Promise Fulfilled

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President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has donated a 45KVA generator to the government hospital in Kolahun, Lofa County. The machine is to provide electricity for the hospital. The Liberia leader also donated a refrigerator for the Voinjama Women Poultry farmers to preserve their produce. The Liberian President also sent a motorbike to the Voinjama Market Women.

This is indeed a promise fulfilled for the Kolahun Hospital authority and those women that pleaded with President Sirleaf for assistances during her week-long visit to the county few months ago. The President had told them that she heard their request, but would get back home and see what to do.

It was, however, on Friday, April 19, the Liberian President sent the Coordinator of the Presidential Special Services to take the items to Lofa and have them delivered to the people on her behalf. She conveyed her heartfelt greetings and urged the donations to be used for the intended purposes.

The generator, which cost about US$15,000, and the other items were procured by the Coordinator of the Presidential Special Service, Wesseh Toe. Though he did not disclose the prices of the refrigerator and motorbike, he indicated that all of the items cost a little over US$18,000. 

The donation of the generator comes after the authority of the health facility told the Liberian leader during her visit to the facility, that the only generator they had was down and the facility was in total darkness at night.

The hospital authority said the situation (the lack of power) was impeding their ability to deliver efficient and effective services to residents of the districts and those from outside, especially during night hours. They asked her to help solve this problem.

President Sirleaf said that she was grateful some of her promises made to the people have now being fulfilled. She lauded Coordinator Toe for always reminding her of obligations she has to undertake. She hoped that the generator will be properly used and adequately maintained for it to last.

She said the donation of the freezer to the women poultry farmers will help preserved their chicken eggs. “When I went there to talk with them during my visit to Lofa, they told me that they wanted a freezer to keep their produce in a save place. So I’m very happy that we were able to get the items for them.”

Presidential Special Services Coordinator Toe said that it is always a blessing when the Liberian leader visits the various counties because it presents the opportunity to the people to interact directly with their leader and put forth the plight.

“When President Sirleaf visits these counties I am usually happy because she interacts directly with the people. This usually gives her first hand information on the needs of the people. Taking these things to Lofa County is a great joy for me because it is helping us to keep the President’s promises. When her promises are being fulfilled, it actually makes me happy,” Wesseh Toe said.


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