Protective Shield for Victims of Domestic Violence Underway


MacArthur B. Nimely, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the MacArthur Nimely Foundation has disclosed that plans are underway for the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of domestic violence with a specific focus on women and girls in the society.   

Mr. Nimely made the disclosure recently when he addressed Liberians in North Dakota-USA at the pre-launch of the organization.

Speaking during the event, Mr. Nimely, a US-based Liberian, said there are lots of Liberians living with disabilities including disadvantaged youths, especially women and girls who need help.

According to him, the pre-launch of the organization in the US is to start creating awareness ahead of the official launch in March 2021. Mr. Nimely noted that if launched, they will provide assistance to single mothers and their children and also improve the living condition of people living with disabilities including mental illness.    

He indicated that in Liberia, millions of women and girls are disadvantaged; something according to him they were not responsible to create in the country.

He indicated that in Liberia thousands of women and girls started life at a disadvantage because of their gender and where they are from.

“These women and girls including those with disabilities are dying because of the lack of love, financial support, and good health; for women, and girls in our country cannot afford to pay the hospital bills and other situations that they found themselves in.”

He said young babies die on a daily basis and therefore it is important to help them.

Mr. Nimely wants young men and women to understand that there are lots of people who depend on just a little support to bring a difference in their life.  

“We as young people have to build a stage where the incoming generation will benefit and remember us.” He called on philanthropists to come to the aid of his entity to be able to support the needy. Giving a biblical reference, he noted that everyone was created in the image and likeness of God and as such, there is a need to care for the needy.

“Let us try to help one another so that God can bless us in everything we do in life. A successful man is not a man who has it all; if you are successful and cannot help another person to come up, it means your success is nothing.”

Mr. Nimely also stated that it was important to establish the foundation including his team as a way of fighting poverty and helping those that are in need.

“If we can invest in these people, we will understand that many lives will be transformed. We want to create the opportunity for these people so that they too can be a part of the building process of Liberia,” he added.  

The MacArthur Nimely Foundation is a non for profit organization established in April 2020. Its aim is to provide women empowerment through microfinance and training. It is expected to also provide access to good health care delivery services for the less fortunate in society, and also provide short and long-term shelter for the disadvantaged youths and single mothers and their children.


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