are glaring neglects by the president, the Boakai and Nuquay team is, however, not crying for the President’s support, because they have received all the support they needed from the Liberian people. “Liberians everywhere have given Boakai the kind of support he needs, endorsed him from every county, and over 100 plus lawmakers are clear proof that the VP is the ideal choice for the people,” Gborkorkollie said. The PUP stalwart added that electing V.P. Boakai as President will bring the needed change Liberians desire for the country. “The right person to supervise this change is Boakai, and this is not a change from government to government. This is not all bout the UP, but the Liberian people who see him as the ideal leader for change. The support for the VP is not a UP support, but from people across the country,” Gborkorkollie said.

K. Ishmael V. Conneh, a Mosbon executive, said they printed 100,000 T-shirts to boost the campaign through voters’ commitment to support the party no matter the situation.
“They are joining the campaign by creating awareness about the VP’s presidential bid, and they are printing T-shirts. And seeing voters break away from their long held tradition of waiting for political leaders to give them t-shirts, is a happy day for all of us,” he said.


  1. How can the president support her vice president when he has been parked and sleeping for the past 12 years instead of assisting her to run the affairs of the country.

    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf knows first hand how lazy and ineffective Joseph Boakai has been for the past 13 years.

    How can she in good faith for the betterment of Liberia support him when she knows that he can’t deliver……not even as a vice president.

  2. I am in total support of VP Boakai’s bid for the presidency, he is the most qualified of all the presidential candidates.

  3. Hmm…if Ellen knew Boakai was not up to the job, how come she kept him as her VP for two consecutive terms? Or was she after all interested only in having a compliant VP who, as Boakai proved to be, would remain obedient and loyal to her and never challenge her? I bet you, Ellen chose and stuck with Boakai only because she knew that giver her imperial and temperamental personality, only a quiet, humble and non-confrontational VP could put up with her. Any other person could have long since publicly clashed with her. And now that she has finished her tenure and used Boakai over the years, she has selfishly elected not to support him. But for me, her non support should be a blessing for Boakai, as she’s no where popular to the point where she can be an electoral asset to the Boakai-Nuquay team.

  4. The Presidential is not supporting VP Boakai because she knows he will spearhead a more robust and and fundamental change of direction for the country which she will not like. Moreover, President Sirleaf views a Boakai administration as a threat to Congo interest.

    But the people united will not be defeated!

  5. Hey, hey liberians, have you forgetting so soon? and why you are not hard be fool? Look, let me leave you with some words of wisdom as a reminer.These two people under discussion are members of the current
    ruling party, you knows and i know that, their had miss led us for a decade plus, their has given nothing good but set back, in all, let us be critecal in thinking and courageous in greatness, may the all mighty God of creations bless liberians and liberia in Jesus name Amen.

  6. I can’t wait to see “President Joseph Boakai” transform Liberia into a developed, first world country.

    All the talk about Joseph Boakai having a great plan to change Liberia to he being the right man,etc. Where are the ” right plans…for Liberia” that he’s has? And how is he going to make these plans into something we can see and benefit from? Do you guys forget all the plans Elken sirleaf…and Joseph Boakai made in 2005 and 2011? What happened? With all the billions of dollars the flowed into Liberia after the UP government came into power.. where are the results?

  7. Madam sirleaf knows that, their had fail liberians and for this reason she don’t want to support VP Boakai knowing that, the vp leadership will look like taking old wine and puting it in a new bottle. Liberians, your should stop doing this thing by one peason speaking for the population.who told you that, the liberians want Boakai for president?

  8. Now only in monrovia, if you go from house to house by interveiwing each and every liberian, the percent of people telling you that, they don’t want Boakai will be more then
    those people that are for hime.Madam sirleaf is smart and she knows what she is doing.

  9. One thing i know about the liberians is that, you can fool them some time’s but not all of time’s, my belovely liberians know what is good for them and they know what they want. May the all mighty God bless, guard and derict the liberians and liberia as they go through their elections in the name of Jesus christ of nazerath Amen.

  10. I think the question should be whether the UP government delivered. If it did, there is Boakai. If it didn’t, there is a healthy list of alternatives.

  11. Ellen knows VP Boakai is sleeping she won’t support a sleeping man. Another good reason why Ellen won’t support Boakai is because he got paid for the 12 years as vice president is time for another debtor to get pay.


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