Protemp to Speak on US$180K Senate Money

The President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert T. Chie

A member of the Leadership of the Senate has clarified that the US$6,000 received by individual Senators is a part of their budgetary allotment, and that the Senate Pro Tempore is soon to speak on said issue.

The ranking Senator (named withheld) in a phone interview with our reporter on Friday, April 24, explained that the money is the first of two installments, and has been delayed due to the recent salary harmonization which affected the Legislature.

The Senator, who is a member of the Senate Committee on Ways, Means and Budget, asserted that the money is allotted every budget year and is intended to be used by Senators for the effective running of their offices.

The voucher for the money according to the Senator was raised through the Legislature’s budget office.

For the past days, the issue of the US$6,000 for Senators has become a topical issue, since Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon disclosed on a local radio talk show that individual Senators have received their overdue office “operational funds”.

Senator Dillon’s disclosure came days after members of the Legislature affixed their signatures to endorse a resolution for the state of emergency declared by President George Weah.

“Where in this world does a Legislature demand or receive bribe to allow funding for its citizens to fight a global virus that is killing the people,” the Senator wondered, adding that, “maybe as the saying goes; once bitten, twice shy.”

Pro Tempore Albert T. Chie could not be reached for comment, nor the chair of the Senate Committee on Rules, Order and Administration.


  1. I sometimes wonder why should people choose not to be name if in fact they are speaking the truth? If the $6,000 paid to the senators was part of their budgetary payment, just clarified the air as a senator and be on the record for defending your entitlement.

    I think the executive knew exactly what they were doing to paid out at this crucial time to the senators. They created the atmosphere like the senators are again accepting brown envelopes before affixing their signatures to the president good intend for the Liberian people, especially the position of Hon. Dillion against corruption. This is not the time to play politics Mr. President. This is the time to lead liberia out of this global pandemic situation without prejudice.

    Please put partisan aside for God sake, and put Liberia first. What are the reasons for affixing your photo on the buckets before distributing them to the Liberian people in crisis like this? This is not the time to campaign when your people are dying from this deadly disease, namely corvid19. You need to take leadership control of our nation and focus on doing the right thing and stop the blame game.

    • Mr. Akoi, do not allow sympathy or sentiments to allow that corrupt Darius Dillon to insult your intelligence. Dillon is not against any corruption. Dillon is the worst of the corrupt! What proves this is inter alia these:

      (1) He Dillon promised to donate half of his salary to the county he represents.


      (2) rather than having the Superintendent of Montserrado County and the General Auditing Commission present to donate the money with an instruction to furnish the GAC with an expenditure report, he announced the setting up of an account at a local bank, where the money was allegedly deposited, to be overseen by his chief of office staff.” IMAGINE!

      (3) Again: “For example, Senator Dillon, prior to entering the Senate often decried the splurging of huge sums on SUVs every year for members of the Legislature, saying he wouldn’t ride and accept any vehicle costing more than US$9k and it would be bought from a local Liberian dealer in order to boost local empowerment.


      (4) barely before the dawn of the rising sun, Senator Dillon, with light, camera and small action, took receipt of an SUV which costs a staggering US$35,000. He would remain deaf and insouciant to the cries of the public that he returned the vehicle as it went against his espoused values, even if it were bought for his predecessor, Senator Geraldine Doe-Sheriff.”


      • Imagine that the wife George and her foundation which is being funded through budget allocation, and to pass the corruption test , would placed the funding of her foundation under the GAC and the nation’s Ministry of Justice for the sole purpose of accountability and transparency for the Liberian people to know and see where their tax dollars is being used for. Imagine that, somebody. And here’s someone who wants to score political points is asking a lawmaker to put his hard earned salary as he has promised to donate to the constituents of his county and placed it under an appointed Superintendent of George and a politically controlled public office of the GAC. Can anyone believe that ? That person has got to be out his cassava eating mind to suggest or think about such nonsense in order to score political points. The wife of George receiving public funding for every budgetary year for herself and her foundation is being protected from making public her financial statements about her foundation, it is a lawmaker that should make public or placed hard earned salary under a political appointed Superintendent. What the lawmaker does with his hard earned salary to and for his constituents is his business ? At the end of the day they are the people to judge him through the ballot box. So lets talk about the reason why the wife of George is receiving more budgetary funding than majority of the counties that are struggling to meet up with developmental issues facing their counties. This is Coronavirus time and they are in a lockdown, you dig ? Should some of that money be used to help those struggling counties ? It is his hard earned money, and his constituents will be the judge , if he is a corrupt and lying official and will vote him out accordingly. So leave that suggestion to his constituents. Accept the explanation from the Pro-temp who is the strongest supporter of George in the Senate concerning the 6,500 US dollars to Senators. As the lawmaker in question has said , the records are there for all to see. First step to honesty. Can the wife of George actually do that ?

  2. That particular appropriation needs to be removed from the natural budget or shifted to other priority areas of national importance, especially in the area of education.

    Dishing out public funds to overly paid government officials during this deadly virus time is not funny but reckless and irresponsible resource management.


  4. Wouldn’t it be a blessing if the coronavirus could kill all the corrupt officials in Liberia? Musa Dean might soon be gone, hopefully.

  5. Mr. Joseph Akoi

    Like you said, one would imagine individuals should not hide their names when posting their opinions on internet forums, however, they do and for very good reasons.

    To begin with, oppressive governments particularly one like the CDC government will target anybody who would stand-up against it. Also, you insinuated that people should not demonstrate fears especially when they are speaking the truth. Again Akoi, that is not the way the situation works always for free speech advocates in Liberia. The more they speak the truth, the more they expose themselves to dangers including threats to their lives? Why do you think many journalists are attacked or killed around the world especially in tyrannical regimes? Because they speak the truth, and it hurts and cuts like a double-edged sword.

    Therefore, some journalists, commenters, and casual visitors on these forums would prefer anonymity to exposing their true identities when commenting on forums such as these because the Weah’s CDC national security agents and para-military apparatuses are doing all they can to silence free speech and the exercise of their inalienable rights in Liberia.

    Exercise your rights, but be cautious!

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