Prisoners Benefit from Jeety Humanitarian Gesture


It was midday on February 14, 2021, and prisoners at the Monrovia Central Prison were eagerly waiting to see prominent businessman Upjit Singh Sachdeva, who has embarked on a mission to feed prison inmates a quality meal once every month.

When the food arrived in two pickup trucks, the prisoners, who mostly were sitting quietly in their cells while others wandered around the small yard of the prison chatting, could not hold back their joy of having an opportunity to have a good meal.

Noise suddenly increased as they sat or squatted together in the yard or cell to eat, shouting and laughing with each other. 

Monrovia Central Prison Superintended chats with Jeety prior to the food distribution

“As a resident for Liberia for more than two decades, it is my obligation to always give back to the society by identifying with the needy, and the inmates here are no exception,” said Sachdeva alias Jeety.

After finishing their meal, which included rice served with beans soup, chicken, meats, and other ingredients, the prisoners pleaded with the Indian businessman for a weekly supply of well-cooked meal. For the prisoners, a quality cooked meal does not only affects physical and mental health but is also key to an inmate’s successful rehabilitation.

In remarks, Jeety, who also donated 1,500 plates and spoons to the Prison as a means of solving its cooking utensil problems, assured the prison authority of his continuous support towards a safe and healthy food supply to the prison to promote the better overall health of prisoners.

Display of some hot food and donations of cooking utensils distributed by Jeety

According to Jeety, serving humanity is something he is obsessed with and will continue to do so while he is alive, because of his passion to help others.

“I am available to work with authorities of the Monrovia Central Prison to assist in reforming the inmates in order for them to become productive citizens when they return to society,” Jeety added.

The kind gesture from Jeety, which has been going on for years now, is one of the several ways he has been helping the prison authority feed the prisoners.

In the past, he had donated bags of rice, and a huge quantity of assorted soup items to support the cause. Jeety, the Indian national whose action is inspired by his philosophy of “Don’t give to get; Give to inspire,” currently runs a daily feeding program which he started in 2017. The initiative now benefits about 1,000 vulnerable and homeless people who receive daily hot cooked meals from him.

Receiving the items, Prison Superintendent Varney Lake commended Jeety for his continued support towards the government, particularly buttressing government effort to feed the inmates. Varney Lake noted that he was not surprised by Jetty’s donation because he has always assisted them whenever he called upon.


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