‘Private Security Must Complement National Security’


A Liberian who has resided in the United States for the last 17 years says private security firms should complement the efforts of national security in protecting lives and properties in the country.

In an interview with reporters, Kafumba Samuka Kromah said he decided to return home to contribute to the building of a professional security sector.

Kromah said he worked as a police and corrections officer in the United States, and has accumulated enough knowledge and expertise to help Liberia. He  has  established  Total Security Solution (TSS), a private security firm, to provide professional services to businesses and local communities.

“We had a job fair nearly a month ago at which time we recruited 50 security officers. At this point, we are seeking for contracts to begin work,” Kromah said.

He said during the recruitment, he focused on high school graduates with no criminal records and who don’t drink alcohol.

“We also needed people with good morals and good work ethics, but after conducting interviews with some of the people in the industry, we decided to lower the academic requirement to a minimum of ninth grade because a ninth grader should be able to write reports as the job requires,” said Kromah.

He promised prompt payment of salaries to his employees to make sure that his organization stands out from the others, who, he said, “are fond of delaying salaries when they know that their employees have family responsibilities to attend to.”

Kromah said he worked for five years as a corrections officer in the State of Minnesota and two years as a reserve police officer for the city of St. Paul, the capital of Minnesota.


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