Public Works to Enforce Zoning Law Soon



The Zoning Division of the Ministry of Public Works over the weekend issued a stern warning to people, institutions and companies that have structures and other facilities in the right of way and street corners in Monrovia and other parts of the country to remove those obstructions. 

According to MPW’s statement, all efforts will be exerted to enforce the warnings “by translating words into practical actions throughout the country.”

The clearing of the right of way is intended to create unhindered access for pedestrians and traffic as well as ensure security within city limits.

 Despite the prevailing economic challenges facing the nation and its people as a result of the Ebola crisis, the violation of zoning laws was becoming rampant to the disadvantage of the general public, said the statement.

In a related development, the Ministry is asking all companies, institutions and individuals, who are desirous of engaging in public or private construction activities to submit a site plan to the Department of Technical Services for review and the concerned individuals or companies should obtain a construction permit from the Ministry before proceeding with any further action.


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