Public Defender Wants 2 Circuit Courts in Nimba


The Public Defender of Nimba County, Atty. Robertson P. Mehn, is calling on the national government to increase the number of circuit courts to two to reduce the number of cases on docket.

“Before we can finish with four cases, about 17 new cases would arrive, so it makes it very difficult to reduce the cases to below 60,” Atty. Mehn said.

Nimba County has about 17 magisterial courts and presently there are about 133 cases, including 62 criminal and 71 civil cases, according to court documents.

Currently, the prison has about 200 inmates awaiting trial, while at the same time cases continue to flow in daily, making it uneasy to reduce the docket.

However, Judge John B. Newon of the Debt Court has cautioned justice and judicial actors to be very sincere and honest when handling cases, as the justice or judicial system has been indicted by the public as being weak and unfair.

“Judicial actors are well trained and taken care of; why then are we still being indicted as performing poorly? What is responsible for all of this is the love of money that has penetrated the judicial system,” said the Judge.

The Judge added that although magistrates and police officers know what is right, “they would say something different,” and called on them to “do unto others that others might do unto you. No matter what you do, you will not get all you want, until you leave this world.”

Meanwhile, the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court was opened in the absence of its Judge, who is said to be ill. It was announced that cases will be heard next week, when the judge is expected to recover from his illness.

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