President Weah Visits China in September

President Weah cuts ribbon the annexes

Reaffirms One China Policy

President George Weah on Thursday accepted an invitation extended him by the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, to visit that country in September.

Chinese Ambassador Fu Jijun announced President Xi’s invitation at program marking the official handover and dedicatory ceremony of the two annexes to the Capitol Building, seat of the Legislature. The ceremony was held in the Rotunda of the Capitol Building in Monrovia.

Fu said, “We believe that the cordial and in-depth talks between the two leaders, at the coming China-Africa Cooperation Forum Summit, will produce more fruitful results, and create a better future for our mutual beneficial cooperation.”

In accepting the invitation, President Weah reechoed earlier pledges of Liberia’s support for the one China policy by Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Tugbe Chie, and House of Representatives Speaker Bhofal Chambers respectively.
President Weah recalled and appreciated China’s immense help rendered Liberia, with particular reference to the urgent assistance intervention during the 2014 Ebola virus disease outbreak, and the ongoing construction of the multi-million dollar Ministerial Complex.

“We look forward to more bilateral developments, especially in the area of agriculture,” Weah said to the Chinese.

Ambassador Fu said that the many projects the Chinese Government and people have undertaken are a way to express the Chinese friendly sentiments to Liberian government and people.

The Chinese Ambassador said like President Weah, who has proposed a pro-poor agenda, “President Xi Jinping was recently reelected for second term, “has proposed the new era development aim for China; both of the proposals have committed to improving the lives of their people.”

As a developing country, Amb. Fu said China and Liberia are both facing similar challenges for pushing forward development and reducing poverty. “After successfully helping its 800 million people throw off poverty in the last 40 years, China has made a plan to help its last 30 million people get rid of poverty before 2020,” Fu said.
In this regard, Amb. Fu said China understands and empathizes the suffering of Liberian people and the challenges Liberian government faces. “China,” he said, “is ready to share its experiences including lessons learned with Liberia for development and poverty reduction; China will continue to help Liberia for achieving its glorious goal of the pro-poor agenda.”

The Chinese Envoy disclosed that with respect to road connection, an expert team from China is doing the feasibility study for the two flyover bridges; while in the healthcare, he said China will help the John F. Kennedy Hospital to set up a a new clinic laboratory, and in the human resource development, his country will increase its scholarship and training to Liberian youths.

Meanwhile, President Weah has announced a US$0.14 cents drop in the price of gasoline on the local market which takes effect today, but did not elaborate.

The President challenged the Senators that the best way to show appreciation for the Chinese Government’s laudable goodwill, is placing importance to maintenance of the two annexes, especially the restrooms.
Meanwhile, both Speaker Chambers and Protemp Chie, while thanking the Chinese government for the US$12.9 million annexes, assured President Weah that the Legislature will use three weeks as “Independence Break” to take to their respective counties some important legislation that need passage or ratification before their annual break in August.

Protemp Chie was specific about the Land Rights Act, Local Government Act, and Amendment to the Constitution of Liberia submitted by the Constitutional Review Commission.


  1. The President’s visit to China should be a step in Chinese-Liberian trade. It means also putting actual Liberians at the nation’s diplomatic gate. Talking in Liberian to Liberian people. Do not answer me. Gone to silence.


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