Prestigious Seminary in U.S. Gives Bishop John Kun Kun Honorary Doctorate


The President of the Liberia Fellowship of Full Gospel Ministers and Ministries, Bishop John Kun Kun, has been awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by the prestigious Dallas Theological Seminary at the Trust the Word Church in Dallas, Texas.

Bishop Kun Kun, who served as the guest preacher of a one-week crusade at the Trust the Word Church earlier this month, said the conferral of the degree was a total surprise, designed by the Senior Pastor of the Church, Rev. Daniel Cooke (also known as Prophet Favor), when he (Kun Kun) was called up to preach the Word on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

The citation for the honorary degree, signed by the president and the chairman of the DTS Board of Trustees, reads: “John Kun Kun has achieved prominence for his uncompromising stand for the faith; for his distinct ministry as an expositor of the Word of God; for his effective service to the church of Jesus Christ as a pastor, author and leader in challenging others in ministry; and for his exemplary life as a servant of our Lord. Therefore the Dallas Theological Seminary in collaboration with Trust the Word and by the authority of the State of Texas, confer upon him the honorary Degree, Doctor of Divinity, together with all the rights, honors and privileges belonging to that degree. In witness whereof we have affixed our seal in Dallas, Texas, on this twenty-second day of September in the year of our Lord, twenty hundred and nineteen.”

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) is a professional, graduate-level theological seminary that seeks to provide training at the master’s and doctoral levels to prepare its students for a variety of Christian ministries. Bishop Dr. Kun Kun joins the distinguished community of DTS alumni — great soldiers of the faith including megachurch pastors Dr. Tony Evans and Andy Stanley and over 16,000 others from over 100 countries around the world. Closer to home, another DTS alumnus, Dr. Todd Phillips (DMin, 2010), through his ministry The Last Well, has set the ambitious goal of providing clean drinking water as well as eradicating waterborne illness for the citizens of Liberia by the year 2020. It is The Last Well’s mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the thousands of communities that are being reached through its ongoing work.

As President of the Liberia Fellowship of Full Gospel Ministers and Ministries, an organization of more than 1,000 pastors and ministers Bishop Kun Kun took the the organization’s National Convention to an international level and moved it more into missions and evangelism.

Speaking to Evangelist John P. W. Sheriff of The St. John’s Gospel Music Ministry International via telephone from the United States of America, Bishop Kun Kun disclosed that he was completely surprised because he was only invited to close the crusade.

“I am very humbled to day. What a way to keep secret,” he said as he ascended the pulpit to preach for the service. “I want to thank God for the Trust the Word City of Light family and all of the spiritual children that God has given to us that are present today.” He took a few moments to recognize numerous fellow ministers of the Gospel and friends who had traveled far and wide to see him receive the doctorate degree.

When asked what prompted the altruistic move by the Prophet and the Seminary, Bishop said the organizers are now convinced of his innumerable contributions to humanity that have impacted lives the world over. He praised God, from whom all knowledge and blessings flow, seeing Him as his source of strength.

Meanwhile, the Liberian prelate has called on the church of Liberia to work corporately as one body and dialogue with the administration of President George Weah in furtherance of reconciliation, peace and good governance.

In closing, Bishop John Kun Kun, who is also the Resident Pastor of the City of Light Church in Barnersville, said he strongly believes that the annual crusade, held in March, is one of the conduits that continues to win souls, heal and keep the much needed peace in Liberia.

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