Bonjal Community Leadership Sets Public Latrines, Safe Drinking Water, Others as Priorities

Rep. Samuel Enders performs the induction of elected officials of Bonjal Community

The newly inducted leadership of Bonjal Community, located along the Roberts International Airport (RIA) highway, has promised to prioritize the construction of public latrines, provision of safe drinking water and security, among others, for the improvement of the living conditions of members of their community, especially the less fortunate.

Speaking recently during the induction ceremony of the elected officials of the community, Joe Thomas McCritty, chairman elect said though the community has considered a healthy cleaned environment as a priority, the need for the construction of public latrines and other projects earmarked by his leadership are essential.

“Some wells from which water is drawn to cook and to do other activities are not safe because human waste and other dirt from the environment are carried by erosion to these wells. This is why we see public latrines as a priority,” McCritty said.

He promised to work with all stakeholders in the community in keeping the community clean by encouraging residents to continue to subscribe to good garbage disposal methods.

On the issue of security, McCritty said his administration will work with the elders’ council and all other partners, including the Liberia National Police (LNP), to restructure the community watch team.

“Our people need to sleep without worry about criminals coming to break through their doors,” he said.

“Safe drinking water counts a lot on our platform, and so we will do all we can in our capacity to install hand-pumps in every part of the neighborhood, where there are none, for our people to access safe drinking water. This, I believe, we can achieve it as a people,” he added.

McCritty, who is also the deputy director for records at the Supreme Court of Liberia, said it is his wish that his community becomes a place where there is no class system, but that everyone works together for the common good of the community.

“Our children and us need a resource center. We are in the age of technology and fast information sharing. People should have a place to easily read about Liberia, its culture and many important things not known to the outside world,” he said.

McCritty assured his fellow residents that his leadership will work with all stakeholders to use sport both male and female soccer teams, precisely people under age 15 as a way to unite the community.

“To my immediate predecessor, Mr. Kaifa Holmes, thank you for steering the affairs of our community in the past two years. We will build upon what you have achieved,” he said.

the keynote speaker at the event, Montserrado County District #6 Representative Samuel R. Enders, admonished the newly elected leadership to lead with good examples and ensure that the entire community feels the impact of their leadership.

According to Enders, the leadership is charged with the responsibility to keep and a people united and, as such, they should lead with a spirit void of partisan politics.

“You are now the leader for all of us. Whosoever comes to you with a problem should not be looked at as  CDCian or a member of the opposition. We are all residents of this community, and we will count on you to collaborate with all of us to deliver on the promises made,” he said.

He said he has not seen a reason yet to join any political party, but he remains a leader determined to support ideas and efforts that bring about change and development.

Enders admonished the new leadership to be courageous and face challenges with a hope that they can overcome in the best interest of the people they now lead.

He also warned the community members to respect their leaders and not to insult them.

“I don’t support anyone to insult any leader. We can disagree to agree but our disagreement should not lead to profanity directed at each other or our leaders. Tomorrow you could become a leader and you would never wish to be treated as you do to others today,” he admonished.

He called on McCritty and his colleagues to join him to engage authorities at the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to extend electricity to the Bonjal Community..

The Bonjal Community new leadership consists of Jefferson Solo as co-chairman, Amos B.K. Moore secretary general while Felix T. Freeman, Joseph B. Cooper and Andy K. Roberts as youth coordinator, co-youth coordinator and general secretary for the youth secretary while Joshua D. Zinnah and Trokon B. Garway serve as financial secretary and treasurer, respectively.


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