Publishers Call on Gov’t to Pay Debts to Media

MICAT is calling Liberia media outlets to regularize their status with the National Communications Bureau for the year 2021.

The Publishers Association of Liberia (PAL) has expressed serious disappointment over government’s reluctance to meet up with its indebtedness incurred with the Liberian media in the two years since the ruling CDC government came to power.

At an emergency meeting in Monrovia on Friday, the Publishers noted that despite the government’s repeated promises to meet up with its financial obligations to the media, it appears to have deliberately refused to live up to its promises.

As a result, media institutions are going through serious financial crisis, as their advertising revenue base remains at an all-time low. Compounded by the government’s failure to pay its debt is the fact that the Executive Mansion website has over the past years has undercut media revenue by publishing vacancy and bid notices for free, which used to be a key revenue earner for the local media.

The prevailing situation is forcing local newspapers into economic strangulation, amid the daily high cost of printing, generator fuel and other logistics that the media need to underwrite on a daily basis, especially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

At their meeting over the weekend, the newspaper publishers warned that government’s continuous failure to pay its debt to media institutions would eventually lead them to taking several actions, including media blackout and possible withdrawal from the newsstands.

The media practitioners recalled that late last year, during the induction of the President of the Press Union of Liberia, the Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. publicly announced the Liberian Government’s willingness to settle all media bills.


  1. Those promises were campaign promises and once they got elected by your vote, they will do just what they please until next election time. Next time, don’t listen to them, vote wisely.

  2. This behavior in my opinion is typical of the average government which does not embrace democratic reforms. Let me make a hypothetical case here: How would the political atmosphere in Liberia have been if the press was only reporting one-sidedly in favor of the Liberian government?

    One can almost bet with certainty, the relationship between the government and the independent press media would have been lovey dovey. Why? Because it would be working to promote the government’s diabolical causes by spreading state run propaganda and promoting yellow journalism.

    But because some gallant men and women of the Fourth Estate have chosen the premise that they will stay true to their calling because democracy and true freedom of speech are inseparable, the government does everything it can to thwart its efforts including the commission of mayhem, target assassinations against them, and the outright failures to do due diligence in paying its arrears to the publishers.


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