President Weah’s Denunciation of Zwedru Violence “Belated”

President Weah asserted there is still a need to minimize the cost of fuel to enable the LEC provide electricity to the general public at a reasonable cost.

-Skeptics say 

Skeptics and the opposition community have described as “Belated” President George Weah’s August 2 denunciation of the violence that took place on July 30 in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County where Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah, and Alternative National Congress political leader Alexander Cummings narrowly escaped harms through the help of the Armed Forces of Liberia and the Liberia National Police.

Scores of people in social media posts and comments have pointed out that the President’s denunciation of violence has no impact since it was not done immediately when the incident took place on July 30.  The President’s silence on some key national issues including violence and high rape cases in the country has raised public concerns in recent days.

For the Zwedru violence, skeptics and the opposition community believe it to have been a planned and sponsored setup meant to intimidate the opposition and make others into praise singers of the President and the ruling party.

The coming of President George Weah on August 2 to condemn the violence in Zwedru is accordingly a way to restore his battered reputation in an “Unprecedented appeal for an end to politically motivated violence across the country.”

The President in two violent incidents in 2018 and 2019 did not make any move to condemn the violence that marred two by-elections in Montserrado County District #15 and District # 13 that led to injuries.

In an Executive Mansion release, the President reiterated his objection and detestation of violence and unrest in Liberia—“recalling that the country witnessed so much of it for long at the expense of peace and normalcy.”

The President added: “The 14 years civil conflict which left over half a million Liberians and many more traumatized and displaced is sufficient lesson for all Liberians to eschew violence and trouble which the President said has got no place in Liberia’s fledgling democracy.”

President Weah’s denunciation of last week’s violence against opposition leader Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress, and Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah was his most unequivocal denunciation of political violence since the country began to experience violent instances in elections in his administration.

At his Forky Kloh Jlaleh Family Fellowship on August 2, 2020, President Weah called on all Liberians to be peaceful and adhere to the tenants of democracy as violence is not the answer to Liberia’s development challenges.

“If you love me, if you support me, please be peaceful and developmental,” the President said in reference to the hostile Zwedru resident’s action. “Remember that I promised the people of Liberia that my administration will maintain zero tolerance for violence but will maintain the peace, build roads, and improve the lives of all.”

President Weah described the recent happenings in Zwedru City as undemocratic and promised to bring to book those to be identified as culpable; something critics say is a cosmetic talk.

“This country witnessed too much instability that did not benefit us as a nation and people. Hostility is not the answer,” the Liberian Leader warned further. “We must focus on maintaining peace and adhere to the law. With peace, we can develop our country.”

He added: “Everyone has the right to move about freely in any part of the country. There are ways under our democratic system by which citizens reject people whose behaviors or political ideologies do not match theirs. Either you stay away from assemblies where they are found or you vote.”

He asked the Ministry of Justice to quickly investigate the incident in Grand Gedeh County.

“Liberia will never return to its ugly past; certainly, not under my watch as President of the Republic,” the Liberian Chief Executive maintained.

The call for an investigation into the matter in Zwedru is being described by the Council of Patriot leader, Henry P. Costa as a “For nothing” statement that will yield nothing at the end of the day.  Costa in his Facebook post said since the Weah Administration took over and violence by his loyalists began emerging, President Weah has been perpetually silent and taking no action against even his own officials including City Mayor Jefferson Koijee who had been alleged of leading some of the violent campaigns.


  1. Oh just forget about belatedness! For heaven’s sake, give the guy a credit for having denounced the violent attack.

    Would it have been appropriate for Weah to have denounced the violent attack while an investigation was ongoing? I personally would have gotten upset if Weah had refused to condemn the attack. But he did! Where’s the beef?

  2. Do not campaign with people that committed atrocities and walking free to speak to people they hurt. No one including the president will control the feeling of hurts Liberians are experiencing. Just keep these people in the districts to campaign there for you. There is a need for real reconciliation, where the accuser comes clean. But if you are taking killers to speak on your behalf to scare people, you need to rethink

  3. Do we have to wait for the results of a pending investigation to condemn a violent act? Suppose the investigation was to go on for months?

    Look, Weah himself is a hoodlum known to everyone. He has devised plans to physically intimidate the ANC and its leadership because of the level of popularity the party is gaining with the common people for whom he claimed to have come.
    The people are hungry Weah, they are homeless and jobless. Those who have “some kind of job” have gone 24 months without salaries. The NTA Community has been in darkness for 5 months now. Bring us the FIXES you promised!

    It is time the international community, religious leaders and human rights groups begin to call hoodlum Weah to order. He is again fermenting useless tribal crisis; he initiated his scheme during a common football game between Grand Kru and Nimba through thug Wilson, now he is attacking an honorable opposition leader in Grand Gedeh through thugs Fahngon and Pennue.
    Call on the president to put an end to his shabbiness. Liberia is from very very far. We no longer wish to travel that road again.
    It has been proven over 14 years in Liberia that no one person has monopoly over violence. Strong women and men have had enough time to demonstrate their satanic and diabolic notoriety. Enough is enough Weah. DO NOT bring our country to another ethnic or religious confrontation.

    We told in the beginning that leadership was for people who went to school and you could not believe us. You do not know how a company generates wealth, what’s more of a country? To shove the shame off your face, you want to incite violence among the people, STOP Weah! Our country is lagging even among third world countries. do not destroy the little development Ellen brought to the country. If you cannot build on it, maintain what you saw in place until the dawn of 2023, then pack up and leave to go on the football field. Our country is not a football field to butt your opponent in the dressing room thinking you would not be punished.

    Dear friendly governments and international organizations, we understand you are all busy coping with the COVID-19 crisis in your respective countries, but we beg your pardon, call hoodlum Weah to order! We no longer envision to see Liberians being insulted, dejected and rejected in neighboring countries.

    Hoodlum Weah is DANGEROUS for the peace of Liberia!

  4. “Belated” is bull. Protest mastermind Costa, COP and CPP believe all Liberians are fools like Rep. Kolubah they manipulate for confrontation and confusion. These guys had months planning their caper of including on their southeastern trip a controversial figure with no political credibility except for stirring up outrage, yet expect a knee jerk response from GMW which will be widely condemned as inadequate or insensitive.

    Like I said elsewhere, had the security sector seriously pondered his inclusion to the subregion of a President whose motorcade he once said can be easily ambushed to kill him, they would’ve been alarmed and prepare for his protection and safety. It was this failure to foresee hostility toward Hon Kolubah that created a security vacuum which gave opportunity to a violent mob as Costa and CO, most likely, assumed and hoped for.

    We can talk about Kolubah’s free speech and freedom of movements rights all we want, but they are as good for everyone in Liberia and elsewhere as long as policing mechanisms are available to protect them. Therefore, don’t mine a conspiracy theory out of a CPP trap for pre-election street protest like the one which pole-vaulted Dillon to the Senate. They say “coming events cast their shadows”, after a 14 years Civil War the only way to deter conflict is to outsmart the Costas, and grow the economy.

  5. There you are once again Dolo, shouting obscenities at Weah. Say you, “hoodlum Weah is dangerous for the peace of Liberia”. First of all, Liberia is not at war with itself. And so, to say that “Weah is dangerous for the peace of Liberia” implies something unknown. Frankly, Weah is not a hoodlum. You may not like what he does or does not do. You can make your point about him whichever way you wish, but there’s no logical reason on earth that impels you to label him as such.

    On the other hand, tell your readers why you think Weah is a hoodlum. But before you do, define for us the definition of a hoodlum. But note well, sympathizers of Weah such as I will demand solid evidence for each accusation you make. For instance, when you say that “Weah is a hoodlum”, you should be able to stipulate with concrete evidence why you believe that to be true.

    Lastly, I don’t think Alexander Benedict Cummings is a hoodlum. What I do think about him is that he is not the best person for the job. During the time of election, Cummings may go on to win. However, should that happen (I certainly hope it never happens) he will lead Liberia. Listen up….if however, Cummings is unable to create 100,000 jobs in 100 days, I will not use the worst of adjectives to express my disgust.

    If you do not want Alexander Benedict Cummings to be abused, remember karma. Don’t abuse Weah!

    • Comrade Hney,

      You did not comment on the timing of the condemnation by your president of the violence meted on a prominent opposition leader. My question again, if the investigation into the cause/s of the violence was to last for months, would it be appropriate for Weah to condemn after the findings are made public?

      You intentionally skipped the question above to sedate the readership on my use of the word ‘hoodlum’ and the promise of 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days of our leadership.
      I enumerated the incidents that prove that Weah is a hoodlum president. The guy did not undergo any of the dehumanized circumstances some of us suffered. He thinks we are playing football. He’s playing with a hard-fetched peace that took the lives of many brave women and men of friendly governments with colossal sums of money and logistics.
      We may not be lucky next time to see the neighbors come to our rescue. We do not want our children to taste an inch of what we suffered.

      Mr. Wilson is a junior cabinet minister, was he ever frowned on in any way for his provocative and bestial Facebook posts?
      Fahngon and Pennue are equally junior minister and local administrator respectively, any condemnation of their hooliganism on a prominent and respected opposition figure Cummings?
      If Weah had not tacitly orchestrated the barbaric and shameful schemes above, at least he could have condemned them.
      Our religious leaders and civil rights organizations had to condemn before Weah hypocritically came up to spew deceit.

      Mr. Cummings is an honorable and well-respected man. There will be no need for any Liberian citizen to be rude to him. he is in no way associated to vituperations or linked to people of such character. It is out of pure love and patriotism for us (Liberians) he is accepting such level of barbarism and humiliation from those thugs who could have hailed him as their demigod.

      Let Weah behave like a president to honorably go to elections in fair play. Let him forego hooliganism and barbarism; Liberia is a fragile country! I hope I will not have to call him hoodlum Weah again as we do not want to see a repeat of his dirty political tricks.

    • “Since the day of that incident, Cummings has not come out to say something.”
      Yes, he has made a firsthand and unofficial declaration. He promised to make Weah a one-term president.
      Official declaration is awaited after thorough investigation.

    • Hey Mr. Hney, you want concrete evidence that Weah is a hoodlum? Here you go:

      1) Have you forgotten how Weah ordered Boimah J.V. Boimah, a New Democrat photographer, to delete the photo of a bleeding victim hit by Weah’s convoy OR risk having it deleted by his CDC goons?? (Re “Weah Threatens to Seize Photographer Camera after CDC car hits man” FPA, Sept 13, 2011)

      2) Have you forgotten how Weah ordered his CDC goons to maul and seize FPA Reporter David B. Kolleh’s camera while he was covering an internal incident at CDC National Headquarters??

      3) Have you forgotten how Weah’s CDC goons aka security flogged journalist Robert Clark because his vehicle overtook the CDC convoy on its way to Maryland??

      You want more concrete evidence?? Let me know. I have Weah’s rap sheet.

  6. Mr. Dolo,
    How long should an investigation take in order for the findings to be made public? Twelve months? Six months? You can pretend to be as smart as a genius, but you do not have the gumption or the slimmest idea to fill in the blanks my friend.

    The reason Weah did not respond immediately to the COP/CPP/ANC attack immediately was that he wanted to make an informed decision, not a hollow one! What you fail to point out is the fact that your buddy, Alexander Benedict Cummings is somehow missing in action! Since the day of that incident, Cummings has not come out to say something. But you Mr. Dolo, are wondering why Weah didn’t respond immediately. You cannot have it both ways my friend.

  7. “Since the day of that incident, Cummings has not come out to say something.”
    Yes, he has made a firsthand and unofficial declaration. He promised to make Weah a one-term president.
    Official declaration is awaited after thorough investigation.

    • Hadi ha ha ha ha ha ha. Promises ? Promises ? And what else is new ? None else is new, but the failed promised of a super coastal highway. All the way to the remote village of Grand Kru. None else is new, but the failed promised about constructing football mini stadiums in every county across the country, Mr. Hney. Mr. Cummings promised one hundred thousand jobs in 90 days, but never got the chance to prove that. Well citizens did not trust that he could deliver on his promises, apart from just being a new comer. But George is given the chance to deliver on his so many promises and failing on them. Although there’s still time to construct the super coastal highway and the mini stadiums. James Davis is being very objective here. Perhaps , all the ground works have been done , and only the money is not available to George. You Mr. Hney should be very happy that if one person or one man can not do the correctly or it it done with the chances available to him, the nation is blessed to have someone else to try. Before it used to 29 long years or 27 long years . Even when someone was available to takeover, all chances were denied to that person. Today, things are a bit different politically. The country just can’t be at a stand still because of one man. Be a blind loyalty , but be objective. The verdict is still out there for Mr. Cummings to try too , and see if he can create his so-called one hundred thousand jobs. Even if he creates fifty thousand jobs, citizens will havie a sustainable life. Now , if you were objective, you wouldn’t have said promises, promises, promises. And what else is new ? Remember that George had linked his re-election to the building of roads, super coastal highway. Saying to the citizens of that country , if he George fails to carryout those promises, he might be a ” One Time President “. Perhaps, Mr. Cummings would like to make him that one time President. Be objective. One man can’t get the job done correctly , let not forced him to do it for 12 years, 24 years or even for lifetime, as was done before. With only one portion of the country was partially developed while as President for 27 or more years. That was a heavy price that nation paid. Today, first impression must count for the benefit of the doubt for a second time around. But most importantly be objective in your support for George, but not blindly. James Davis belongs to the Palm Butter and Rice and Jack Daniel’s Political Party. And so James Davis is weighing in on all the political parties of that country to see who can best delivered. The Palm Butter and Rice Party is interested in political decentralizations of the counties for administrative purposes. Returning full power to the people to decide their future. And Cummings has not spoken on that issue, but the raw political powers of the presidency. Perhaps, he will. The benefit of the doubt is in his corner.

  8. Insults and unruly behavior cannot win a politician a single vote. Volatile language and volatile incitement beget volatile response. People who got their political training in the rebel camps of Liberia’s tragic civil war cannot transform themselves over night as civil leaders of repute. It is stated in the good book that “…The evil that man does, lives after him.” The stains of murder cannot be washed away with water nor alcohol! The stains of someone’s blood on the hands can only be washed away through true repentance and conversion to the path righteousness set forth by the only One who creates human life.

    It is sad to state this of a fellow Liberian who, since he was elected to the Liberian House of Representatives, has created chaos, through utterances of profanity and incitement of unruly behavior in the Streets of Monrovia or on the grounds of the National Legislature where he supposed to be a law maker. Everywhere he goes, there is chaos and/or volatility, and they call him “Honorable” Yekeh Kolubah. If he were my sanguine brother, I would have called him up to cease and desist from his infinite acrimonious behavior in the body politic of our common patrimony.

    The rebel war is over, enough is enough! Let our streets in Monrovia, and now the streets in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, be peaceful once more. It is a far gone conclusion by now that not all Liberians will love George Weah as President, but for Heaven’s sake, show some respect for the elected president of the nation! Take a break! Is this too much to ask for peace sake?

  9. Violence can be ascribed to the state of nature where the weak is often at the mercy of the strong. Weah should have wasted no time in condemning the recent violence that occurred in Grand Gedeh by his CDC Party. Ours is a democracy with laws protecting certain inalienable rights and freedoms(freedom to assemble, speech, Press, etc.).

    As we approach elections, let the word go forth that campaigning in any part of Liberia is free for all Liberians. No one party or individual has priority against others in any part of Liberia. In other words, Weah does not exclusively own Grand Gedeh, neither does Cummings, Yekeh Koluba or any other politician for that matter. The territorial confines of Liberia belong to all Liberians and our laws direct that citizens should be able to move about freely in any part of the country without intimidation, molestation, or restriction.

    It therefore goes without saying that If Peace and tranquility must prevail, then the leader of the country should be the first to sound the clarion call that violence in the Land will not be tolerated and those who violate our laws by engaging in violent acts should be brought to justice without delay.

  10. from weah, or the president, Positive ACTION is need not words. and not negative action

    this need action. I suggest for weah to go alone with the opposition to that county to carryout their meeting, till the people there if they want to drive the opposition becuz of him they are welcome. and they can drive him too. and he will not come back to that county.
    its not a campaign, its just a visit.
    its a way to make sure that area is save for all.
    this action require action. when he is present and other carry on their meeting, it will show the place is save. besides that, that area is not save and Liberia is getting very unsaved by the day even as we go closer to the Dec elections.

    My advice, weah should not allow the Opposition go there without going with them or sending key officials in his govt to go alone. if the opposition go along, he will lost popularity in the area and it will show bad on him in every way, either if things goes good or bad. with out him been there or sending an official, if things go good, it will show that He’s not able to control his people but the opposition has the power to do so, if bad it will show the same.

    EX. if foreigners visit Liberia and say a county is not save, what will the govt do?
    When UNMIL came the first month, what did the leader do, drove around Monrovia to show he was here and peace is what he need for all to have and show.

    this situation need action and not words. or it will go out of hand and be too late.

    the people use negative action so they need positive action from weah not words. Action, positive and negative works, negative and negative done work.

  11. My dear colleague who hails from the great county of Maryland, Mr. Charles Anders, hits it on the head many times over.

    The use of profanities as a way of expressing one’s disgust with the president of Liberia or anyone should be stopped. Personally, I am a tough critic of the Liberian lawmakers. The Liberian lawmakers earn huge sums of money that’s comparable to that of the federal lawmakers in the US. Of course, Liberia is the world’s 7th poorest. As provocative as that is, I have never classified or referred to the Liberian lawmakers as a bunch of hoodlums. I do not intend to. Why? Because it makes no sense!

    George Weah was elected to the presidency. He is going to serve until his time runs out. Somehow, some critics of Weah cannot bring themselves to understand that the guy was elected. In some laughable cases, Weah’s critics go on to insult the voters who exercised their right to vote. The question is what were the voters supposed to do?

    In the US, Trump is not my kind of guy. But there’s a way that I disagree with him. I don’t swear neither do call him names that his parents did not give him. In America, everyone’s vote counts. So come November, I will use my GPS to locate the nearest polling station. At the polling station, I will register my displeasure. But, I do not call Trump all kinds of stupid names just because I disagree with him, neither do I insult those who voted for him.
    Why is it hard for some Liberians to understand some simple facts of Life?

    Rep. Kolubah seems to be a violence-plagued guy. If Rep. Kolubah does not incite violence, somehow, violence seeks him. Strangely, in the Grand Gedeh county incident, Kolubah was not the only guy on a campaign swing. But, violence looked for Rep. Kolubah in his little cubicle and boy all hell broke lose. Of course, Kolubah wasted no time to amplify. The shortest route of Kolubah’s anger was the Weah route. I bet if a reporter asks Rep. Kolubah who buys his clothes (such as slippers, T-shirt and an unequal short pants) he will have no recourse but to blame Weah for asking such a dumb silly question.

    Weah is not a hoodlum. If you don’t like him as president, it’s okay. You have a right to disagree with him. Please grow with dignity, but not with simplicity.

  12. Comrade James Davis,
    Your independent thoughts have greatly improved. But you are still stuck with the concept of throwing stones. Example, what do you know about palm butter? You are throwing stones. I will teach you how to cook palm butter if you ask.

    James Davis, Weah said that he’d build roads. But he didn’t say he would build roads overnight. Weah’s presidency is not yet over. In the meantime, roads are being built. Weah is doing what he said he would do. Could you please give Weah a break or a hug?

    James Davis, when Alexander Benedict Cummings said that he would create 100,000 jobs in 100 days, he was selling a gigantic bottle of snake oil. The saddest thing to be pointed out here is that no Liberian or even some of Alexander Benedict Cummings’s supporters bought his whimsical idea during that time. It was a bogus idea. It still is a bogus idea. Quit throwing stones. Come to grips with reality. By doing so, you will see the greater picture of deceit within the ANC.

    Just consider this scenario Mr. James Davis….
    Presently in Liberia, the GOL does not have 100,000 civil servants on its payroll. If 100,000 new employees are added on to what currently exists, the Alexander Benedict Cummings’ government would have been to pay its employees. The net result of being unable to pay 100,000+ employees would have forced the bealeagured Cummings to borrow money every month in order to pay the employees. Remember this Mr. James Davis…..the 100,000 deal was a promise that Alexander Benedict Cummings would have been unable to translate into reality.

    Alexander Benedict Cummings does not have the pizzazz to run the republic of Liberia. Don’t kid yourself young man.

    For your information, a Tennessee black man was hired (or maybe used and misused) to stabilize the taste of Jack Daniel’s.

  13. Poor Man Lawyer Hney,

    Greetings Comrade Hney, sorry but I must give my affectionate big brother a new title, “Poor Man Lawyer”. You have this title because you defend cases that are undefendable, or maybe you want to prickle your readership.

    Weah promised a coastal highway from Buchanan to Maryland in his first 2 years of presidency. The video is still available on YouTube, I can send you the link if you cannot find it.

    Big brother Hney, I think you did Education and some law courses, and so creating 100,000 jobs in Liberia in 100 days is a mirage for you. I told you over and over that it is very easy to achieve this target and even surpass it in post war Liberia.
    Let me tell you what could delay this projection: If I (Petarus Dolo) were to integrate the decision-making body of the ANC and had a dominant voice, I would suggest the first month of our presidency be consecrate for the total deliverance and sanctification of the country through national fast and prayer and true reconciliation before embarking on any development plans.

    Big brother Hney, there are currently no systems in Liberia.
    – We currently have a professional (comportment) army but not fully equipped and even do not have 5 branches of a full army. A country should have all 17 branches of the army but for a third world country like Liberia, we need at least the 9 vital branches.
    – Our police is still a rebel force which needs to be trained to fully assume policing in every hamlet, village, towns and cities of our country. Not half of the branches of the police force is operating currently.
    – We need a professional and computer-literate immigration to enhance effective collection of government revenues on imports and exports at all entry and exit points (land, sea, air), and control the inflow and outflow of people for effective developmental decision-making.
    – We need a computerized internal revenue collection system to curtail corruption and guarantee effective government revenue collection on the entire territory of Liberia. Note that currently, we collect only 0.17% of our taxes, just imagine!
    – We need a professional civil service to expediently administer and run local governments in every county and cosmopolitan city in Liberia, provide quality education, good health system and miscellaneous public services.

    When the above sectors are professionally structured, they can account for at least 200,000 well-paid jobs.

    With a signature like Cummings at the Executive Mansion, the private sector, the biggest employer in any liberal market, will then pump in money through massive investment in industrialization, energy, agriculture, fishery, transformation, etc. In so doing, related or derived jobs and services will ensue.
    Let me hint you, big brother Hney, that most companies would prefer implanting in an English-speaking country like Liberia and selling to the sub region than going through the complex French system. I know what I am saying!
    We therefore need to revamp our educational system and think about a ministry of higher education and technological innovation to train Liberians in industrialization. A polytechnic should be built in Liberia!

    Sorry I must stop here. I hope you can now see what Cummings sees. I can bear him witness and support him anytime and anywhere. His promise of 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days is feasible.

    Try us (ANC) in 2023, Liberia will reassume its role as the first black freed nation in Africa. We are less than 5 million people with huge mineral reserves, we can make our people live like the people of Norway or Sweden or Switzerland.

  14. Comrade Martin Scott,
    I am always interested in concrete evidence. When someone accuses Weah falsely, it bothers me. Believe you me, if someone attacks or accuses Mr. Martin Scott falsely, I will defend Martin Scott. On the other hand, every individual has a right to speak what’s on his or her mind. You can criticize Weah 24/7. You have the right. However, it is utterly reckless when false accusations are made. In your post above, you tried your best to inform us about statements you claim Weah had made a few years ago. You know what? With all due respect, I am in disagreement with you because everything you wrote down was not based on what we call primary evidence. A typical example of a primary evidence is seeing something happen with your two eyes without being told about it. So let me ask you this question….were you there on the spot when Weah said the very things that you wrote?

  15. Mr. Dolo,
    I happily accept the new title that you conferred upon me just the other day. I didn’t go to law school, but I stick my neck out for the falsely accused. I am a “Poor Man Lawyer”.

    There are always many areas of disagreement based on the things you write. Political talk is what politicians do. Nine times out of ten, every thing that a politician says never gets done. For instance, it sounds good in ears of Alexander Benedict Cummings and his acolytes when he promises to create 100,000 jobs in a dirt poor country like ours in just 100 days. In reality, we know darn well that Alexander Benedict Cummings is unable to create 100,000 jobs in 100 days. Should he get to the presidency, Cummings will probably create many jobs, but not 100,000 jobs in 100 days.

    I have no confidence in your man. I will not try him in 2023. If Weah declines to run, I will run. Liberians will be better off dealing with a cool-headed guy like me than dealing with Cummings who cannot speak a sentence of Grebo or Kru.

    Thanks, you.

  16. …………..dealing with Cummings who cannot speak a sentence of Grebo or Kru!

    If the phrase above is a yardstick to qualify a future president of Liberia, then all those who have come and gone but Samuel Doe and Weah would NEVER have qualified to become presidents of Liberia.
    It is piteous for you, big brother Hney, a prospective president of Liberia, to hold such judgment on a Liberian. It means you do not even know the country you want to rule.

    Can you speak Grebo, big brother Hney? Do not just say yes, but if you are sure of yourself, I will make a Grebo man give you a call to converse with you.
    I am mano, but I hardly express myself in my vernacular, though I understand it fairly well. Stop this one, big brother.

    As for your candidacy, I told you the other day to start thinking about it, but I am not sure you cannot qualify to run as president under the Liberian constitution. You will be voting soon in the US elections; it automatically disqualifies you to run as president of Liberia.
    If it were not the case, I will join you to run your campaign and later sell your votes to Cummings in exchange for the post of Minister of Education. You could be great to Liberia in that capacity.

    Cummings wants to start a nation-state for us. What we have had since JJ Roberts to now is a hustle ground; a place of survivor of the fittest. A nation cares for its citizenry in every sector, it’s not the case in our country. We come to fill western bank accounts and leave the country in destitute.

    It is difficult to bring positive change in the Wide Wild West but with Special Agent James West (Alexander B. Cummings for Liberia), the threats are mitigated, and peace and prosperity shall abound in sweet Liberia for all!


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