Public Flogging of 2 Naked Women in Sinoe County Condemned

Rep. Jay Nagbe Sloh expressed his disappointment over delays by the PUL and LEGISPOL to place media blackout on the House of Representatives to avenge the illegal revocations.

Women were accused of kidnapping a baby and of ‘witchcraft’

In recent days, a video clip, showing two women stripped completely nude and publicly flogged by a band of men trying to coerce them into confessing to being witches, has gone viral on social media.

Before the video emerged, the Daily Observer originally reported the story in its January 15, 2019 edition. According eyewitnesses, the two women along with a third, identified as Willean Nywallah, were sexually assaulted, with some of their abusers inserting sticks into their private parts.

This led to the death of Willean, who had also suffered severe beating and was reportedly buried overnight. The grave was discovered by some community members who reported the case to officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in the district, and the decomposed corpse was ordered exhumed and photographed.

The incident took place on December 13, 2018, a day after one Sayetta Samuel reported that her child had gone missing after she left the child with the father to perform some domestic chores.

After hours of fruitless search, a witch doctor, who was consulted, reportedly named Willean Nywallah and the two other women as being responsible for the missing child.  The witch doctor further alleged that the women were “witches” and were responsible for several other deaths in the community, reports said.

Sinoe County District #2 Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh, has condemned the reported humiliation of two women in Numopoh, Sinoe County by some men, who accused the victims of being witches. The women were recently stripped naked, flogged and paraded through the town, while being photographed by onlookers.

Rep. Sloh said the action and its attending video have both embarrassed all civilized people, especially Sinoe citizens around the world.

In a release issued on Monday, February 25, 2019, Sloh apologized to the victims, their families, and all women around the world for the disgrace the barbaric action has imposed upon the women. Rep. Sloh chairs the House Committee on Information, Broadcasting and Tourism and Cultural Affairs.

He said his initial investigation has confirmed that the incident occurred in Numopoh, Greenville District, Sinoe County.

According to Amnesty International, public flogging “is a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment, which is banned by international human rights law. The practice is humiliating and leads to psychological as well as physical scars for those subjected to it for years. [It is] a form of torture.”

Rep. Sloh added, “in these civilized days only persons suffering from chronic insanity and irreversible mental derangement can even think of meting out such abnormal and violent social behavior against any human being, let alone women.”

While refuting media reports that the incident took place in his district, Sloh said, “no matter where this ugly incident occurred, it must be condemned by all civilized human beings.”

He also regretted what he called the “very poor judgment” employed by those who published the video. He said the publication further violated the privacy rights of the victims and exacerbated an already ugly situation.

The two women accused of kidnapping and witchcraft in Sinoe were stripped naked and paraded through the streets. A third woman was mobbed to death.

In a related development, Sloh has condemned the reported mob violence in the Grigsby Farm Community, within the same Greenville District, where law enforcement officers were reportedly brutalized over the weekend by angry citizens. He is also secretary-general of the Sinoe County Legislative Caucus.

He said nothing justifies violent actions against law enforcement personnel.

He assured that the Sinoe Legislative Caucus will ensure that all perpetrators of both crimes “will face the full weight of the law.”


  1. Wow,

    Come on Liberia! Come on Sinoe!

    What a gruesome punishment? Flogging women in the nude? During this day and age, a different kind of punishment could have been considered by the local authorities.

    Look, I am not saying that the two ladies who’ve been accused of baby thief and witchcraft shouldn’t have been punished. I just want say that
    a different kind of punishment could have been considered. How’s about a jail term??

  2. What’s going on in Liberia? A woman was brutalized because of alleged witchcraft. She later died, and this shitty government of Weah hasn’t brought the killers to justice?

  3. There is no justifiable reason for such barbaric act, especially where they were never investigated to be charge guilty by a Court of competent jurisdiction in keeping with our laws. Let those men be brought to book. We as women need to be respected and protected, no matter what!!!

  4. I applaud Sen. Sloh. The witch doctor should be publicly flogged and humiliated. These people are the devil workers. Also, the men must be dealt with very severely. Investors will not come to a country that does this. This is a disgrace to Liberia and Liberians everywhere. These people must be punished. those that took the photo must be shamed. Make an example of this devil witch doctor.

  5. I agreed with Moses, all those men including the so called witch doctor must be arrested and prosecuted. No one in their right mind, will result to such inhumane treatment of another human being, let alone women. They all deserve to be arrested and sent to prison. Such gruesome act implies that there is no recourse for our laws anymore. We are in the 21 century, we won’t allow this nonsense to repeat itself.

  6. Liberians still live in the STONE AGE era. The lack of human rights and respect for human dignity are the leading cause of the deplorable living condition in Liberia. Women are treated like rags and have no protection in this part of the world that men are the center of and decision makers. so sad for these poor ladies that have been humiliated for no concert reason other than assumptions from bunch of idiots and tyrants……… bad! imp!


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