Advocacy Group Demands Autopsy on Linda Sherman’s Body

March for Justice lead campaigner, Titus Kpakala, Jr (second from left), with chairperson Patience Koteah and Benita Urey, member.

…But Police say girl ‘committed suicide’

By Titus B.S. Barbu (Cub Reporter

A pressure group under the banner, “March for Justice” has condemned the Liberia National Police (LNP) report that 9-year old Linda Sherman, who was found dead in her parents’ room with a rope around her neck, died by suicide.  The LNP report came in the absence of a forensic autopsy report to establish the actual cause of the girl’s mysterious death.

In a Facebook post on Monday, December 9, 2019, the LNP said after conducting a physical examination on the body of the deceased, “Our investigation found that Linda’s death was suicidal.”

“On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, LNP investigators comprising a team from the Crime against Person Unit and the Forensic Section, responded to a call from Johnson Street that a child was found hanging in her parents’ room,” the LNP statement said.

The team upon arrival, conducted its physical examination and established that the child committed suicide. She was rushed to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, where the chief administrator, Dr. Jerry Brown, also examined the body before pronouncing her dead on arrival.

Both results, according to LNP reports, were aimed at establishing whether little Linda was tampered with, but the result proved that she was not sexually harassed, neither was she assaulted.

The LNP is currently speaking with relatives and neighbors of the deceased to establish the cause of the alleged suicide.

However, in rebuttal statement to the LNP claim, the March for Justice, an advocacy group, said the content of the police statement was “unjustifiable and intended to undermine any clinical studies or report into the death of Linda Sherman.”

Two other children, Laurencier Davids and Omaru Kamara, are victims of recent alleged rape, leading to their early deaths, the group recalled.

“Our children never lived to die at a young age, despite some economic constraints the parents are face with. They were brilliant children whom everyone would wish to have. We resist the police official statement from Moses Carter (LNP spokesman), who hastily concluded without autopsy or thorough investigations, concluding that the late Sherman committed suicide.”

“In short, the police told the parents and the world that Linda, and others bought rope to kill themselves,” said Titus B. Kpakala, Jr., the group lead campaigner.

Kpakala added that group has therefore called on President George Weah to join their fight to find the cause (s) of these children’s deaths, and declare the cases as a matter of “national emergency in pursuit of justice for the family.”

“It’s also unprecedented that the Police, since December 4, 2019, are yet to arrest any prime suspect who might have been linked to masterminding the death of Linda Sherman. As we are aware of the extreme risks of an unsophisticated justice sphere, which continues to deplete the pride of our nation’s quest for universal human rights issues and its sovereignty,” said Kpakala.

The group has meanwhile given the government ultimatum to provide autopsy reports for the deaths of the three future leaders, who died in “mysterious manners and forms.”

As for Linda Sherman, her death came five days after her 9th birthday, November 29, 2019. She was a third-grade student of St. Theresa Convent, and was found mysteriously hanging with her feet to the ground and a rope around her neck in her parents’ room on Lynch Street in Monrovia.

According to eyewitnesses account, she was prior to her death, seen at home after she returned from school that fateful day. But to the utmost surprise of neighbors, the news of her sudden death, caused her mother to fall unconscious.

Up to press time last night, it was not clear whether LNP was conducting any further investigation.


  1. It baffles the mind as to why would a nine year old child contemplate suicide. what will be desperate in her young life to drive her to such an sad end?

    sad, very sad

  2. Very sad development! Kids buying ropes to kill one another or themselves is unthinkable. But two important things must be done in order to stop the rising tide of violence in our society. First, it is obligatory for parents to get profoundly involved in the upbringing of their children, and finally, the government (not just the Weah government, all governments) must do their part to fight crime and poverty. Former president, madam EJS did not do a lot of work in this area.

    When kids do not have a strong parental upbringing during their formative years, the kids encounter various types of problems. Without a strong parental involvement, sometimes kids feel that they can do this or that. Years ago when I was in the classroom, a female student of mine was gunned to death by her younger pre-teen brother! The young lady went home at the end of the day and while climbing the steps of her parents’ house, her brother took his dad’s pistol and fired it at her sister. The young killer was never charged because he was underage! Very True Story! Fair argument! The parents of the kid who shot his sister to death were not in charge! A gun is meant to protect one’s family against any potential aggressor. A gun at home should be hidden from kids.

    Liberians are going through hell. Worsening economic issues are at the forefront. So, what happens next? The government can do something! Creative minds can be put to in order for jobs to be created. This is not impossible.

    I will say this again. Weah is the president. He must do his level best to redeem the motherland. He should step out and tell the Liberian people that he’s aware of the mess our country is going through. But, let’s be fair! Former president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is 90% responsible for the country’s problems. During EJS’s presidency, it’s been estimated that over 5 billion US dollars were pumped in Liberia. Yet no one sees how that money was used.

  3. This lil 9yrs old girl committed suicide, ok right , nice try LNP, this is obviously an attempted rape or rape and the lil girl was murder in order to keep her silence , these pervert must have connection with in the so called LNP or the crime scene investigators/ detectives are simply incompetent and unqualified . This isn’t rocket science it’s common sence and professional investigative work which I believe the LNP is lacking .

  4. JM,
    Hope you are doing great in the Bay area. Ride the BART and get to see places while you are there. The BART is their train.

    Once again, if you reside @ a motel/hotel, send its name. I will check it out.

    Hang in there!

  5. Interesting to read some comments on this article. We are getting there, gradually too!

    The door is still wide opened. Cummings and apologists, like the prodigal son and his father, are eagerly waiting to get some people on board to making Liberia a country again, not a plot of land for bandits.

    Come what may, we will get the job done. Welcome on-board buddies, we are not kooks but patriots.



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