‘Proposition #24 A Sticky Issue’


President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Armah Zolu Jallah, has described Proposition #24 calling for Christianizing Liberia as a sticky issue that needs to be handled with care.

He has therefore cautioned Senators against attempting to make political gains on it during the ensuing electioneering period.

The proposition is among those submitted to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf by the Constitution Review Committee and subsequently sent to the National Legislature for a referendum. It is opposed by many institutions, including the Liberian Council of Churches and some prominent citizens, among them
Senators and Representatives.

Pro Temp Jallah called on all Liberians to work to promote their respective faiths and beliefs without badmouthing others.

In a recent statement, Senator Jallah urged his colleagues to remain committed to keeping the Senate united and reconciled, and by extension, the country. “I therefore promise to preside over a body in which each Senator will feel a part of the whole, a Senate in which our differences wouldn’t put us apart, but that we will recognize that what binds us together is stronger and greater than what divides us.”

The Pro Temp challenged fellow Senators to walk into that unity as one people to make laws for the common good of Liberia and the future of tomorrow’s leaders and populace.

“Under our administration, this Senate will remain engaged with the Executive and Judiciary branches of government to ensure that checks and balances enshrined in our Constitution are kept and will never ever compromise its integrity nor lend support to anything that will be a semblance of public ridicule to any of you,” Jallah noted.

He however asserted that as a universal custom, “in the event of disagreement over the conduct of our business, I promise to listen to you more; this approach, in my humble opinion, will advance us on higher grounds of intellectual discipline and public uprightness in the discharge of our obligatory responsibilities.”

The Gbarpolu County lawmaker called on county caucuses to solidify their unity in their forward march for the good of their people, reminding them that “no one can ever do business with a divided people.”

“Let us continue to hold consultations with our staffers on issues of national concern and those that intend to bring this institution to public disrespect; let us continue to seek opportunities for the Senate and those who ably assist us in our daily performance,” he said.


  1. All those, other than Muslims, who are opposing Liberia being known as a Christian
    nation are, indeed, with Satan the devil in the Garden of Eden; basic arguing in
    rebelling against the ALMIGHTY GOD! That is why it is important to study the Holy
    Bible. In doing so, they will discover what He likes and what He does not like. And
    to avoid what He does not like, it will go well with them.

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