Pro-Temp Jallah Lauds Trump as ‘Tolerant’

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The President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Armah Zolu Jallah, has congratulated United States President-elect Donald J. Trump and the leadership of the United States Congress in the just ended U.S. elections.

In his congratulatory message, Pro-Temp Jallah described Mr. Trump as a “determined, farsighted, tolerant and a goal-directed person” who prioritizes the peace and security of his country.

Sen. Jallah, also wished the controversial Republican God’s benefactions as he leads the “great people of the United States,” and expressed the hope that in the years ahead there will be cordial collaboration between the Liberian and U.S. Legislatures.

“I hope both Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan and President Pro Tempore of the US Senate Orrin Hatch will have a good working relationship with us here at the Senate and House of Representatives; and in the same vein hope that as the Trump administration vows to make America great again, Liberia and the united States will continue to enjoy the confidence and camaraderie that have existed over the years.”

Like most politicians and world leaders who followed the US elections through the media, Senator Jallah told this newspaper that he was surprised that opinion polls conducted by the US and other world media, putting former Secretary of State and Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton as favorite, took a dramatic turn on election night.

“Despite the bitter campaign that spanned 18 months, like all other unsuccessful candidates before her who vied for the most powerful house in the world, Secretary of State Clinton gracefully conceded defeat, and urged her supporters and all Americans to work with Mr. Trump for a dividend that will positively benefit all Americans. Therefore, we too, must now face the challenge and follow the nationalistic political maturity to throw in the towel when we know the people have spoken,” Jallah, who is also a presidential aspirant, said.

Pro Temp Jallah was among 400 international personalities invited by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to attend the International World Leaders Forum held in July in Philadelphia, the United States, during the Democratic National Convention.

The visitors comprised ambassadors, ministers, political party leaders and members of parliament from around the world.

The Republican Party, as it did during the Obama administration, will again control both the Senate, with a slight majority, and an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives.

Since Mr. Donald Trump was elected on Nov. 8, Pro Temp Jallah is the only high ranking Liberian government official to send him a congratulatory message.

Counting on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to have won the election, but lost to President-elect Trump, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf last week expressed concerns about the prospect of existing agreements between the US and Liberia, as well as with the rest of Africa.

“I’m worried about trade deals for Liberia, for Africa; I’m worried about investment and the special programs that have been put in place by President Obama and by President George Bush before him,” she told BBC. “And we just don’t know what the new policy towards Africa will be under a Trump administration. We’ll have to wait and see. Obviously, we are concerned but we have to just give him the benefit of the doubt.

“However, Liberia has a long and historical relationship with the United States and we expect the good relationship to continue,” Madam Sirleaf told the BBC.


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