Private Security Guard Testifies in Nettie’s Murder Case


    A private security guard assigned to the compound where Antoinette Nettie Peters was stabbed to dead testified Wednesday, May 21 about the day after the killing.

    Nettie was believed to have been murdered by another private security guard, Jefferson Dahn on the morning of January 3, 2013, at her boyfriend — Bonfrer Adidee’s — compound on 12th Street, Sinkor, Monrovia. 

    Stephen Hopkins, who testified as prosecution third witness told the court that when the incident took place their bossman, Bonfrer Adidee, the next day, dissolved his security guard and paid every one of them off.

    Adidee is a Ugandan national employed with the Civil Aviation Section of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

    “After Nettie’s dead body was removed from the compound,” Hopkings alleged in his testimony, “the next day, Adidee called us and paid off everybody, he said, because authority of UNMIL advised him to relocate to a safer place.”

    “Since then I don’t know whether Adidee is in the country or not,” Hopkings response when he was asked where was his bossman.

    Interestingly, for the third days of hearing, Adidee failed to show-up in the courtroom.

    Besides, he is not among those witnesses that were qualified and sworn by the court to testify on behalf of the state.

    But police said, defendant Dahn when they investigated him claimed that Adidee killed his fiancée and asked him to drag her body in his kitchen, and he (Adidee) promised to give him US$600, a laptop and two phones, if he was to do it.
    Before Nettie’s death, Hopkings alleged that she and Dahn held heated argument in his presence about hot water used by the defendant to take his bath to go to school.

    In a cross examination on Wednesday, Judge Blamo asked Witness Hopkings whether Adidee’s safer area was in Liberia or outside of the country. Hopkings replied, “I don’t know which safe place Adidee said UNMIL’s authority advised him to go. And I don’t know where he is.”

    Furthered asked if Adidee was still in the employ of UNMIL, the prosecutor third witness response “I don’t have any information about him being in the employ of UNM IL or not.” Asked as to what time of the day does Adidee goes to work and return? Hopkings again replied, “He used to leave between 7 to 8 a.m. But, I don’t know when he used to come because; I was only assigned on the first shift from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

    Explaining about Nettie’s murder, Hopkings said, by 2 p.m., he received a called from Adidee asking him  to go and checked his compound, because he Adidee said, he was informed by another UNMIL’s officers that officers of  the Liberia National Police and UNMIL had barricaded the area.

    According to him, when he arrived at the place he was prevented entry into the compound.

    Surprisingly, the officers allowed him and to go along with them into the compound and search the place.

    He said, the reason was that they, officers received information about the murder of their bossman’s girlfriend, Nettie.

    The prosecutor third witness claimed that while searching the house, it was when they discovered defendant Dahn hidden in the closet of Adidee’s room.

    He further alleged that the officers took Dahn from the closet and brought him in the living room where he was first question about Nettie’s death.

    He alleged that when security asked Dahn “who killed Nettie?” Hopkings quoted Dahn by saying, “I killed her because she provoked me.” 


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