Prez Weah’s Vow to Help Liberian Businesses Commended


By Chris F. Pewu

The owner of the In God We Trust Multi-purpose Credit Union of Gardnersville has saluted President George Weah for his government’s vow to stop the marginalization of Liberian owned businesses.

Saye J. Bayie said he was impressed with President Weah’s statement that “We (Liberians) cannot remain spectators in our own economy,” adding that it encourages Liberian business owners, for which the President deserves commendation.

He said in an interview with the Daily Observer yesterday that it is clear that Liberian business owners have had nasty experiences because of lack of empowerment by previous government.

“I was highly impressed with President Weah’s statement that his government will prioritize the interest of Liberian owned businesses and offer programs to help them become more competitive,” he said.

The credit union owner said President Weah’s statement is significant because Liberian businesses have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, among them, poor performance on the local as well as in international competitions and the low budgetary allotment from the national government.

Liberian entrepreneurs have blamed the past government for lack of its interest in investing enough money in the Liberian business sector, which made it difficult for Liberian businesses to compete with the more financially portent foreign-owned businesses.

He said while business is one of the world’s greatest organizations for profit, it should not just be about competition but a catalyst for positive change and a means to provide a solution for an individuals’ economic problems.

The In God We Trust Multi-Purpose Credit Union was founded in 1970 and has provided financial relief for a good number of Liberians who are presently engaged in business. The Union presently has more than 500 members who receive credit in an organized system to enable them invest in their small businesses.


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