PROJECT HOPE – Giving Back to Community


“Our studies over the years showed that program interventions from international organizations are good concepts, but community participation was very low.

At times communities don’t feel like they have the requisite capacities or materials. If benefactors are involved in programs, they become successful. But the issue is sustainability.

Initiatives come and go and are not sustained. Our concept, our drive, is to ensure that our benefactors are fully involved and challenged to the point where we are able to get results. We are a results based initiative. We give credit to community people – that’s our approach,” said
Augustus B. Momo, executive director and founder of the Jassah White-Momo Foundation, commonly known as the HER Initiative.

Momo said he founded the foundation two years ago to identify and address issues that came about in the communities during the Ebola epidemic of 2014/15. The organization donated health materials to the Du Port Road and Police Academy communities, organized recreational activities for community school children who were then out of school and engaged them educationally to keep the learning process alive during the epidemic.

“We organize community involvement initiatives where our benefactors form part of and play a key role in the implementation of our projects. We sit down and they tell us what the problems are and come up with ways to address them, using our own resources at times.

“After Ebola subsided, we decided to get fully established and accredited by the legal authorities so we could become more proactive and stay a results-oriented institution.”

He said what started as a community based organization (CBO) to identify and solve issues at the community level is now fully accredited and ready to be launched to the public.

“Two days from today, Sunday, December 18, will be the formal and official launch of the HER (Health, Education and Recreation) Initiative’s Project Hope to let the world know that this is a group that has come to work with the community so that development needs are sustained.”

The Foundation executive director said that the launch, which will include an honoring program to honor people who have impacted the lives of their families, communities and the country as a whole; a fundraising program; and a benefit program, will be launched at the City Hope
Church adjacent the German Embassy in the Nigerian House community along the Old Road.

“We are calling on our people, the government and donor community for us to work together to ensure that the country is a safe place to live, that people can be successful, that kids can go to school, that we can rise beyond poverty and leave the dependency syndrome for independence. We need to know that we can sustain ourselves by working with our hands to transform and own the country. On Sunday, we will hear very impactful stories from young people and how they made it. It will be a life changing and love initiative.”

According to Momo, together we can transform the society to where our people can be better, safe, productive and happy, “for the children; not about us, but them. This is a future initiative. We need to get many young involved and use our intellect and innovation to transform society by using our people from all walks of life and professions and bring them together to change Liberia for the better.”

The public is invited to the launch of the Jassah White-Momo Foundation, A.K.A the HER Initiative’s Project Hope at the City Hope Church on Sunday, December 18 starting at 6:30 p.m.


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