Presidential Motorcade Chief Convicted of Drug Trafficking


    Defendant Perry Dolo, former commander of vehicles that led the President’s convoy accused of helping to import 10bags of narcotic valued LD$3.7million, was found guilty on all counts by a jury on Friday, August 8.

    The unanimous verdict was returned by the jury of Criminal Court ‘C’ after hours of closed-door deliberations.

    In their verdict, the jurors said prosecutors provided enough evidence to convince them to convict the defendants of the crimes charged.

    However, the court will announce their prison terms within five days.

    Dolo, together with four others men, were charged by the government with drug trafficking and criminal facilitation.

    They were said to have transported the drugs from neighboring Sierra Leone though Bo Waterside, the  crossing point in Grand Cape Mount County.

    The defendants denied the  claim after appearing before the court for prosecution.

    During the closing arguments on Friday afternoon, the defense team told jurors to come-down with a not guilty verdict against the defendants, alleging prosecutors did not have any evidence to convict the defendants.

    Besides, the defense team argued that prosecutors failed to produce laboratory evidence, establishing that there were drugs discovered in the ten bags allegedly seized from the defendants.

    In their counter argument, prosecutors told jurors it was ridiculous to suggest that the defendants did not know what was in the bags, and strenuously pled for a guilty verdict against them.

    Supporting their argument, prosecutors went on to say that the drugs at the center of the allegation were found in a vehicle that was particularly assigned to defendant Dolo.

    However, Dolo, during his testimony admitted that the vehicle in which the drugs were discovered belonged to him, claiming he did not have any knowledge how it manage to appear in Grand Cape Mount County.

    The motorcade commander was arrested in November 2013, along with three other men, after crossing from Sierra Leone via the town of Bo Waterside.

    The other three were two Liberians, Cyrus Slenwion, a police officer of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) and Augustine N. Saah, Mohammed Bah, a Guinean and a Sierra Leonean, Korma Gibanilla, believed to be a member of the Armed Forces,

    The vehicle used in the operation was known as "Escort 1", the vehicle that normally leads the President's convoy.

    He took the car during his day off to go do this thing. He was not on duty, but he used the official car., the government indicated after his arrest.


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