‘Prioritize Employees’ Welfare’

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The chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Port Authority (NPA), Dr. Henrique Tokpa, has called on inducted leadership of the Managers Association of NPA to seek the welfare of its members.

Dr. Tokpa made the call on Friday, October 2, during the first induction ceremony of Managers Association of the entity when he served as the keynote speaker.

He told the leadership that they are not elected to highlight officials’ plights but to work diligently in seeking the welfare of the National Port Authority.

Dr. Tokpa said the success of NPA would depend on them and as such, they should work together as a team.

“You are now servants of the people, therefore, you need to work in their interest to ensure that the corporation’s successes are achieved and if the entity fails, the people of this country will blame you,” he told the officers.

He reminded them that they are part of the decision making process of the port and, therefore, they have all rights to call on the executives for audit, provided it is in their interest.

Dr. Tokpa used the occasion to thank President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the position and hoped that they can work together to make NPA the best in West Africa.

In remarks, acting NPA Managing Director David F. Williams expressed gratitude to the leadership of the managers’ association.

Mr. Williams said the task given them is a very serious one and stressed the need for the association to seek the interest of NPA employees.

He said the management of the NPA is working very hard to ensure that NPA remains one of the premier ports in Liberia and West Africa.

Director Williams pledged his support to the leadership of the association and hoped that they would work together to achieve the goals of the Port and Liberia as well.

In his inaugural speech, Mr. Othello G. Kruah, president of the association promised to work tirelessly to ensure that the voices of managers are heard.

Mr. Kruah, who is the manager of Property and Environmental Safety at NPA called on members and staff of the entity to work together to make NPA the best in West Africa.

Those elected included Othello Kruah, Moley R. Paasewe, vice president, John A. Siaway, secretary general and Joash T. Hodge, assistant secretary general.


  1. Another bizarre and dubious configuration. Managers are already in a closed-knit league or circle of self-serving vampires leeching the blood and sweat of laborers. The purpose of associations is to seek the interest or welfare of its members and sundry. What could be the objectives of this other association in that regard? This appears to be a first in bureaucratic circles, for managers to swear under oath to have each others’ back against employees! Who else could such association be gearing up for? No telling if this kind of “cult” is even permissible under local labor laws. As the saying goes, “This too is Liberia.” Only in Liberia!


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