President Weah to Reconstruct Market Structures at Waterside for Demolition Victims

Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson T. Koijee

-Senate Summons Koijee over demolition exercise

Monrovia City Major, Jefferson T. Koijee has disclosed that President George M. Weah has promised to reconstruct market structures to modern status at Waterside and its surrounding for business people who were recently affected by the demolition exercise carried out by the city corporation.

Mayor Koijee made the disclosure on Monday March 30, 2020, during a press conference.

On Sunday, March 29, 2020, Mayor Koijee led a team of city police to brake down structures of struggling marketers, who have violated the city corporation’s mandate that stop selling on Sunday.

The affected markets include Mechlin Street, Water Street and Front Street.

The demolition exercise has led to serious disappointment as noticed on Monday morning when marketers had no place to transact their normal businesses, the Daily Observer has learnt.

Although, major Kojee claimed that the action was in line with the City Corporation’s mandate, he is to face the Liberian Senate to provide reason to his recent decision.

Mayor Koijee has explained that president’s pending intervention will transform, those market structures into in a modern ones that will be appreciated by the affected marketers.

He further said he will continue to ensure that residents of Monrovia are safe amid the current Coronavirus crisis outbreak in the world and the country.

According to him coronavirus awareness is essential in the fight against the virus.

“We have been engaging and ensuring that social distancing is adhered to by residents of Monrovia as announced by the health authorities,” he said.

“The reasons for the breakdown of market structures were in line with the social distancing requirements; however, I am grateful to the President for his promise,” he added.

“We have sent people to carry out the survey and will report to the President in a short possible time. The President is now prepared to build something appreciable for our people,” Mayor Koijee said.

Mayor Koijee further called on the business people affected not to panic as the President is now working to ensure that they have a better structures.

“We want all those stores to be given facelift now so that when those structures are constructed in a different form, we will have a beautiful environment,” Mayor Koijee said.

Meanwhile, according to some market women, the situation has left them frustrated and very disappointed in the Government of Liberia and wondered how they will really make ends meet at this time of the crisis.


  1. I think this is the best yet, the government has done to compelled citizens of Liberia to keep their distance if they can not yield to government instructions. At the same time, government need to relocate the market from waterside to reduce the human traffic in the city of Monrovia. Modernize the the broken down makeshift one to a better looking one. Waterside look much better they way is now than ever. Those that will be lucky to sell after the reconstruction need to keep the area clean and consider not selling in the streets( on the car road ). The car road need to be open and not for selling. The car road is not part of the selling grounds. City hall will need to be very vigilant to supervise the new ones that will be constructed in terms of keeping within the selling zone destinated for selling and not else. This is government responsibility to relocate the waterside, Duwala and redlight market to avoid human traffic in these places. Restrict marketing in the main road. The roads are meant for vehicles and not selling zones. What is difficult about this to understand? Vehicles are stranded in the main roads because people are selling in the main road. This is the time to educate the marketers about where they can sell and can’t sell.

  2. I think the government needs to use this opportunity to identify a new area for the marketers to relocate and free the spaces of the Lebanese tax payers who have businesses down Waterside. It is complete embarrassment for those businesses when people have to struggle to enter their stores to purchase stuff from them. Meanwhile, it is also important that government and the Marketing Association work out modalities to find a conducive space for all that had their structures broken down.

  3. Mayor Kojee, in some respect, I admire your youthful talent (and writing) but in this matter I think you erred terribly.

    I agree with you that the President needs to bill you out. Your action is akin to a career ending move.

    CDC should never be an enemy of the masses. Do not forget your roots, do not forget ever; 2024 is not too far.


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