Pro Temp Chie: ’35 of 83 Nominees Confirmed’

Pro Temp Albert Chie

– Nominees From MFDP, EPS, Commerce, LME, Youth & Sports, Others Confirmed Yesterday

The President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate yesterday disclosed that President George Weah has submitted 83 nominees for various posts in his government and that the Senate has so far confirmed 35.

Senator Albert Chie, during his first briefing at his Capitol Building office yesterday, also disclosed that the Senate is receiving reports that some of the nominees are already ‘conducting the business of government’ without the approval of the Senate.

“All those officials that were not confirmed are advised not to conduct the business of government either in their offices or outside of their offices,” he admonished.

Speaking for the first time on the recent fracas involving some accredited journalists at the Legislature and the Sergeant-at-Arms, the Grand Kru County lawmaker said a team has been set up by the Press Union of Liberia and the Senate to find out what really happened, “and once we have received their report we will come back to you with the findings.”

Pro Temp Chie informed the media that the Senate decided to use the Joint Chamber as its temporary seat for business and to also ensure effective communication among them as lawmakers and between them and the media.

The Senate, according to Sen. Chie, is planning to hold its first retreat during the last week in March.

The Pro Temp also confirmed that the Senate has received a letter from President Weah announcing the withdrawal of Justice Minister-designate Charles Gibson who, according to Executive Mansion sources, was already rejected by the Senate.

He then clarified that the Senate did not make any recommendations in this regard to the President, but that on the contrary, the committee that conducted the hearing was still doing due diligence on the process when the President’s letter was received.

Sen. Chie concluded his briefing by disclosing that there has been serious instances of theft of materials, including electrical wires and other important items, at the site of the construction of the two annexes to the Capitol Building, but assured that security has been beefed up through the contracting of a private security firm.

Meanwhile several nominees yesterday received recommendations from separate committees for their confirmations, among them were Commerce Minister-designate Wilson Tarpeh; Lands, Mines, & Energy Minister-designate Gessler Elbert Murry; and D. Zeogar Wilson, Minister of Youth and Sports-designate. The Senate also completed the election of the Senate Secretariat and the Sergeant-at-Arms.

In the method of nomination for a single candidate, the Senate thrice unanimously voted by the show of hands to retain J. Nanborlor F. Singbeh, Secretary of the Senate; Genevieve Massaquoi, Assistant Secretary; and Brigadier General Toe Cheleh Toe, Sergeant-at-Arms, for the next six years.


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