Pro-Boakai Group Blames CDC for Clara Town Incident


A group in support of the presidential bid of the ruling party’s candidate, Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, has blamed the major opposition political party, Coalition for Democratic Change, for the unfortunate incident that took place recently in the slum community of Clara Town.

VP Boakai had gone Last Wednesday to receive endorsement from a pro-democracy group, Friends For the Future (3F), but was met with jeers from several supporters of the CDC, who considered the township their stronghold.

The CDC supporters constructed roadblocks to impede the VP’s movement. The situation was saved by officers of the Liberia National Police.

At a press conference yesterday in Monrovia, the Movement for the Presidency of Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai (MOPAJOB) termed the incident as a wave of misbehavior, barbarism, hooliganism and disgruntled attitude on the part of the opposition partisans, under the disguise of expressing their rights of expression and dislike of the Vice President Joseph Boakai.

“During the endorsement ceremony conducted by Friends For the Future, some groups believed to be strongly supported by [opposition] political parties decided to throw stones at the VP in the middle of his acceptance speech, also in Kakata on July 15, 2017 where the VP had gone for another endorsement by the people of Margibi county, similar act was carried out,” MOPAJOB Co Chairman Wolobah Kesselly explained.

Mr.Kesselly in a press conference yesterday at MOPAJOB office in Monrovia said that these acts by unscrupulous groups have the propensity to cause pandemonium thereby undermining the hard earned peace the citizens are enjoying.

He told the media that the incident was planned by the partisan of the Coalition for Democratic change in order to create a serious problem in the country that causes electoral violence.

“We have shifted blame on the CDC because of one of its members, Representative Acarious Gray, who welcomed the act and appreciated those who throw stones and booed the Vice president,” he said.

According to Mr. Kesselly MOPAJOB seriously and strongly condemns the unlawful and unwanted groups and their supporters therefore requested them to immediately stop what they have started or else the law will take its course.

“We urged such groups to stop now because our intelligence should not be taken as our weakness or laziness and our tolerance should not be misconstrued as stupidity. Our principal VP Boakai is a peace-loving person, a caring father and seasoned diplomat who does not believe in any form of violence but peaceful dialogue,” MOPAJOB Co Chairman urged.

MOPAJOB also called on the National Traditional Council of Liberia, Chiefs and elders of the 15 sub political divisions of Liberia, religious leaders, civil society organization, US Embassy and United Nations to join the organization in condemning the act for a peaceful and violence-free election.

MOPAJOB is a registered political movement with its principal objective of doing everything possible in a civil manner to mobilize registered Liberians voters for vote for Ambassador Joseph Boakai during the forthcoming general and presidential elections.


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