Presidents Weah, Xi Jinping to Strengthen Bilateral Ties

Pres. Weah greets Chinese President, Xi Jinping in Beijing

Sign US$54M grant to construct overpasses at SKD Boulevard, Ministerial Complex

A September 1, 2018 dispatch from Beijing China where President George Weah is currently attending the 2018 Beijing Summit on China-Africa Cooperation says President Weah and Chinese President Xi Jinping have signed two cooperation agreements totaling US$54 million (320 million RMB) for the construction of two overpasses at SKD Boulevard and the Ministerial Complex, while the other is the provision of emergency food aid. The agreements were signed at the Great Hall of the People’s Republic of China

According to the dispatch, President Weah reiterated Liberia’s firm adherence to the one-China policy and expressed heartfelt gratitude for China’s valuable support, especially the selfless help to Liberia in her fight against the Ebola epidemic in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

President Weah said that the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Liberia has brought perceptible benefits to the Liberian people. “Liberia supports and is willing to take part in China’s Belt and Road Initiative,” he said.

He furthered that Liberia supports China’s hosting the Beijing Summit of the Forum of China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), and is willing to make whatever contribution that would enhance friendship between the two countries and peoples.

In his welcoming statement to President Weah and delegation to the People’s Republic of China, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the friendship between China and Liberia continues to serve the fundamental interests of both countries and people.

President Xi reflected on China’s support to Liberia’s peace process, and promised to continue to stand up and support the country in multilateral institutions.

He highlighted the Liberian government’s firm position on the One-China Policy, and said his government is willing to increase exchanges at all levels, emphasizing that the two countries should continue to show mutual understanding and support each other on issues involving their respective core interests and major concerns.

The Chinese President promised to strengthen bilateral cooperation across various fields, especially those outlined in the Liberian government’s National Development Agenda, focusing on infrastructure development, poverty-reduction, health, agriculture, and education.

President Xi then expressed the hope that as a former world football star, deeply admired by his compatriots, President Weah would use his special influence to promote sport and youth exchanges between China and Liberia. 

FOCAC’s Briefs

[Objectives] Equal consultation, enhancing understanding, expanding consensus, strengthening friendship and promoting cooperation.

[Consultation Mechanism] As prescribed in the Program for China-Africa Cooperation in Economic and Social Development, adopted at the 2000 Ministerial Conference of FOCAC, China and Africa agreed to set up joint follow-up mechanisms to conduct regular evaluations on the implementation of the follow-up actions.

In July 2001, a FOCAC ministerial consultation meeting was held in Lusaka, capital of Zambia, at which the Procedures for Follow-up Mechanisms of FOCAC were deliberated and adopted. The follow-up mechanisms officially took effect in April 2002. The FOCAC follow-up mechanisms are built at the Ministerial Conference, which is held every three years; the Senior Officials Follow-up Meeting and the Senior Officials Preparatory Meeting for the Ministerial Conference are held respectively in the year and a few days before the Ministerial Conference is held; and the consultations between the African Diplomatic Corps in China and the Secretariat of the Chinese Follow-up Committee are held at least twice a year.


  1. Exactly some forty years ago, a Chinese reformist name Deng Xiaoping took over the Chinese Communists party at the top Polite Bureau in Beijing, China. China, a communists state was being assailed through out the Western World and scorn upon as a dictatorial, backward communist and human right abuser. At that time, there were more Chinese riding bicycle than the entire population of Sub Saharan Africa. Chairman Deng gave a speech at the United Nation in 1979 , Which he laid out a feature plan for the Peoples’ Republic economy system. Which was called, in a English interpretation, “Rising Of the Dragon”. He told the world, and fellow Chinese citizens that the People (Chinese people ) had suffered in the past, and it is now time to rise up to meet the challenge of the new world. He lamented that the world is going to wake up to a new China pretty soon. ” We are going to secure our place in the world, our will be the economic might of the Dragon”. The Chinese sent out millions of students around the world at some of the best universities: Stanford, Cornell, Oxford, Cambridge,etc. These student went back home after studies , and contributed toward the building the Chinese industries.
    They then went out into third world countries to get the raw material they needed to produce the needed manufacturing products to boost their economic might. Which theory is called Win-Win system, ( reciprocity of South -South).

    Growing up in Liberia, I use hear people say, “oh, that’s a Chinese made product, it is not valuable, or durable”. OK, What can we do for ourselves? Today, the Chinese are a force to recon with in term of economic might. The Chinese hold most of the USA saving bond in cash value. They building or have built the only modern day electric train line between Mombasa ( Kenya) and Djibouti. Replacing the Old British Colonial one that was built 100 years ago.

    This reform policy of the late Deng Xioping and other economy policies were made possible with massive investment in Science and mathematics through the Confucius Institute in Beijing and around the world.

    We can do the same. If we take loan and invest in Science and Technology, not only building structures that we do not have any trained manpower to maintain, we will soon be going back to Beijing, begging for some more dollars to maintain. I m not an advocate of the Chinese Government, but let’s learn form them.

    To our leaders: ask for loan and invest in Science and Technology.
    From Sydney University…

  2. Mr President honestly ?? Seriously ??? Highway Overpass instead of Power Transmission and Distribution and all the related hardware such as Transmission Cables, Transformers, Isolators, 35 KV Fused Cut Outs and MOV Surge/Lightning Protectors for the Poles ??? Seriously an Over Pass for cars as opposed to the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing to stimulate growth and development of the nation and it’s people – POWER Transmission and Distribution of Mount Coffee Generation Capacity. Well people we are in darkness for a good long time oh !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Governments of China and Liberia signed a Memorandum of Understanding for overpass projects and this is what the government will build. The confusion about the people of Liberia is, whatever they think that the government should do is not done, than other projects to them is not necessary. We drive back and forth to work everyday and are constraints with traffic jam so we support the overpass projects to ease traffic congestion in Monrovia, otherwise this is a developing city and it needs to be beautified. The grant given by China is intended for specific project, so why should people even try to criticize projects governments wants to undertake? We can’t depend on government for everything and government because has a long line of projects waiting to be implemented. Liberian people, please give this administration chance to independently do these different projects for the benefits of our country.

    • Mr Wonokay, you really need to wake up. If “overpass” is even one of the top 10 problems on the country’s priority list, I am sorry for LIB. #YouBeTheJudge

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