PSU Officer Duma Charged with Murder of Mildred Tamba

James Duma (left) shot Mildred Tamba (right) to death over a suspicion that her boyfriend was having an affair with his girlfriend.

An officer of the Police Support Unit (PSU) of the Liberia National Police (LNP), who allegedly discharged his “Smith and Wesson” 9MM-Pistol and killed a lady identified as Mildred Tamba, has been charged with murder.

Officer James Duma was on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, forwarded to the Monrovia City Court where he was subsequently remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison to await his murder trial, because the crime with which he is charged does not qualify him for a bail. The incident occurred on the early morning of June 27, 2020, while the victim (Mildred Tamba) was returning from a birthday party at the View Point Community in Paynesville, according to police investigation. The court records allege that the victim, along with other friends, including officer Dumo, was at a birthday party in the View Point Community.

Later, the document claims, defendant Dumo, his girlfriend Salamatu Kaba, along with two other persons, Randall and Dashekie, were walking ahead of Mildred Tamba and her fiancé Emmanuel Johnson, who was behind the victim and the defendant. While on their way home, the document claims that defendant Dumo started beating on his girlfriend Salamatu Kaba, which prompted Randall and Dashekie to interfere, telling Dumo to stop what he was doing. But he refused and kept beating on his girlfriend Salamatu.

During the process, the record claims, Dumo threw his girlfriend Salamatu Kaba into the drainage. Afterwards, Dumo raised his service arm and fired a round. The bullet ricocheted when it hit the edge of the concrete sidewalk and penetrated the forehead of his victim, Mildred Tamba. Late Mildred Tamba, who was standing on the road waiting for her fiancé Johnson about eight feet from defendant Dumo, immediately fell unconscious on the ground and began to bleed profusely.

The court record says after the victim’s fiancé noticed her lying unconscious on the ground, he (Johnson) cried out in alarm, screaming that the bullet fired had gone into his fiancée’s head. After defendant Dumo noticed that the bullet had hit victim Tamba, he tried to escape from the crime scene but was attacked by angry crowd who subdued him and took the weapon from him. However, the weapon was later turned over to authority of the Liberia National Police (LNP). Tamba was removed from the scene to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center where she was pronounced dead upon arrival by medical doctors. Her lifeless body was deposited at the Abraham Robert Funeral Home for preservation.


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