Professional Education Must Improve Development


Only through professional education and the use of the knowledge to advance personal and national development can Liberia change for the better, Youth and Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe has said.
He made the assertion when he served as keynote speaker during the induction of officials of Professional Distinct Friends (PDF) Matrix yesterday, in Monrovia.
He said there is the need to help the youth focus on their educational pursuits that might change many of the depressing issues, such as the unimpressive literacy rate in the country.
He challenged members of the organization to give back to society by nurturing young people to follow their dreams.
“Liberia lacks professionally trained people, so when I see a core of educated men coming together and recognizing that with their education and from diversity of professional background, they can make the required impact, then I know that our country is on the right direction,” Minister Nagbe stated.
Mr. Ledgehood Rennie, Director of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) performed the induction ceremony and advised the young professionals to respect their leaders who.
He then called on the members to support their elected officials, because most often when officials are elected, those who elected them do not support them.
The chairman of the PDF Matrix, D. Nya Twayen, Jr., promised his colleagues that he and his co-officials would discharge their duties with dignity and respect.
He called on others to join the organization, because they are here to make the difference in the lives of Liberian professionals.
Those inducted are Nya D. Twayen, Chairman Urias Goll, Vice Chairman, Bill McGill Jone, Secretary General and Francis Kpadeh, Financial Secretary.
The association was established by 48 men from diverse backgrounds, including environmentalists, economists, petroleum geologists, and public finance/economists, etc, who taught it wise to form an association that could help provide consultancy and guide others in their career path. It was established in March, 2013.


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