‘Price Hiking May Undermine COVID-19 Lockdown’

Mr. Jeremiah Swen: "The both sides committed some wrongs, but

Founder of the United Methodist Church Alliance for Transitional Justice in Liberia Predicts

The founder of the Alliance for Transitional Justice in Liberia has observed that if the government does not institute measures to address the hike in prices at this time of lockdown that resulted from the COVID-19 Pandemic, there would be a serious riot in the country.

Jeremiah Swen said because of the failure of the requisite public entities to monitor the prices of basic commodities during this period, business people were using the situation to exploit the poor masses and there is a need for the government to engage those profiteering at this time of the pandemic.

“If nobody does anything about it, it will get worse, but it got to stop now or there is going to be chaos. It’s not fair; what they are doing to people is an act of extortion. You have people who for months have not been paid their salaries as well as the vulnerable and the elderly that can’t afford the cost of the commodities,” Swen raised concern recently when he addressed journalists at the compound of the United Methodist Church on 13th Street, in Monrovia.

“There will be riot of it doesn’t stop, and the last thing we don’t need is people attacking shops, but that’s what will surely happen if the government doesn’t intervene immediately,” Swen observed.

Swen continues, “It’s exploitation of the worst kind and that should be condemned and rejected.” He added, “I know the business people are suffering but it’s more than that, we cannot deal with loss by exploiting your own people.

Swen’s statement followed the ongoing debate by the lawmakers on the economic stimulus packaged plan presented to that august body by President George Weah.

Swen, meanwhile, advised the government to begin negotiation with business people before the situation gets uncontrollable.

At the same times, Swen has reminded the government to begin the disbursement of civil servant salaries and the payment of pensioners so as to avoid riot if the lockdown goes longer than anticipated.


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