Prez. Weah Appoints ‘Expelled’ UL Student in Gov’t …Retains Sam Wulu, Dr. Brandy

New appointments, subject to Senate confirmation where applicable (Clockwise from left): Alvin Wesseh, Assistant Minister, MOA; former Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay, D.G.-designate, Liberia Civil Aviation Authority; Dr. Wilhemina Jallah, Minister-designate, MOH; former Sen. Mobutu Nyenpan, Minister-designate, MPW; and Mrs. Joyce Sherman, Deputy Minister-designate, MOH

President George Weah yesterday made additional appointments in government pending confirmation by the Senate where applicable. Among those the President appointed is Alvin C. Wesseh, a former student leader of the University of Liberia (UL), who was expelled by the UL Administration in 2014.

Wesseh is appointed to the position of Assistant Agriculture Minister for Research and Extension Service. In December 2015, Student Wesseh, through his legal counsel, Attorney Arthur T. Johnson, filed a petition for declaratory judgment before Judge Yusuf Kaba, then Civil Law Court Judge, and prayed that the court orders the administration of the university to reinstate him, but the UL Administration refused to honor his petition.

Also appointed is Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Minister of Health replacing Dr. Bernice Dahn. Dr. Jallah previously worked at John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Monrovia. Until her appointment yesterday, she worked full time at the medical center she founded, Hope for Women International, where he supports cancer patients and administers chemotherapy. Dr. Jallah is a champion of women’s healthcare in Liberia. As the head of obstetrics and gynecology at JFK, she had a busy schedule in prenatal care, emergency obstetrics, and gynecology. In her day-to-day work she provided medical services to young survivors of rape, many of whom required fistula repair surgery.

Reappointed officials are Sam Wulu, Minister of Transport and Dr. Othello Brandy, Chairman, Land Commission respectively. Wulu previously served as Minister of Commerce during the President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime until he was appointed as Minister of Transport, a position he retained. For Dr. Brandy, he led the transition of the Land Commission into the Liberia Land Authority (LLA), which he also headed until the end of the Sirleaf Administration, and is being retained by virtue of his appointment yesterday.

See below for full list of appointees.

Ministry of Health
Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah
Deputy Minister for Prevention Services  Mrs. Joyce W. Dunbar Sherman
Assistant Minister for Administration James Forkpa
Ministry of Labor
Assistant Minister for Administration Alexander S. Gargu
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Deputy Minister for Administration Rebecca Biao Mcgill
Assistant Minister for Revenue and Tax Policy Ojukun Nyenpan
Assistant Minister for External Resource & Debt Management Archie N. Donmo
Liberia Electricity Corporation
Deputy Managing Director Operations/Transmission and Distribution (LEC) Joseph Y. Howe
Drugs Enforcement Agency
Deputy Director General for Operations Marcus Soko
Deputy Managing Director for Operation Joseph Tarlue
Deputy Managing Director for Administration Tennessee Plewon III
Land Commission
Chairman  Dr. Othelo Brandy
Co-Chairman  Atty J. Adams Manobah
Commissioner for Land Administration J. Joseph Burgess Sr.
Commissioner Land Policy & Planning Atty. Kula Jackson
Harry K. Sackie Registrar of Deeds and Titles
Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment
Deputy Director Joseph T. Williams
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Deputy Minister for Commerce & Trade Nyema Wisner
 Robert Flight Information Region
Deputy Secretary for Administrative Affairs Lasana B. Sannor
Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS)
Deputy for Rural Broadcasting Boima J.V. Boima
Liberia National Police (LNP)
Deputy Inspector General Deputy Inspector General
Prince Mulbah Deputy Inspector General CSD/CID
General Services Agency
Deputy Director/Operations Edris A. Bility
Liberia Institute of Public Administration
Deputy Director General for Administration LIPA Atty. Manneh Teah Sr.
National Port Authority
Deputy Managing Director for Operation Chris Wisner
National Transit Authority (NTA)
Herbbie McCauley Director
Myer Beaty Deputy Director
Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism
Deputy Minister Technical Services Boakai Fofana
Deputy Minister for Administration Daniel Gaydu
Deputy Minister for Culture & Tourism Lance K. Gbagonyon
Assistant for Tourism Grace Roberts
Assistant for Technical Services

Assistant for Administration

David Kolleh

Jurah A. Sonoe

Ministry of Public Works
Minister Mobutu Nyenpan
Deputy Minister for Technical Affairs Claude Langley
Assistant Minister for Administration J. Jefferson Chesson
Liberia Petroleum Regulatory Authority
Director General Edward Smith
Deputy Director General for Operations Mathew Jallah
Deputy Director General for Technical Services Rufus T. Tarnue
Board Member Cllr. Idella Cooper Shannon
Board Member Dr. Fodee Kromah
Land Mines & Energy
Deputy Minister for Operations Emmanuel O. Sherman
Deputy Minister for Planning and Development Carlton Miller
Ministry of Defense
Deputy Minister for Administration T. Olandrus Dickson
Deputy Minister for Operations Ernest Vafee
Assistant Minister for Public Affairs Sam Collins
Assistant Minister for Operations Augustine Lamin
Assistant Minister for Planning, Policy & Operations Rudolph Kolako
Assistant Minister for Administration Maime Hayford Pearson
Ministry of Transportation
Minister Samuel A. Wlue
Deputy Minister for Administration & Insurance Sirleaf Tyler
Deputy Minister for Land &Rail J. Darius Kollie
Assistant Minister for Insurance & Administration Nuwo Scott
Assistant Minister for Land & Rail Joseph Robert
Ministry of Youth & Support
Assistant Minister for Youth Services Emmanuel Johnson
Assistant Minister for TVET Millias Z. Sheriff
Ministry of Education
Deputy Minister for Instructions Alexander Doupu
Assistant Minister for Science, Technology, Vocational & Special Education  Henrietta M. Sackor
National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority (NFAA)
National Fisheries Emma Metieh Glassco
National Investment Commissions
Executive Director Molewuleh B. Gray

Ministry of Agriculture

Assistant Minister for Research & Extension Service Alvin C. Wesseh
Superintendent Nimba D. Dorr Cooper
Superintendent Rivergee Philip Nyenuh
Superintendent Rivercess Ruth Sawmadal
Superintendent Grand Gedeh Kai Farley
Superintendent Lofa William Tamba Kamba
Ministry of Justice
Assistant Minister for Public Safety Atty. Fedrick F. Noah
Assistant Minister for Litigation Atty. Wesseh A. Wesseh
National House Authority
Tugbeh C. Tugbeh Deputy Managing Director
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Deputy Minister for Legal Dwede Gray
Liberia Civil Aviation Authority
Director General J. Emmanuel Nuquay
Ministry of States for Presidential Affairs
Advisor to the President for Economics Charles Bright
Director of Cabinet Jordan Sulonteh
National Security Advisor Jefferson S.  Kanmoh
Deputy Minister for Administration J. Wesseh Blamoh
Ministry of Post and Telecommunication
Deputy Minister for Post & Telecommunications Cllr. Edward Goba
Assistant Minister for Post & Telecommunications Atty. Solomon Boe
National Bureau of Concessions
Director General Gregory Coleman


Local Aid de Camps
B/Gen. Bob Dweh Jr. Aid de Camp
B/Gen. Abraham S. Bolor Lofa County
B/Gen. Wilmot K. Tompoe Grand Bassa
B/Gen. David Boyah Rivercess
B/Gen. Tarpeh S. Loumbaye Nimba Country
B/Gen. Abraham M. Dongobo Bomi County
B/Gen. Sam Brownell Monsterrado
B/Gen. Rajah Toe River Gee
B/Gen. Boakai Sarnor Gbarpolu County
B/Gen. Stanley G. S. Stubblefield Margibi County
B/Gen. Theophilus T. Nah Grand Kru Country
B/Gen.  Manneh W. Manneh Sinoe County
B/Gen. Sampson Seyeker Bong County
B/Gen. Harry Dorsee Maryland County
B/Gen. Blama O. Koroma Grand Cape Mount County


Nimba County Nominations
Name Position
Hon. Peter Sarkpa Kangbay Assistant Superintendent for Development
Hon. Reginald Mehn County Inspector
Hon. Saye M. Musa Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Hon. Samuel M. Yealue Statutory District Superintendent, Gbehlay Geh Statutory District
Hon. Aubrey Wehyee Statutory District Superintendent, Tapita Statutory District
Hon. Arthur G. Sahn Statutory District Superintendent, Seclapea Statutory District
Hon. Zephaniah Gbahn Statutory District Superintendent, Zoe Geh Statutory District
Hon. Jeremiah B. Yangean City Mayor, Seclapea City
Hon. Amos G. Suah City Mayor, Ganta City
Hon. Memma Kamara City Mayor, Senniquellie City
Hon. Philip Flomo City Mayor, Karnplay City
Hon. Angie Dopoe City Mayor, Bahn City
Hon. Sarah Mendoabor City Mayor, Tapita City
Hon. John D. D. Wehyee District Commissioner, Doe Administrative District
Hon. Amos S. Gbartu District Commissioner, Bain-Garr Administrative District
Hon. Sam Karnue District Commissioner, Yarpea Mah Administrative District
Hon. Kaymah Kuoh District Commissioner Wee-Gbeh Administrative District
Hon. Yealu W. Yealu District Commissioner, Senniquellie Mah District
Hon. Ramcy Mengor District Commissioner, Leewehpea Administrative District
Hon. Janathan S. Dehkruah District Commissioner, Boe & Quella Administrative District
Hon. Emmanuel Zuah District Commissioner, Buu-Yao Administrative District
Hon. Aaron Marseh Township Commissioner, Kpantiaplay Township, Gbehlay Geh Dist.
Hon. John G. Kpan Township Commissioner, Gblohlay
Hon. James D. Zourpeaon Development Superintendent, Gbehlay Geh Statutory District
Mr. Ishmael Sheriff District Development Superintendent Dorbor Statutory District
Mr. Manadeh Tarpeh District Superintendent, Jlaoh Statutory District
Mr. Legory Nifor District Superintendent Jloh Statutory District
River Gee County Nominations
Philip Q. Nyenuh Superintendent
Joseph D. Bohlen Assistant Superintendent for Development
Hon. James Siasy Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Grand Gedeh County Nominations
Mrs. Betty Breeze-Doh Assistant Superintendent for Development
Mr. Randall Nyonkpao Saydee Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs
Mr. Roland B. Kai District Superintendent, Konobo Statutory District
Mr. Moses Cherue Assistant Superintendent for Development, Konobo Statutory District
Mr. Wilmot K. Flahn District Commissioner, Putu Administrative District
Mr. Josiah G. Jaiyou Township Commissioner, Blayee Cheddah Township
Mr. James B. Tailey District Commissioner, Glio-Twarbo Administrative District
Elizabeth Nyanway Township Commissioner, Tarloken Township
Eric N. Tarley District Commissioner, Konobo Administrative District
Amos Quaye Township Commissioner, Ziah Township


  1. The appointment of people like this Alvin Wesseh and his like, in terms of their mediocrity are some of the reasons governments fail in Africa, which justify Donna Trump referring to Third World countries as “shit hole countries.” Agriculture being a very critical area of development to a country like Liberia, one of the basis for peace and tranquility in the country depending on whether the citizens are fed or not, how could president Weah assign such important area to someone who has no training in the area? I say this because if this young man was expelled from the university, it means he did not complete his studies in whatever area, even if it were in agriculture. Besides, the staff at the ministry of Agriculture working directly under such amateurish and unfit leader will not respect him, will be lackluster in their performance and this man will not even know what is going on around him and at the end of the day, the expansion and development of agriculture in the country will suffer. I wonder if there is a any advisory person or group that vets these appointments before they leave the president’s desk? We are all advising ourselves to give our new president time and the opportunity to adjust and prove himself worthy of his responsibilities as president, given his inexperience in government and it seems leadership in general. And while we are in this “hands-off” mode, it is our expectation that those surrounding the president who know a little better, ought to be advising him to do the right things or we cannot sit by and see our country being set up to fail. Because after all Liberia belongs to all of us and so we cannot let president Weah treat it, or treat us like we have no part or interest in the affairs of our own country. Because when things don’t go right and the people decide to take matters in their own hands, it will not just be president Weah and clan to get the burnt but all of us. So better we raise our voices now for immediate correction of some of these obvious missteps, or we will have ourselves to blame later. I need not remind us president Weah and family have multiple citizenships, if that means anything.

    • Alvin Wesseh was a Senior student who spent 4years at the university of Liberia, and only had a few credits to graduate when he was illegally expelled for advocating for the decrease in tuition for poverty-stricken students.
      This brother is very brilliant, and is capable of positively transforming and bringing innovation to our agricultural sector.

  2. Is this president really serious for this country? Is this the change he’s been talking about?Is this the change for hope CDC been talking about to make Man like Alivn Wesseh Assistant Minister who was expelled from the state university and Kai Farley who kill lots of people in this country superintendent of Grand Gedeh County then no need Liberia is a shit hold country.

  3. Is this president really serious about what he told the Liberian people change for hope? This is the change he bringing to us to appoint expelled Alvin Wesseh as assistant minister and killer like Kai Farley as superintendent of Grand Geedeh then we are not ready as people of this country.So the president in his own right mind he cant check people track record and he just give them job is this how he want to fight corruption in his government? Then no need of he telling us that he’s prepare to fight corruption went Alivin Wesseh,Kai Farley wilson Tarpeh other who have these records to even appoint then in his government for me this leadership cant bring any change to this country.

  4. Liberia is and will always remained hoping. The fact that after every election we turn to appoint people in/to position(s) because of the assistent/help they give us to win election instead of considering their education, working experience, and the best minds say it all, that we are primitive to modern life. But the funny thing is that, this is the very good life, and development we all want for which we spend all our resources funding these elections.
    So we are our own enemies, If I maby be given the chance to say such! Let us all accept the fact that we black people are stay primitive in this advancing World. We are witnessing how development is taking place rapidly in many Asians Countries and even right in our nose: Mauritus, Botswana, Rwanda and other African States exceptionally, we Liberians are not able to rule ourselves yet in a very civil manner, let not mention taking our our development agenda into our hands.

    Why all these unhappy ends every election? 1. Because of political affiliation, 2. Tribalism, 3. Nepotism, 4. The same corruption from the head, 5. Disregard for the rule of law/ The Constitution., 6. Lack of vison for selv-determination as a Nations State!
    The next thing this they(New government) is depending on now is to start signing loans and begging for money from donors. How will such man with current Liberia high school education and the rest of these guys Weah et al., are appointing to strategy and key positions help bring development, and represent Liberia when such a man or woman could not help herself?

    Why will the imperialists not keep exploiting Africa and Liberia resources when we always dis-regarding knowledge? To God be the glory! Liberia is in our hand, not God, because God give us our minds to use them wisely. The Bible say seek knowledge first and all other shall be added onto you! The act of challenging what the Bible says while at the same time pretending to love God should not be a good example practically.

    Until we can realised in Liberia that education is better than money and connections, we should pray to God to remain alive, and let the Lebanese keep the rice price down. I have no reason to disagreed with Donald J. Trump that Africa or Liberia is a shitshole. Again, you can not develop a Nations without the best minds and heart needed to do that.
    We are now witnessing the same mistakes from Ellen Government. Putting people in Government because we know and love them, and leaving the best and competent ones out because they are not yours!

  5. These are the actual meaning of African Leader, Lock of vision, bad governance, and self interests.
    The Liberians people voted him (president Weah) for no reason. He never one day of his campaign tell the Liberians what he gonna do when become president.
    In other countries where the citizens are so must interested in developing of their country, they vote for individual to become president base on your platform, your qualification, your vision and your time line for implementation.
    But here in Liberia, we vote for people because we love them, because more people love them, because we want change, only change whether change for the better or for worse.
    “CHANGE FOR HOPE” this is what we want we should manage it and live with it or it gonna live with us………..

  6. Ah Liberian; why can’t we wait to see the performances of those individuals appointed by the president who has the constitutional rihgt to appoint and dismiss. Are those appiontees not Liberian again? We must not confuse this president with our destructive mouths. Let’s learn how to be constructive, civilized obedient people insociety. My people, it is too soon to criticise this president. Why if you were appointed? Were you going to criticise the president like this?

  7. As a student activist and non-conformist in the early 1970’s like Mr. Alvin C. Wisseh, I’m happy that President Weah appointed him to a position of responsibility in government. For example, Lech Walesa, a Polish youngster who dropped out of school at age 16 yrs, and went to vocational school for six months to train as an auto-electrician was eventually elected as the first post-communist president of Poland plus winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace. And at a time Polish intellectuals in the West virtually controlled knowledge in the world.

    I’ve the greatest respect for one of Liberia’s greatest journalists and intellectuals, Kenneth Best, but the earlier he retires and hand over editorial control of Daily Observer to his equally very brilliant daughter, the better for the future of the newspaper as a business venture. The old man is so conservative and partisan to be a credible observer of 21st century Liberia. That’s my opinion!

  8. This is what happens In a country where only 30% of its population is educated, meaning it is the 70% of the uneducated or semi educated people that decide the sojourn and fate of the 30% of educated people by the means of the ballot. Democracy looks very accurate on papers and can sometimes become a fantasy in practical. As one of the brother said, mr. Kpann, let us give the new democracy time to hatch and see what these newly appointees have to offer.

    I am still an advocate for democracy despite of its flaws and I think it is about time Liberia pivot a little bit to change it course of direction. We have been on this path for over 170 years plus and look where we are today? Our executive branch has too much of power and I think we need to amend our constitution to transferred some of these powers into the hands of the counties or local authorities. Why should the president be appointing superintendents/Governors to various counties when Infact these superintendents/Governors should be elected by the people of these various counties and then the elected superintendent/Governor can appoint his city and others county officials but instead, the executive branch remain the absolute one to do all these appointments thus leading to reward political favor and nepotism. The weah’s presidency appointees now is all about rewarding those that stood with the CDC from day one to present and has nothing to do with resume or academics credentials per say. Again, let us give the appointees a chance to prove themselves and most of all, this is just a proposal by the president and yet to be confirmed by the senate.

    The sooner we can amend our constitution, the sooner changes will come to Liberia but until this can be done,our train will remain on the wrong track and we will crash at some point. The Liberian people deserved better and yes, we can make this happened if we all can agree to disagree and remain friends. J-Ark

  9. My brother Hilary Snyder, I read your comments and felt sad in respect how your views on judging Mr. Wesseh. Please remember, being expelled from a university has more to do with just he didn’t graduate from that university. To blast someone on the media, you must state actual facts finding of why he was expelled. Knowing our culture and political atmosphere, speaking up for ones rights, or the masses rights can get you in SITUATIONS that can damage your future or career. Moreover, you cannot determine that otherwise will not respect him or follow his leadership abilities. There are lots of CEOS and leaders who didn’t graduate from college but became the best leaders. Likewise, there are lots of educated fools with degrees making promises during elections and when they’re in power, failed their constituents.

    As Liberians, we must seek with the mind of Christ to uplift others instead of tearing us down. We must investigate before we criticize other. We need each other. President Weah may not be the educated leader some may desire. But no one gets power except God gives it to him. THEREFORE, we must seek God wisdom to have the right team around him to take our country to another level. Ask yourself, or check history to see how many educated chosen have Liberia had and what impact have they made for the weak.


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