President Weah Suspends Bong Superintendent

President Weah has lifted the suspension of Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker (pictured).

President of George M. Weah has suspended Bong County Superintendent, Esther Walker, with immediate effect, according to an Executive Mansion press release Friday, Feb. 15.

Madam Walker remains suspended pending an investigation into allegations she made in leaked audio which went viral on February 15, 2019, the release said, noting that she is henceforth advised to turn over all government properties in her possession.

Superintendent Walker’s voice could be heard on leaked audio explaining her ordeal with the Minister of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) Minister Samuel Tweah, Minister of State Nathaniel McGill and, later, Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Koijee, when she joined them at the Jamaica resort following the President’s 2019 annual message to the Legislature. She said she wanted to speak to the President when Samuel Tweah called her and she went and sat between the two men.

She said Minister Tweah confronted her and claimed that Bong County had given the title ‘Dakpanah’ to Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor. Dakpanah is a sacred title between Poro and Sande Societies that is appointed by the most sacred Zonya of the Gola tribe.

She said Minister Tweah accused the Vice President of being wicked and noted that he had the evidence that could be used as an act of revenge on her for her alleged action. “The only good that blesses you is that you are in the middle of us and, if it was a bad government, we would have executed you,” she said Minister Tweah told her. Later, when MCC Mayor Jefferson Koijee came to where she was being contemtuously addressed, he joined the other two and she wanted to leave the area but could not.

Superintendent Walker said she was embarrassed by the action of the three men that she claimed are running the country and whom the President listens to for his decisions concerning the country.

Madam Walker’s allegations have worried Liberians and have confirmed reports that the President listens to the three men mentioned in the audio regarding the running of the country.

With the nature of the allegations and the situation that Madam Walker went through, political observers are concerned that things that seem not to have any significance claim the attention of a President who has a lot to do to get Liberia back on her economic development.


  1. At the same time this is wrong and getting to be provocative! The elders and people of Bong County made the conscious decision to honor their daughter, Jewel Howard-Taylor, for her achievement as vice-president of Liberia. This is the norm and tradition everywhere, for people to honor and celebrate any one of their own for whatever the feat or exceptional achievement.

    For Jorweah to now see this as a snub or affront because he was not the one given the accolade, is just too darn childish and stupid, period!

    The people of Bong County including rights groups, democracy advocates and civil society organizations should all see the recent and continuous antics of president Weah toward vice-president Jewel Howard-Taylor as stoking disharmony, hostility and conflict in not only Bong County, but for the whole of Liberia.

    Only the dense partisans of CDC consumed with powerdrunkenness will not see how counterintuitive and provocative president Weah’s actions against the vice-president are. After all the VP has constituents too. People who are equally erratic and gullible just like the goons in the CDC.

    If we all don’t take the president’s continuous disrespect and affront to the VP as a recipe for conflict and therefore nib it in the bud, we have ourselves to blame when it grows beyond mere verbal corrective. This thing is going too far now!

  2. She has revealed their ”game plan” which according to the controversial audio, is to ”Rvenge to the letter”, and we will remove all of them. Now we can put the alledgation of assination to bed.

  3. Does the name , ” Dakpanah”, pose any significant danger to the president’s office? I say no! The president of the Republic has a mandate to govern by what is written eithin the constitution. Some one bestowing a Poro or Sande title to another person, should in no way makes the president and his inner circle angry.

    Every one around this president is fighting to show deep loyalty, by victimizing another one so he/she can continue linning his/ her pocket.

    Let the president be aware that there are so many significants issues facing the country than witch hunting other opponents. If the people of Bong County decide to bestow a title upon Mrs. Howard-Taylor, that does not shows any sign of TREASON.

    To the President: Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated by action. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three. Learn not to trust people; learn not to believe what they say but to watch what they do. Learn to suspect that everyone is capable of living a lie. Then you will know that other people-even when you think you know them well-are ultimately unknowable, just for the sake of earning a BREAD.

    FROM : Australia

  4. Our Liberian brothers who have been on here , with inflmmatory rhetorics, and onesided arguments, intended to persuade us, are embarrassingly quite on this one. Actionpacked Liberian goverment ever!Ca dam it! The report on the Missing 16 billion is loading. Sit back and feel the flames.

  5. Our Liberian abroad and in Liberia have faith in the Government of Liberia and President George M.Weah about the missing 17 billion Liberia money and do protesters in the streets to dam it. Sit back and feel at home and eat your food foods. Just wait for the report.

  6. The Bong county Superintendent has been temporarily suspended. The Superintendent, Miss Esther Walker was not terminated, neither was she immediately sent to prison. Former presidents of Liberia did not collect information in order to get full details of destabilising issues. In all fairness, please give Weah a break.

    Let’s take a pause and carefully scrutinze two reasons why the suspension was ordered:

    (1) An investigation has been launched because Weah wants to know the truth and nothing but the truth. It will be considered ignoble if an action is taken by the president without getting at the bottom.

    (2) Doing an investigation is the right and most logical thing to do. Every good leader collects information in order to perform exceptionally well.

    The word “overthrow” should be erased from each person’s mental lexicon. Liberians of all ethnic backgrounds do not want to see our beloved country destabilized.

    Let’s keep our criticisms to ourselves for now. If the Superintendent is not guilty of anything, she’ll be exonerated and re-installed or re-assigned.
    Fair enough?

    Stop switching sides. I know who you are. You know I am talking to you. Calm youself down over there. Don’t let me expose you.

    • Well what u are saying should be the proper way to deal with the situation but I am not sure if u are aware of one of the president minster statement on his fb , before the suspension was even announced he make a comment on his page stating that bong county superintendent will be terminated and a new superintendent will be selected pretty soon , this government is a complete joke and embrarsment to all liberians in Liberia and around the world,

  7. What is there to investigate, Mr. or Ms. Hney, when Samuel Tweh, Jefferson koijee, and McGill have spoken? Remember the Ellen Cochran saga few years ago? Several government officials names came up including Brownie Samukai, the former police director, etc.,as having connived or made derogatory statements about then president Sirleaf in that brouhaha. Do you recall any suspension or incarceration in that investigation? So you lie that “former presidents of Liberia did not collect information in order to get full details of destabilising issues.” Stop the ill-informed commentaries on things you know less about and instead, just continue your praise and worship tirade.

  8. Australia

    What a good word of wisdom. Notwithstanding, you bet, by your well-intentioned advice, you might have already being branded as one of President Weah’s worst enemies of the state.

    This man’s followers have raised him to the status of a deity and have assigned him the divine ranks of towering Biblical figures. I have read Liberian newspaper articles where his followers referred to him as “jesus”, joseph, “moses”, and so forth. And so it does not come as a surprise when he erects monuments to re-enforce the meanings and messages behind the various titles that are bestowed on him. When citizens begin to heap empty and undeserving praises on leaders for causes or acts that they did not perform, those leaders become accustomed to such sycophancy, and they would instead use it to the detriment of the nation.

    If only one could read another person’s mind, then I would wonder what this president is thinking. But, nobody can. One can only make his or her own critical analysis by examining his actions. And his actions have shown enough signs that are indicative of a classic dictator.

    With the exception that Liberians will have to do more to revert the making of another disaster, Liberia is opting for a complete turn-around of the little gains that the past administration made in respecting human rights, free speech, and the rule of law.

  9. Hilary Snyder,

    Please be notified that I am a gentleman. I strongly believe that you could have responded to me without wanting to know what my gender is. Well, let’s move. It’s not a big deal at all.

    I blundered. Johnson-Sirleaf’s predecessors made decisions without doing an depth investigation.

    Whether Kojee spoke or not, that’s not the issue. Furthermore, the issue you’ve raised does not rise to the current level. Kojee is not Weah. But Weah wants to know more. That’s precisely why the Bong county Superintendent has been suspended for now.
    .Lastly, I am not a Weah worshipper. I am very fair–minded. If Weah is wrong, he’s wrong. On this particular issue, it doesn’t hurt to get more information.

    • Mr. Hney, whether you are some queer or monk, who cares? Referring to you as “Mr./Ms. Hney,” was out of mere courtesy, not risking ascribing the wrong gender to you. If you interpreted that as an affront, too bad for your little bruised ego a such. Nothing I can do about that.

      And when I said, “what is there to investigate when Samuel Tweh, Jefferson koijee, and McGill have spoken?” I least expected to come back to explain such a plain simple insight. In any case what I meant was that the accounts/versions/opinions of the three men named here, will be considered gospel by “investigators” versus the superintendent’s version.

      To have now responded to that with, “Whether Kojee spoke or not, that’s not the issue. Furthermore, the issue you’ve raised does not rise to the current level. Kojee is not Weah. But Weah wants to know more” shows just how naïve you are about what is happening in Liberia.

      Do I need to remind you, for example, of recent rabid and anarchistic activities some resulting into injuries to citizens in Monrovia, and attributed to this same Jefferson Koijee, which were also supposed to be “investigated” and up till now those so-called investigations have not concluded? I’m talking about during the recent by-election in Montserrado and on the UL campus. Remember those?

      So my friend, perhaps you need to up your game just a little bit more on the contemporary issues unfolding on the grounds, in order for your social commentaries to be taken serious around here. Otherwise, I would advise that you simply read others’ opinions and move right on. Makes sense?

  10. I want to see this president be successfull, so all Liberians can have a better home. Fear tactics, lies, conjectures……have plunged the country in dirts in the past. Let us not allow handfull of guys to destroy the nation, base on thier own BREAD winning motives, as it has in the past.

  11. Bah,
    Like you, I’d like to see Weah succeed! When he succeeds, Liberia wins. I had planned to be in Liberia during Christmas. Sadly, I ended up in the hospital. Thanks be to God. I am well. I would like to do whatever I can to help in Liberia.

    My defense of Weah has earned me unexpected low-life titles that I was not assigned at birth. Sometimes I am called a “paid agent or a Weah worshipper”, What’s that all about? I have never seen Weah. I came to America a very long time ago. Like my critics, I am mad as hell with the system. But my point is this…. The country of Liberia cannot move forward if all of us criticize without offering an iota of help.

    Do my critics think that I like the manner in which our judiciary behave? What’s about the legislators? I have immense problems with their style of operation. I have argued several times that the legislators are paid too much money. That’s not supposed to happen in a poverty-stricken country like Liberia. You would think that I will be credited for my stance as it relates to condemning the legislators’ pay. Oh no.

    I should worshipp another human being? Or get paid under the table? Bull!

    I prefer to help our country move forward.

  12. Uncle F.S. Hney,
    My respect to you Sir. I have long been wanting to see you in person, unfortunayely, I have not had the chance. Do not ever worry about your opinion share on this site. People will always call you names. The truth you tell, will always stands. As a Liberian, never close your mouth on any wrong doing.
    When I started writing on this site, you were one of those that actually came to my rescue, time and time. I was called : Muslim terrorist, Jihadist, Fullani Cattle Hearder…etc. I didn’t give up.

    I m very sad to hear aboit your ill health. However; God is in control. Trust me, you will live enough to see the Liberia I m fighting for.

    I was in Liberia from Dec. 29, to Feb.5. I visited the Observer Paper Event on Jan. 16. Most Liberian were impressed, they had known me from Well-Hairston Class of 1995.

    This is my last class for spring. Let us not stay quiet, let us keep talking. It is dangerous to stay quiet in the face of wrong doing. Liberia had gone down this path before, and some of you the older guys, know what it was like.
    Thank you Sir.
    With great Love and respect, from Sadney U.

  13. Mamadu S. Bah

    I just want to apologize to you for referring to you as “Australia” and not mentioning your name. It was absolutely an oversight on my part. Your posts are always thought-provoking and very enlightening.


  14. Bah,
    Thanks very much. I am very proud of you. You’re one of a kind. I am very sure that God Almighty will connect us.

    May your last class go well.
    Send the name of your university. I promise this time I will get in touch with you.

    Be blessed. So long.

  15. GEORGE WEAH IS RIGHT. FIRE THE BITCH. He better watch out for Jewel Howard Taylor because she and her cronies want to destabilize Liberia. Remember when she wanted Charles Taylor sent home?????

  16. This president and his cronies are looting and selling our country out and your want us to keep? As the Liberian people say “when things chakala” they will will be running away from those mansions they’ve built with stolen money.

  17. If George Weah is angered by the honor and encomium Bong County has bestowed on Jewel, there is one equally compelling publicity stunt he can embark upon: i.e. Let George get the people of Grand Kru to crown him as the “Geesayfanahkom’ of Liberia. It is that simple. Why quarrel? Why this much Ado about nothing?

  18. Gee sai fanu kon. lion is not afraid.

    Or, lion is fearless


    Good try. But, Weah will walk the tight ropes carefully. He will not act as a geesaifanukon. In politics, you can’t do that.

  19. Hilary,
    It’s not my style to get personal with people. Very rarely do I rant or exchange negative words with people with whom I’ve got a difference. I am not afraid of anyone. It’s just not my style. I will not drive in your lane.

    I continue to research some of the things you wrote about in your earlier post. I am specifically referencing the story about Ellen Cochran. You also stated that Brownie Samukai was police director during the Johnson-Sirleaf presidency. When I get fully briefed, I will inform you.
    Hilary, no one is perfect. No one (irrespective of a university he or she may have graduated from) has magical powers to undo the horrific problems Liberians are faced with. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf served for 12 years. She did not wipe out corruption. Weah will be unable to wipe out corruption. That doesn’t mean he won’t try.

    • No, my friend, I did not mean to imply in that post that Brownie Samukai was police director during that scandal. I was naming government officials whose names came up as having aided or abated the culprits with information or cover, in escaping justice in that corruption case including the police director at the time (I believe Chris Massaquoi?), Brownie Samukai, etc. I did not mean that Brownie Samukai was police director. As I went over that post following your misinterpretation of it, I realized how easily it could get confused or misinterpreted, especially by the uninitiated. As for the rest of your prattle, let’s just say we’ll just let that fizzle naturally. No need sweating over nothing, in other words.

  20. Hilary,
    All of a sudden, you want us to move on. That’s what I suggested the last time. We could have gone to sleep without having to waddle in the mud.

    I knew you blundered just as much. Samukai was never made a police director, but rather, Minister of Defense.

    Every human being makes mistakes. But when I made a mistake, you accused me of perpetuating falsehoods.

    Hopefully, case closed.

    • I have very short fuse for idiots, Hney, to tell you the truth. I just explained that you misunderstood my post and you continue to repeat the stupidity?

      This is exactly what I wrote: “Several government officials names came up including Brownie Samukai, the former police director, etc., as having connived or made derogatory statements about then president Sirleaf in that brouhaha.” While Brownie Samukai may appear to you in that case the same as the police director, I clarified that no, that’s not what I meant in that sentence.

      I was naming government officials including Brownie Samurai as one, the former police director as another one, and so forth. I agree that to the cursory eye the sentence may appear confusing but not to people who master English as a medium of communication. The comma between Samukai’s name and the next name or title should tell you the two are separate or different preferences. After explaining all of that then you come back with the same nonsense that I what, erred and supposed to now do what, lick your ass? You better find something else to hang your ignorance on tonight and lay off my case with this stupidity.

  21. Hilary,
    As I have said previously. I don’t shout profanities at people with whom there’s an obvious difference of opinion. So irrespective of how you rant or vaingloriously present yourself, I will not get in the ditch with you. There’s nothing to be gained from you. You have nothing to teach me.

    On several occasions, I have advised respondents/commenters to desist from being vituperative on this blog. I will continue to do that! It will be counterproductive for me to use broadsides as a way of trashing you into smithereens. I have my share of transgressions. But I will walk a line of civility. That’s because I want to be respected.

    The issues matter most. But instead of discussing the issues of Liberia from our viewpoints, you’ve chosen the sleaziest of words to express yourself.

    Example, said you, “Mr. Hney,
    whether you’re some queer or monk, who cares”?
    In another provocative outburst you charged, “I have very short fuse for idiots, Hney, to tell you the truth”.

    Could you have made your point without wondering whether I am a queer or a monk? Is this your trademark? Where’s your intellectualism? For sure you have a God-given right to disagree with me as it pertains to the issues. But instead of doing that, you’ve become personal. Will it be possible for you to become equanimous for a few minutes?

    Once again, the issues matter most! How can we become productive citizens? Through the use of invectives? As you can see, I stand directly in your space. Your use of ugly words has not driven me away. Hilary, you need a long fuse, not a short fuse. You may not know this, but the truth must be told. I am not an idiot. God knows this about me.

    In the US, the Republicans and Democrats have different viewpoints. But more importantly, both Democrats and Republicans love their country. At times, politicians and ordinary people get into heated debates. That’s normal.
    Is it possible for Liberians to discuss their issues without being abusive? Hilary, do you think it will be possible for you to disagree with me, Weah and all the poor men and women of Liberia without shouting profanities? Think about that.

    Hilary, you and I can become productive citizens without being negative. The voluminous problems of Liberia can be solved without the use of insults.


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