PSU Officer Found Dead by ‘Suicide’

Home of PSU officer Briggford Cummings, where he was found dead by his neighbor on Monday evening.

A 49-year-old Police Support Unit (PSU) officer, identified as Briggford Cummings, reportedly committed suicide at his Red-Hill residence around the Omega Tower community on July 16, 2018.

Mulbah Konic, brother of the deceased and who lives on the Pipe-Line road, said, upon arrival at Cummings’ house on Tuesday morning, he was informed that his brother was dead. He met the remains of his brother lying on the floor.

Mr. Konic said he was informed by a lady who lived with his brother in the house that Cummings came from work late Monday night and gave all police items in his possession, including his ID card and land deed, to the lady, instructing her to turn them over to his brothers the following day.

“Cummings told the lady that when his ex-wife comes she should not be allowed to take anything from the house, including the foundation that he has built on the land. He said they should turn his propriety over to his 20-year-old daughter,” Mr. Konic said.

Mr. Konic said the lady refused to hold the ID card and documents on grounds that they were his lifetime properties and government items. She later told him to keep them in a place that the water, because of the rainy season, would not reach.

He said the lady explained that Cummings entered the house after 15 minutes, after which she heard violent sounds in his room. When she entered to find out  what was  happening, she discovered that Cummings had slit his own throat and was bleeding profusely.

“The lady went to call community dwellers, but they refused to come because of the rain and the water that had flooded the place. So she went and called the police,” Mr. Konic said.

Mr. Konic explained that Cummings’ wife left him two years ago because of drunkenness and that Cummings, who couldn’t bear his wife’s leaving him, has been telling people he would kill himself.

He said Cummings and his ex-wife, Youngor Zayzay, spent 27 years together and had a daughter who is now 21 years old.

Briggford Cummings, popularly known as “Baby Police”, is from the Loma ethnic group. He joined the police force between 2002-2003 and was assigned at the Liberia National Police (LNP) Headquarters on Capital By-pass before his death.

Lauuo Cummings, daughter of the deceased, said her mother left Cummings because of his drunkenness and threats against her mother’s life. According to her, the confusion between her two parents caused her to drop out of school.

“I met my father last Sunday; he asked me not to get in the rain and even begged me to stay with him. But I told him that I had some work to do and needed to return home. That was how I left and was later informed this morning that my father had killed himself,” she said.


  1. Wow! Suicide by victim cutting his own throat wife a knife? Very suspicious! The sad part to something like this is that our police or so-called crime investigators don’t investigate these incidents beyond what “eye witnesses” or “by-standers” say. For example, after the deceased gave all those personal and important documents to his fiancée, did she ask him, for example, “why are you giving me these things?” “Where, or are you going anywhere?” those kinds of normal reaction by any rational or concerned person to such actions. This story never mention whether the fiancée was taken anywhere for further questioning besides the flimsy version reported in this reportage. I wanted to even throw in finger print lifting from the knife, but on second thought, I better not even go there. As for autopsy, forget that. We will continue to accuse each other and simply because we don’t understand, or accept all the possible natural causes of death. And our governance system must put in place protocols for who can declare a citizen dead outside of healthcare facilities and following whatever laid down procedures. Not any Joe blow should be declaring people dead and that’s it. Bottom line, we still ga far way to go.


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