Procurement Launches Reform Program


As a premier government institution charged with the responsibility to regulate and monitor the implementation of the procurement reform program of Liberia, the Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC) has commenced the conduct of its annual procurement plan hearing exercise.

The exercise, aimed at reforming the PPCC’s policy on procurement, targets over 130 procuring entities at various government ministries and agencies. It began with a conduct of a two-day workshop, which commenced on Thursday at the SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville, and ended on Friday, May 9, at the same venue.

The workshop among other things strengthened the procurement capacity of its practitioners, to ensure proper and timely preparation of their respective entities annual procurement plans. It also provided guidance to procuring entities for the effective utilization of the procurement plan, and to enable them to ably update the plans during the course of the fiscal period, and created awareness on compliance and related issues.

The hearing workshop of the Public Procurement Records Management was held with the objectives to accurately and completely document the policies and transactions of the Procuring entity; to control the quantity and quality of procurement records produced by the entity and users departments, etc.

PPCC Executive Officer, Peggy Varfley Meres told the participants that Procurement Plan Hearing is an annual event introduced in 2009 by the Commission to scrutinize entities annual procurement plans so as to ensure compliance with Section 40 of the PPC Act.

“As part of the requirements for the hearing, Procurement Entities are asked to submit their annual procurement plans to the Hearing Committee, and make physical appearances to justify procurable items placed in the plans.”

According to Mrs. Meres, experiences have shown that Procuring Entities will have appreciable level of understanding of the procurement plan preparation process when the Plan hearing exercise is preceded by workshops dedicated to that purpose.

Among participants who completed the two-day sessions of the workshop, were heads of entities/deputies, comptrollers, and procurement directors/officers with representation from line ministries and agencies, autonomous commissions, state enterprises and country administrations.

They also discussed and focused on five key areas including Compliance Requirements and Record Management, Framework of Drawdown Contracting, Procurement Planning Requirements, Procurement Methods and Lead Time, as well as a Bid Evaluation Process.

The workshop, accordingly, utilize the theme, “Ensuring Compliance with the PPC Act through Effective Procurement Planning.”


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