Protesters Restricted for Lack of National (Citizen) ID Card?

Senator Sando D. Johnson (pink shirt) on Capitol Hill making his way through protestors with the help of a police officer: “We don’t have problem with the search of cars and bags. What we are against is displaying of ID cards.”

—But LNP 102 Threaten Arrest of Officers 

One of the organizers of the Council of Patriots (CoP), Bomi County Senator Sando Dazoe Johnson, has warned the government against intimidating protesters over the display of National ID Card before crossing checkpoints of the Liberia National Police (LNP)

Senator Johnson, in front of the main gate of the University of Liberia (UL) on the Capitol By-Pass, said the CoP has gathered intelligence that protesters with their #SaveTheState t-shirts and other would-be protesters have been requested to display their National ID Card at the various checkpoints at Vai town, Paynesville and Sinkor.

“This was not part of what we discuss for Liberians or protesters to display their National ID or any ID Card before converging in Monrovia.”

“Let the government be warned that this is wrong and is not part of discussion.”

“We don’t have problem with the search of cars and bags. What we are against is displaying of ID cards.” Sen. Johnson said.

The newly appointed Deputy Inspector General for Operations of the LNP, Marvin Sackor, alias 102, has told Sen. Johnson, that any officer forcing Liberians to display ID cards before crossing checkpoints, who be detained.

Meanwhile, hundreds of Liberians, including Sen. Johnson are gathered at the back of Capitol Building in front of the Executive Mansion, protesting and chanting “Save The State” slogans, while awaiting the stipulated time for the CoP to present its petition to the Government of Liberia.


  1. There are so many foreigners entering and living in the country from neighboring and other countries. Why can’t such a patriotic police officer be sent to man our porous border posts? Look around the country and see the faces of new Liberians. Do they all have cards? I am just asking oh! Because we must call SPADE a SPADE. Oops! I forgot, Liberia favors foreigners more than its own citizens.

    • Foreigners, etc?
      Immigration and Country are broken. All such issues got to be fixed; hopefully during the next round.

  2. This 2nd place should be ousted or should resign or be replaced if to keep the peace and prevent violence. It has happened in the history of Liberia. Suspected to be an instigated deception to the Presidency, undercuts a process with ignorant background yet frowns on the majority Liberians who are illiterate, for their personal greed for power. Their comrades may allow a presentation of this petition to the hands who have mishandled a one+ year inflationary trend and black mailing the Presidential standard. Thus it is suggested that this petition, since resembles a mandate, may, if the executive would want to personally receive it, but should not be received by the seat of the Liberian Executive Office. Consequently it is the silent majority that controls the activities of the President on his 34 percent registration voters and 9% opposition candidates in the last election. This President has balance 4+ years leadership until the next Liberian Presidential election 2023-24. The Silent majority rejects an unconstitutional mandate to the Presidency of the Republic of Liberia. A bunch of people may have logical contentions but should not present the needs of the entire population without an election or referendum, even though this right to protest is constitutional. A Presidential candidate has the choice of a running mate. Yet not fit or capable, a resignation of such mate along his ministers have options and may be replaced by a removal for the sake of equality in its elevated branch powers in a peaceful Liberian atmosphere. Do not answer me. Tell the Liberian nation.
    Gone to silent 57 percent

  3. Therefore We should all joint to contribute the stealing Liberian dollars to buy public logistics, fixtures, transports, air planes, ships, etc to restock again instead depending on one stealing to solve the nation’s economic problem. Do not reply. Gone to sleep.

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