Public Works Minister to Face Senate Committee

Public Works Minister Mabutu Vlah Nyenpan

The Senate Committee on Public Works has invited Minister Mabutu Vlah Nyepan and senior officials of his ministry to answer to plenary inquiry as to why so many bad road condition have threatened the Southeastern counties. Minister Nyepan and his staff are to appear Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

The Senate plenary’s decision to bring the Public Works officials to the Capitol Building followed a communication from Sinoe County Senator, Augustine Chea, in which he alerted his colleagues that the Buchanan-Greenville Highway may become impassable during the current rainy season, if the situation is not addressed to relieve the travelers, specifically the businesspeople.

In his June 4, 2019 communication, Senator Chea warned that if the corridor, which is part of the proposed coastal highway that is always deplorable during the rainy season, is not reconditioned, “the situation will go from bad to worse,” making travel difficult and risky.

Senator Chea said that the condition of the road was exacerbated recently when the Works Ministry or its contractor dismantled the bridge over the Timo River because of its hazardous condition.

“The bridge is said to have outlived its lifespan, because of this situation, Sinoeans and the other road users are compelled to use a detour route with travel time of about six or more hours to get back to the main road,” Chea’s communication noted.

“As the line ministry responsible for roads and bridges, the Works Ministry¬†should be invited to provide the latest information about the new Timo River Bridge, and the temporary bridge projects.

“Minister Nyepan should also tell us what intervention the ministry intends to do on the Buchanan-Greenville Highway to make it passable during the rainy season,” Senator Chea said.


  1. Only southeastern country your know? Bring the Gucci clown Koijee to answer about the dirty dirt in the city. Your all scare because you all have no balls. Big men scare of small boy like Koijee.

  2. Its much easier to completely dismantle the current Ministry of Public Works and create a Ministry of Roads and Infrastructure. The MPW has long outlived its usefulness, and worthiness of providing effective and professional services to the Public.

  3. 1. Because you do not have the KnowHows/Skillsets needed to do the work; that is why the roads are bad.
    Do you have at least a Bsc in Engineering and minimum 10 years experience in road construction?
    2. Were are the many missing monies?
    3. The issue is NOT only in southeastern region; stop regional politics on such issues.
    4. The last time I visited public works, nothing was moving?


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