Protests ‘Hampering’ Investor Confidence in Liberia


-Acting NaFAA Boss 

The Acting Director General of the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority, Mr. Augustine Manoballah, has alarmed that the growth and development of the Liberian economy is being hampered by the continuous and regular protests carried out by some Liberians.

He said despite efforts by the Weah-led administration to strengthen the already broken economy and ensure the influx of investors into all sectors of the Country, there are some Liberians who are bent on instigating protests that are driving away potential investors.

According to him, the Liberian fisheries sector attracted several investors who expressed interest in the sector but they later had a change of plan when they read and saw videos of demonstrations on the social media.

Manoballah said the current administration of NaFAA, headed by Mrs. Emma Metieh Glassco, is in consultations with potential investors from across Europe, America, Asia and other parts of the world to invest in Aquaculture or fish farming, fish processing facilities, fishing ports among others.

Those areas of investments in the fisheries sector, he noted, have the potential to create hundreds of jobs, but this can only be possible if reports of protests are drastically reduced.

Mr. Manoballah challenged Liberians to see reasons to desist from protest in order to give Liberia a positive image locally and internationally so as to encourage more investors into the country.

Speaking over the weekend on a local radio talk show, Manoballah said Liberia has the potential to attract investors to help transform the local economy but “no investor would like to invest in a country where there are regular protests or demonstrations being caused by some group of citizens.”

He explained that the Liberian fisheries sector has huge potential for investment but, in the absence of peace and stability, no one would like to do business in the fisheries sector.


  1. Is this Acting mouth piece very serious about protesting being responsible for keeping potential investors away from that country ? Well , young man, increase your intelligence on that subject by reading the latest report from the World Bank about doing business in Liberia. Liberia has dropped from 174 place to 175 place among countries doing and opened to business just in the last two years. And nothing to do with protest, but the regime’s own established business environment. Too many people to payoff, even President Weah. So stop the lying about protest being responsible. Many of you young inexperienced officials of the regime could not even sell an old vehicle for five US dollars , but will easily find political excuses and the blame game that someone or something is responsible for your very inability to attract potential investors. What contact or experience do you have to draw the attention of potential investors in the failed fishing club. Can’t call what exists in that country fishing industry, but fishing club. Now increase your intelligence by reading the report from the World Bank. There is something in there for you to learn and improve your skills and abilities.


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