Public School Teachers Pledge Support to V.P. Boakai

A cross section of the teachers who promised to win votes for V.P. Boakai

A number of public school teachers assigned in Nimba County have pledged their support to the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

At a meeting attended by a cross section of teachers from the Nimba branch of the National Teachers’ Association of Liberia (NTAL), their representatives said their support for V.P. Boakai came through the intervention of Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn, who is one of the prominent  sons of the county.

Theresa Bembo, a teacher assigned at the Child Friendly School in the Ganta suburb of Gloryee, said the fact that Dr. Dahn is supporting the presidential bid of V.P. Boakai, the teachers will follow him to where he pledges his political allegiance.

“Let’s concentrate on the individual that is leading the party and forget about affiliation,” said Francis Kene, Principal of Johnny Voker High School in Saclepea.

He said because V.P. Boakai is “the only good candidate in the ensuing October race who all should follow, Mr. Kene called on his colleagues to rally their support around the Vice President since Dr. Dahn was in that camp.”

Other speakers including Jericho Dowazea, secretary general of NTAL; Edward Lonkia, Bain District head of NTAL; Garsenjo Kartoe, Tappita # 2 NTAL coordinator; and Rolee Daybah of Buuyao made similar commitments during the meeting.


  1. Public school teachers have no legal rights to pledge support to any person vying for public office. The Labor Laws of Liberia prevent any organized institution, not a political entity, from supporting or pledging support to any person or entity. Leaders of this Public Schools organization should have known better, especially as people who should be impacting knowledge in our young people.


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