PSG Youth Coach Visits LFF Practice Session

Cyril Klosek, Technical Director of Paris Saint Germain’s (PSG) Academy in Egypt, (third from right) visit the training session of LFF at the ATS

The Technical Director of Paris Saint Germain’s (PSG) Academy in Egypt, Cyril Klosek last Thursday visited the training session of Liberia Football Foundation (LFF) at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium.

The LFF is an organization that uses football to create social change and development in the lives of marginalized children in Liberia.

Klosek’s visit followed his interaction with LFF’s founder Sam Burnette via Instagram. According to Mr. Burnette, he contacted the youth coach after he learned of Klosek’s presence in Liberia through a newspaper article.

During his visit at the foundation’s training session at the ATS, coach Klosek was impressed with the youthful talents and expressed his desire to help contribute to the development of Liberian football, especially at the youth level.

“If football at the senior level is not doing well, it is usually because football at the grassroots level is not well structured,” said Klosek.

Meanwhile, Burnette thanked the French coach for his visitation and said he looks forward to good cooperation between them.

“We seek sponsorship via programs in other countries, which thousands of other organizations around the world are also engaging. We hope the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Liberia Football Association will look at some of the strategies we have for sports for development in Liberia,” said Burnette.

LFF, the Liberian partner for Street Child United (SCU), organizers of the Street Child World Cup, represented Liberia in the 2014 Street Child World Cup in Brazil but didn’t make the 2018 Street Child World Cup (SCWC) in Russia due to lack of funding. LFF’s program for street-connected kids offers a safe place to play while engaging in life skills program and discussion of social issues.

Their objectives are to organize youth football programs, build football fields, and donate equipment to kids. “Though without funding, LFF has created a significant impact, our hope is to have a positive impact on a much larger scale with the proper funding. There is so much we can do to turn dreams into reality for Liberian children, but there is no financial support locally for our initiatives,” Burnette said.


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