President Weah’s Escort Vehicle Hits Jubilating CPP Supporter


A supporter of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) was on Thursday, December 10, 2020, hit by a vehicle belonging to the Executive Protection Service (EPS) near the Liberty Party Headquarters in Congo Town.

The EPS has expressed regret over the unfortunate incident.  The man is believed to be one of those who had gone out in jubilation for yesterday’s provisional announcement by the National Elections Commission (NEC) that put CPP candidate, incumbent Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, ahead of his main rival and candidate of the ruling party, Rep. Thomas Fallah.

According to a Ministry of Information release, President George Manneh Weah has since called Liberty Party Political Leader, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence and the party’s Chairman, Senator Stephen Zargo, to express his dismay and concern over the incident. Sen. Karnga-Lawrence happens to be leading the senatorial race in Grand Bassa County, against CDC’s candidate, Gbehzohngar Findley.

The President has accordingly instructed Police Director Patrick Sudue to meet with the victim and his family in order to convey his sentiments while initiating an investigation into the incident.

The victim was quickly taken to the ELWA Hospital in Paynesville for medical treatment. Initial report suggests that the victim’s leg was broken, and the President has committed to settling all medical expenses.

The government, however, emphasizes that the situation was unintentional, and therefore admonishes everyone to refrain from impugning motives meant to stir up unwarranted political tension.

EPS Director Trokon Roberts has said drivers in the Presidential Convoy are under instructions to always exercise due caution.  While the investigation is underway to establish the cause of the incident, it is yet soon to state whether this was due to negligence on the part of the driver by refusing to take precaution as they are trained to do.


  1. Above politics and political affairs, your humanitarian gesture to an unfortunate incident says a lot about you and to you, Mr. President. It does says a lot.

  2. “President has committed to settle all medical expenses.” Paying medical bills is not all.The after effect of permanent pain and suffering would never go away from the victim.

    As I read in another online publication, the victim is a bread winner of his family and now he’s incapacitated permanently. Who will feed his family?

    This is a major case. The victim must file a lawsuit against the president, executive protection, and president driver for pain and suffering and recovery damages.The victim must put in the position he was in prior to the accident.

    “President has committed to settle all medical expenses.” What does this portray? That the president is carring.carring in my a…

    This is not the first time president convoy striking pedestrians. All we hear is “President has committed to settle all medical bills.”And that’s it.

    The drivers never suspended and prosecuted as the law requires for all and sundry.

    Sue them!!!!

  3. Wow! Why individuals are always shot, or killed, or injured whenever the presidential motorcade is moving? Is this necessary? Are there any threats or rumors of threats against the president? I do not think so.

    So, why does the president suggest the issue should not be politicized? And of course, it will be politicized because he offered no clear explanation of why his escort intentionally committed such heinous act against the poor fellow.

    Weah and his supporters need to do some real soul searching. This victim did not deserve such a heartless abuse. Furthermore, if one was to examine the grand scheme of things, he might have been among the many gullible followers who a few years ago were hooting for Weah 24/7 under both torrential rain and scorching sun to become president of Liberia. Now, is this the pay he gets in return?

    I wonder Weah understands that as the leader, he is also a servant of the people and that he can only lead effectively if they give him the mandate collectively through their votes?

    Caution: A leader that leads by the sword will perish by the sword!

    • Another semi-literate fool spewing out nonsense. I do not blame you. When Ellen convoy or Joseph Boakai’s convoy killed people in the past, ws it intentional? You want to go back to history. Please, Mr. Tarnue!

  4. The President of Liberia is nothing but a vicious, devilish, corrupt and savage minded buffoon.

    The draconian and black hearted president instructed his convoy to run into crowd of jubilant supporters of the opposition who were celebrating preliminary results from the just ended midterm senatorial elections which put them ahead of the process..

    True be told, the president’s convoy meticulously drove four (4) minutes passing the headquarters of his party where there also jubilant supporters but chose to instruct his drivers to drive off the main road to the pedestrian side walk breaking the legs of an innocent young man celebrating his votes against bad governance and ritualistic killings orchestrated by the government.

    One thing that I know, God in heaven pay Weah justly

    • What a dumb idiot and fool you are to say this? The hate you have for Weah will take you to your early grave. Enjoy your temporary victory. The race is not to the swift, but to he who endures to the end. Calling yourself Sadat Norris.


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