Pressure Mounts on Korkoya to Recuse

NEC Chairman Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya (center) has two religious leaders -- Dr. Olu Q. Menjay (left) and Sheikh Ali Krayee (right) calling for his recusal from the remainder of the electoral process, citing gross incompentency

-Eminent Clerics join calls for his recusal

Tension has continued to mount on the embattled chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Jerome George Korkoya, to recuse himself from the entire electoral process as demanded by the opposition Liberty Party (LP).

The latest call came yesterday from two of the country’s eminent religious leaders, who said Korkoya just has to rescue himself, not just from presiding over cases brought before the commission by dissatisfied parties including the LP, but also from the rest of the electoral process.

In a joint press statement issue in Monrovia yesterday, Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, president of the Liberia Baptist Missionary and Education Convention (LBMEC), and Sheikh Ali Krayee, National Chief Imam of Liberia, called on Korkoya to abandon his position as head of the country’s electoral process, because he was not qualified to hold such a position.

The two clerics said that Korkoya’s inability to address many of the burning concerns raised ahead of the October 10, 2017 presidential and legislative elections, prove that he does not understand the technical know-how and the leadership ability to execute the tasks assigned to him as chair of the NEC.

Since the end of the October 10 polls, the NEC has recorded a total of 56 complaints emanating from the conduct of the polls in the 15 counties.

There are also concerns in many quarters that Korkoya might have been responsible for the current stalemate to the electoral stand-off.

The call from the two clergymen for Korkoya to bow out of the NEC appears far beyond the similar demand issued by the LP political leader, Charles Walker Brumskine, whose main cause was due to the fact that the NEC chairman had earlier prejudiced the LP’s complaint.

In the statement, Dr. Menjay and Sheikh Krayee said, “We call on the Korkoya to honorably recuse himself from the electoral process, because he is not competent to conduct election as proven by the October 10 polls irregularities and reported frauds.”

This gesture on his part, the prelates noted, would elevate the confidence level of the people in the electoral process. “We further request the NEC to correct all voters’ registry errors,” the statement said.

The two religious leaders assured that the current legal process in resolving the “many glaring” electoral disputes are in the right direction, adding, “We therefore wish to encourage all parties to legal conflict to continue path of the law, which we believe is the best option to move forward.”

As it is now, it seems that Korkoya’s case is beyond the cloud—and surely, it appears to be no ending moments of intense pressure on him until he bows out.

He might have survived the dual citizen debacle that hovered over him for several months, probably because of the backing he had from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but the latest calls for his recusal seems to attack his competence and performance of the process so far.

The clerics said they foresaw such program five months ago, when they registered their concerns relating to the voters’ registration exercise when the NEC chairman made a public pronouncement that anyone in possession of a voter card could vote in the October 10 elections.

“We immediately saw his statement on this matter as a recipe for confusion. Our concern and dissatisfaction on his statement was mentioned on United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Radio in June, this year,” the statement said.

Though Korkoya later retracted that pronouncement, the Clerics noted that “unfortunately, his retraction did not match the reality on October 10 as evidence by the numbers of complaints.

“It is important to note that the bedrock of any credible election marks a certified voter registry. To our dismay, the voter registry was incomprehensible at many polling places. Just as in the case during the exhibition period, many voter-card-carrying people could not find their names on the registry,” the statement said.

This embarrassing situation forced the NEC to resort to the unorthodox practice of allowing anyone with a voter card to vote, the religious leader indicated.

“The fact that these issues were raised several months before the October 10 elections and that those matters were not rectified up to the day of election, proves that Korkoya is not up to the task, which the country entrusted to him.

The statement also indicated that the huge number of invalid votes (over 80,000) is a clear indication that voter education was poorly implemented.

“We commend the Liberian people for remaining peaceful and law-abiding and for their steadfastness in the electoral process. We pray that God Almighty will continue to protect us all,” it said.

They lauded the overwhelming participation of the voters in the electoral process, indicating that the huge turnout is a testimony of their will to democratically elect the next leaders. We also thank our international partners for their contribution to the democratic process thus far.


  1. These propagandists are at it again. They cannot win elections through the ballot box and so they are out to oust Korkoya because as long as he is chairman at NEC, they cannot get their sinister plans accomplished. It’s a pity that so-called religious leaders will get involved though.

  2. The blame for the imbroglio currently unfolding in our country should be squarely laid in the laps of president Sirleaf. She created this mess in the first place as a byproduct of the gross incompetence of this Jerome Korkoyah man. From the day Korkoyah was handpicked for this critical task, people from all walks of life including even people from the very NEC alarmed that the man was not up to the task, yet president Sirleaf did not listen. She acted as usual as though she knows best and the rest of us must just follow like bunch of sheep. And these accusations were not just about the man’s incompetence but that most of all he was darn corrupt on top of that. Some of his underlings came out publicly to give us examples of the man’s dishonesty but like other times, madam “Africa first female president” trashed all of those revelations and proceeded as if we were all stupid. If the chairman of the NEC’s incompetence, his lack of integrity, and his non-citizenship were not enough telltale signs of things to come, then what else needed to happen before any good leader would take corrective measure? I guess only God knows what else we could have said or done to have prevented this other mess from happening.

  3. That will not happened!
    Just a nonsense going on.
    What they thinking about will never work in Liberia.
    Interim government have no place in our democracy for now.
    Enough is enough mehn.

  4. “He that hath an ear, let him hear”. True disciples of God do not hide. Messengers of the All mighty bring the true message and leave it to the will of their congregations. For they all also have a right to their freedom of choice. “He that preaches the Gospel shalt live by it”. “For If you know not how to take care of your own house, How can you take care of the house of God?” Watch the Devil’s trap. Did God sent you to tell or to teach? Suggested that you all read 1st Timothy chapter 3; Numbers 23:19 and Jeremiah 42:6. We all cannot preach, but we can pray.
    Gone to 57% majority. Do not answer this box.


  6. What a shame on the part of the NEC, a cogent argument of inefficacy. You fail to deliver in the eyes of the intellectual community. Cllr., what are your expectations in view of the prevailing circumstances…you are in trusted with a peace of national responsibility and perhaps this is a conspicuous failure.

  7. Thank you Mr. Roodney. Up right, all right….these so-call clerics and pastors are all in the pocket of the Devil. Instead of our RELIGIOUS LEADERS PREACHING PEACE and encouraging prayers, they are serving as jurors.
    What a shame

    • Mr. Mamadu Bah, you should be ashamed of yourself for disrespecting these servants of Almighty God and Allah. I want to remind you that preaching peace goes along with saying the truth. The fact of the matter is that Mr. Kokoyah is incompetent to continue conducting the affairs of NEC. NEC staff were openly seen on election day engaging into election irregularities.

  8. Bunch of educational fool parking in Monrovia calls themselves degree holders. Liberian man just go to schools to learn and go robbed his or her country.the only thing Liberian man know is to cheat. They are planing to cheat another political party.

  9. The incompetency of Mr. Korkoya has led this irregularities and fraud in the election. He definitely need to recuse himself as NEC Chairman and find his way back to America.

    Dual citizenship is the one that suffering us today in this country.
    Patrioticism is Liberian man enemy.

  10. Not in the middle of the national elections process. Are you guys nuts? Just follow the rules and regulations. And abide by them….Stop the pre-emptive thinking and activities…That amount to clear bounderline divisive and not in Liberia’s interest..

  11. What do you want Liberty Party, UP, ANC and ALP to do? In an elections that the Liberian
    people long awaited to express their will and power in deciding the fate of their country
    came and they were turned away from voting, though they legally registered to vote, but
    allow only all of George Manneh Weah’s supporters to vote makes the elections of October
    10 electoral exercise the worse in Liberia. Therefore, those parties move is intended to
    ensure their respective legally registered voters to vote.

    Another wicked thing that George Weah had and is doing is to collude with Charles Taylor,
    even went to him in jail but was refused by the British Authorities, and took Taylor’s war
    wife Jewel Taylor as his running mate; George Weah who wants to lead the country is not
    in sympathy with entire Liberians whom she and her heinously victimized and the woumds
    are still fresh. No, a man who wants to lead the country should not, ought not, must not
    behave like. He is not welcome to rule!

  12. Counselor Korkoya can’t be blameless, especially with the delay in publishing the voters’ roll, but was this material fact intentional or operational bumbling? It is mind-boggling that we would dump systemic governmental lethargy, ineptitude, ineffectiveness, incapacity, etc., on his head because NEC happens to be under intense focus.

    Not to mention that one doesn’t need the brain of Einstein to fathom that the choreographed political muscle – flexing is aimed at settling scores with EJS. Like Shylock in Shakespeare’s play “Merchant of Venice”, some want their “pound of flesh”, closer to the heart if possible. Frankly, whether she deserves it is neither here nor there. The larger question though should be: Do the millions of Country – Congua poor who struggle for just one meal a day, while the well – off eat whatever comes to mind anytime, deserve the anxiety, stress, and fear of a looming long constitutional crisis on top of hunger?

    Folks, these people needed hope, not foreboding about the immediate future. Resolve this “thing” soon before they think the crusading political parties aren’t any different from warring factions of the civil conflict: Implacable for selfish reasons!

  13. I hope the readers and contributors on this blog are not as confused as I am.

    If poor performance of Korkoya and others at NEC caused widespread cheating on October 10, and if the charges are true, something must be done. I am not sure that Korkoya’s immediate recusal will set things in motion. But, if it will help to clear the smoke that bellows over his head, then Korkoya must go

    I think this whole affair is being politicized. When the Liberian Supreme Court issued an injunction, and subsequently cancelled the November 7 runoff date, the highest court did not say what really, really caused the voter fraud. Example, we’ve heard that widespread cheating occurred and polls did not open until 3pm in some counties, particularly in the territory of Brumskine. What’s the evidence? Was it due to incompetence? This is embarrassing. Ghanaians can do it and Liberians are incapable of doing a good job? No way!!

    Allegations number one: Voter fraud.
    Allegations number two: Korkoya recusal.
    Allegations number three: Well, stay tune. By next week, something’s going to pop up.
    Maybe, before a date is set, Korkoya will have to step down. Then what’s next after that?

  14. To those of you dictionary oriented politicians and uninnovative barristers anticipating to hijack our country, we agree you may master the constitution of the Republic of Liberia, however, be informed that we the people of Liberia are very knowledgeable and can equally scale balance between high moral standards and the constitution. We wished your adequate knowledge of the constitution could rescue Liberia from killing, stealing and destruction.

    We say to you stage managers of unanticipated crisis in our country, democracy is a process, it is strengthened by stages over time. If your socalled pursuit to preserving the constitution and rule of law dosen`t yield peace, reconciliation and stability, what is the essence of your pursuit, and why embark such journey in the first place?

    You guys have been exposed and are not politically relavant in our society any more. Your hidden plan for interim government and revertment of our country to the darkest days demonstrates ill wished for your own country and its people. Liberia must and will be delivered from the hands of you wicket demons, regardless your constitutional knowledge by the Power and Authority in Mighty Name of Jesus.

  15. Until we can amend the constitution to make the NEC bosses answerable to the Liberian people and not just to work at the will and pleasure of their direct employer (the President), in the absence of that we will always have problems with commissioners being remotely control by the President as we have seen in the past two (2) elections. The problem is not a particular person or position but it’s the system. If we can graduate from this ancient way of conducting electoral affairs and adapt the 21st century methodology by digitalizing the procedures, honestly, we will have less problems.

  16. Does anyone believe that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf really care for democracy or George Manneh Weah? EJS only care for herself and her family. If you don’t believe it, ask William Tolbert, Samuel Doe, Thomas Quiwonkpa, Charles Taylor, Varney Sherman and VP. Joseph Boakai. The list goes on and on my people.
    Ellen wants for George Weah to become president and her son Robert Sirleaf will replace Weah as senator. When and if that is happens, she’llstart to undermine the Weah’s government in one to two years time for her son Robert Sirleaf to become president. Mark this day down in your notebook. Sheven will do anything to accomplish her whatever it’s she wants to accomplish.

  17. The buck hasn’t stopped yet. You may think that when Korkoya resigns as it is being demanded by some Liberian individuals, that’ll be where the buck stops. Well, think again. The buck rolls until it lends on it’s head, of which the probability of that happening is unpredictable. It is not impossible for the buck to lend on its head, however, it is highly unlikely that it will happen soon.

    Okay, let me unwind!
    Let’s agree that Korkoya is a done deal. He resigns or is forced out of office by popular demand. Johnson-Sirleaf looks around Monrovia and appoints a new chairman.

    –Would the entire slate of NEC employees that are being left behind be able to work with the new chairman?
    –Would you say that the slate of NEC employees are cleaner than Korkoya?
    –Did Korkoya work in secrecy all by himself at NEC before and during the November 10 elections?
    –Assuming that Korkoya admits to wrongdoing, should the entire staff at NEC be terminated?
    –hypothetically, if Korkoya spills the beans on EJS, should she be forced to resign?

    Look, ladies and gentlemen, it ain’t over yet. We’ve got humongous problems on our hands. The world is having a field day laughing at us.

  18. It could not be for bluff, or the mere aesthetics of law that things like “statute of limitation,” or “statute of repose,” (a statute that cuts off certain legal rights if they are not acted on by a certain deadline) as a safeguard is applied on the effectuality of some legal pursuits, or they lose their applicability or potency in deference thereof. Meaning Liberty Party et al, for example, cannot include “recusal of election officials” as part of their litany of grievances at this late and crucial time in this election when they had the opportunity, and should have done so months or years ago, when the opportunity was rife for that. Recusal because of specific action/inaction of the officials so named which have disadvantaged, harmed, prejudiced, deprived, robbed or disenfranchised one side in this election over the other would suffice or make sense. But recusal simply based on the general assumption of the incompetence of the named officials, is purely phishing at best and should not be entertained. The purported incompetence and character impeachment of the NEC officials have been common knowledge and a subject of public discourse for months, if not years. Why didn’t LP et al, seize upon this public outcry at the onset to seek this remedy? As the case may be, this 11th hour resort can be interpreted as nothing other than an ego trip not in the interest of the greater good but self-aggrandizement.

  19. Party time is over. No more party or individual gimmicks with the nation’s electoral seats, whether executive or legislative, we have restored our jurisprudence. We need a President. The constitution is designed to give us this President. The Liberian people have 20 aspirants on the nation’s election Table who say they can keep the Liberian democratic culture, all of wish have broken the ten commandments and need to repent. We must select one out of the worst who is ready to repent until we get the best. If some of those responsible for this election try to tamper with our constitutional time to bring back totalitarianism, the silent majority will keep the Republic of Liberia guns, tankers, and/or instruments etc.. especially on the leaving incumbent and her 20 aspirants, while on duty, taking no side, plus; on each this incumbent and her 20 aspirants who promised the people, have been and still promising the Liberian people all kinds of stuff, all these years, wasting money, stealing functions, corrupting and destroying the purpose for which this nation was founded, until they pick a leader the Liberian people can vote for or abstain from. We are getting to the end. The Liberian people, as a people, will remain in peace, will keep their own peace. No more fighting. Just go about your business doing you daily bread work until the Liberian traditional and statutory jurisdiction say it is time to exercise our freedom of choice. The constitution will soon tell what to do. Wait for God’s time.
    Gone to 57% in silence for my food. Tell Liberians. DO NOT REPLY THIS BOX.

  20. The Republic of Liberia Peoples’ instruments kept on the following for the result of the Liberian peoples’ Presidential October 10, 2017 to January 18, 2018: William Wiah Tuider, Macdonald A. Wento, Alexander Cummings, George Manneh Weah, Charles Walker Brumskine, Oscar Cooper, Bononi Wilfred Urey, Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Joseph Mills Jones, Macdella M. Cooper, Aloysius William Kpadeh, Kennedy Gbleyah Sandy, Henry Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr., Jedremiah Z. Whapoe, Simeon C. M. Freeman, George Sluwer Dweh, Sr., Prince Y. Johnson, Wendell J.E. McIntosh, Isaac Gbombadee Wiles, Yarkpajuwur N. Mator……( incumbent (going out) Ellen Sirleaf – on her and her pellet NEC…).
    Gone to Silent majority. Do not answer this box. Tell the Liberian people why you keep promising and have done nothing yet. Let the Liberian people know. The nation is waiting for the answer.
    Wait for God.

  21. Lastly, for today. Don’t forget also about keeping the Liberian people instruments also on their (aspirants and incumbent) running mates (vice presidents) especially the mess they talking about base and fiasco promises where they should not have been in, in the first place.
    Gone back to silence. Do not reply this box. Tell the people.


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