‘Pro-Poor Agenda’s Success Depends on Human Capital Development’

Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs, Paulita Wie

Says Deputy Minister for Urban Affairs Paulita C. C. Wie

The success of the government’s “pro-poor agenda” will depend on human capital development, the deputy minister for urban affairs at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Paulita C. C. Wie has indicated.

Speaking at the end of a two-day forum of territorial Managers and Training Institutes Targeting Territorial Government of Africa, held  in Saidia, Kingdom of Morocco, she said mobilizing human capital for development is a key requirement for achieving the sustainable development goals of the continent, which affects the poor.

The forum was held from April 25 through 26. It was attended by more than 300 representatives from all over Africa. In her presence, Minister Wie was appointed the chairperson of the forum because of her presentation outlining the dire need for assistance to Liberia, to realize the government’s “pro-poor agenda.”

Minister Wie gave an overview of Liberia’s developmental needs to the gathering of African urban developers, with a target to gain their confidence and support, to help mobilize backing for Liberia’s human capital development.

“At the global level, agendas are linked to sustainable development where, along with new urban agenda or climate agenda, they form a universal and ambitious program of the people for them to choose and take new ways to move forward and improve the lives of people around the world,” Minister Paulita Wie said in an interview for this article.

At the level of the African continent, she said the gathering agreed that the future in accordance with Vision 2063 includes a prosperous continent based on inclusive growth and sustainable development.

“We want an integrated continent, politically united and rooted in the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the vision of the African rebirth, where good governance, democracy, respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law are promoted and an Africa where our people live in peace and security,” she indicated.

She said Vision 2063 includes an Africa with a strong identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics as well as an Africa whose development is people-oriented and which builds on the potential of its people, especially women and young people, who care about the well-being of children.

The last but not the least is an Africa acting as a strong, united and influential actor and partner on the world stage, Minister Wie noted.

Minister Wie said the body reaffirmed its commitment to local governments, to focus on human rights and people services, with dedicated and competent locally elected officials working hand in hand with citizens and all stakeholders in their respective countries.

To make it successful in Liberia, she will be engaging mayors throughout the 15 sub-political divisions of the country, providing them with direction on how to work together to make Liberia part of the emerging development of its cities.

Minister Wie said the development of human capital and its crucial role in realizing the dynamics of sustainable development in Liberia toward the multiple challenges facing the country is a fundamental challenge and that its gradual success will provide the best opportunity for individual growth.

She mentioned the fundamental challenges of peace and security, rapid urbanization, climate change, migration, endemic debt, technological challenges, youth expectations, discrimination against women, among others.

Minister Wie believes that the successes of the country’s “pro-poor agenda” will thrive in an enabling environment that the George Weah Government is committed to motivate and mobilize toward the development of the country’s human capital.


  1. You guys just there traveling on our country expense on a free tour.
    Firstly, let the citizens know and be able to explain this corrupt agenda that is called ‘pro poor’ and stop giving out things that are not necessary.

  2. Thank you Deputy Minister Paulita CC for articulating the evident truth that workforce programs would be the vehicle for Liberia’s pro-poor initiatives. And towards achieving that goal, Liberia should look forward to Germany, undisputed world leader in the area, not the US. Reference human capital development, our country ought to wean itself off American influence. After all, they won’t to do for us what their squabbling leaders cannot agree do for their own struggling people.

  3. The Minister is not only right; according to the UN measure for development-HDI, reveals that the higher the human capital formation based on good standard of health and education, the higher will be the per capita income of the nation. This process of human development is said to be the strong foundation of a continuous process of economic development of a nation for a long period of time if ethically implemented. So, it will be an advantage if Liberia strategically prioritizes her “Pro Poor” agenda.


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