Protest Vote Against CDC?

(L-r) Opposition candidates Abraham Darius Dillon and Telia Urey appear to be sweeping the ruling party candidates in the provisional votes from the just-ended Montserrado County by-elections.

Opposition candidates take commanding lead in by-elections’ polls

By all indications, these just concluded by-elections in Montserrado County and reports of results coming in so far suggests that the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) appears to be in grave danger of losing its once vaunted and seemingly impregnable Montserrado County strong-hold, with the opposition reportedly taking a commanding lead in the polls.

CDC candidates, Paulita Wie and Abu Kamara, both first-time runners, are so far trailing in the polls as of late last night, and indications are that they are not likely to upset the commanding lead held by Abraham Darius Dillon and Ms. Telia Urey, also both first-time runners.

Political observers here attribute their apparent victory as a sign of popular protest against President George Weah and his CDC for the difficult economic conditions faced by most people. Most public criticisms against this government appears directed at what is perceived as runaway corruption in this government, which is in turn creating much hardships for the people.

On a whole, the elections have been largely peaceful, although there were reports of violence in Logan Town involving CDC supporters who, according to eyewitness accounts, stormed opposition candidate Telia Urey’s headquarters and attacked her supporters on Saturday, July 27. There were also reports of a discharge of firearms by Presidential bodyguards, while clearing a Police mounted roadblock. No fatalities or injuries were however reported.

Additionally, there were public concerns about the integrity of the Voters Roll (FRR) which had not been cleaned as mandated by the Supreme Court in 2017.  A shouting match involving an exchange of invectives resulting in a near fistfight is said to have erupted between opposition leader Benoni Urey and National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman Korkoya during discussions at NEC headquarters over concerns about the integrity of the Voters Roll.

These concerns, notwithstanding, the polls went well with virtually no reports of vote rigging, at least from initial on the spot vote counts at the various polling places. At some polling places though, there were fears that it was getting late and the ballot boxes had not been picked up by the NEC although some results were reportedly posted relatively late well after the vote count.

But at latest count, both opposition candidates, Dillon and Telia Urey appeared to be in commanding lead. The official results will, however, be officially announced by the NEC following official tallying of votes, which is expected to take a day or two.

In a related development, NEC said it has not begun releasing provisional results of the Monday’s by-elections.

The commission said its attention is drawn to the fact that some voters and the general public are raising concerns over the wave of public radio announcement of “unofficial results.”

NEC stresses that when it begins to release provisional results,  the process will be done at its Media  Center in the full glare of national and international media practitioners, as well as national and international partners and observers. The NEC provisional results will also be posted on its official website: and on its official facebook and twitter accounts.

NEC henceforth reminds journalists and political parties that it is only the Commission that has the legal mandate to conduct elections and declare results thereof. This is supported by section 2.9(g) of the New Election Law of 1986.

Section 2.9(g) of the new elections law of 1986, under power and duties, states: …conduct all elections for elective public offices including the chieftaincy election and all referenda and declare the winner results thereof.

The Commission has meanwhile requested all candidates to send representatives to its headquarters in Sinkor where results of Monday’s by-elections will be tallied, and that the tally process will begin today at 12 p.m.


  1. That the voters’ registrar had not been cleaned-up by the NEC as mandated by the Supreme Court of Liberia, is disheartening. That the CDC partisans marched on the party headquarters of opposition candidate, Telia, and wreaked havoc, is not only beyond one’s imagination, but it re-enforces the continual warning that President Weah’s government is not doing anything to combat the prevalence of impunity and lawlessness that has eaten at the core and moral fibre of the nation.

    Notwithstanding from this point forward, this episode foretells of events to come. And as far as this administration is concerned, it is intent upon its own course – a course as is seemingly predicted from the outcome of this election, may not augur well for this presidency and the nation.

    In the end, the strength, survival, and endurance of President Weah’s CDC will be determined by his genuine interactions with the Liberian people and the leadership qualities that he will demonstrate during these difficult times in Liberia’s national life.

    Regarding the affairs of the earth’s inhabitants, the Holy Scriptures presciently said this in the parables of the “Seed Sower”, that what a person sows is exactly what that person will eventually reap.

  2. Whatever party wins, there will be no changes in Liberia; LIB as we know it. The newly elected officials are going there to get their shares of the port, nothing more. They will be there forever without sponsoring one ordinance. Passing law, please!

  3. My question is not on the election but, on the Liberian FLAG. Who changed the Nation’s flag? The flag on the suit thr President is wearing is not the original Liberian flag. Check out the strips.

  4. “APPEARED to be in commanding lead” after all the rant about “apparent victory”????? This falsehood to justify the BASELESS and unfounded claims to protest the true results!!!!!

    • The opposing four parties DO NOT also have the resume/KnowHows to move Liberia forward; same people going in circle?
      We hope 2023 there will be good options for Liberian to select from. Right now we have to accept dropouts?

      They owe the Liberian by publishing their school papers?

    • Sorry Matilda: I posted to your post by mistake.


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