Protesting Students Demand Free Road Access to School and Enforcement of Zoning Laws.

The controversial fence that has blocked alley to the WSS and the church.

The over 400 students of the Word Sanctified High School (WSHS) in Congo Town recently went on the rampage demanding authorities of the Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) to enforce the zoning law by reopening an alley accessing free passage to the facility.

The alley is the only access the students, parents and the church goers use to enter the Word Sanctified facility, but it has been blocked reportedly by a foreign-owned business executive (not named).

Though the students protest was ‘peaceful,’ they have resolved to mount the pressure or else the school will not resume any academic activity for the rest of the school year.

WSHS is owned and operated by the Word Sanctified Cathedral on the motto, “A School of Excellence.” Located on one acre of land opposite the newly Chinese constructed ministerial complex, the school has several other facilities, which are now being closed, because of a fence constructed to protect an adjacent property from ‘intruders.’

“I see this as encroachment on our property containing a cathedral, high school with an enrollment of over 400 students, and a church edifice,” the presiding bishop, J. Maxwell Seh, Sr., told the Daily Observer in an angry tone.

On previous occasions, according to Seh, when the situation was unfolding, the Word Sanctified Ministries International wrote a letter of complaint to Public Works Minister, Mobutu Nyepan, seeking for his kind intervention in an “unjust and embarrassing situation that the institution was at present facing.”

Bishop Seh: “This fence is an embarrassment to our existence as a church and school.”

The facility includes the Word Sanctified Cathedral of Faith, a church situated in  Oldest Congo Town, just behind the JAC car depot, and adjacent to the Old Susan Berry Compound opposite the newly constructed ministerial complex.

“There is no alley way leading to the church premises that contain a daycare and high school, a bible school, reception hall, pastors’ quarters and a large cathedral for worship services,” Bishop Seh said.

In the wake of the ongoing development, Bishop Seh fears that if nothing is done to reopen the alley for the students to come to school, the situation might result to either closing the school and the entire facility, and therefore, he has appealed to Public Works authorities to reopen the alley.

“The alley is from the main street, which is just a block away from the church fence be opened, or the one directly behind the one acre of land of the Susan Berry property from the football field be opened to give us access into our church compound, Seh cried.

Though one of the Ministry of Public Works investigators has confirmed receiving the report, he has under the condition of anonymity, denied being aware of “ongoing construction.”

Our investigation continues.


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