President Weah Sends US$10.5M Supplementary Budget to Lawmakers


President George M. Weah has submitted a US$10.5m supplementary budget to the House of Representatives for timely consideration.

In a letter accompanying the draft supplementary budget, President Weah told Speaker Bhofal Chambers and members of the House of Representative that the budget is meant to “Enable the government deliver on programs that are in critical needs for funds.”

According to the President, his government has “realized a windfall amid mounting expenditure demands for service deliverables beyond allocations in the approved budget of the Fiscal Year 2020/2021.”

The FY 2020/2021 budget was approved in the tone of US$570.1 million. If the supplementary budget is approved, the total budget for FY 2020/2021 will be US$580.6 million.

The President indicated that the sources of the supplementary budget include US$9 million from ArcelorMittal and a grant of US$1.5 million from the Kingdom of Morocco.

Furthered in his communication, the President outlined his expenditures as followed: RIA route pavement $900,000; Public school chair project $700,000; Transformer project $600,000; Hospital beds $500,000; Legislative goods and services $1.4m; domestic travels $400,000; vehicle repairs and maintenance $300,000; and constituency travels $900,000.

Others are vehicle fuel and lubricant $400,000; generator fuel $600,000; printing, binding and publication $250,000; Telecommunication, internet and ICT supplies, $250,000; RIA residential lounge $250,000; public schools renovation $250,000; GOL obligation to the African Union $1,129,695; Foreign Missions Operations $370,305 and subsidy compensation related $600,000.

Meanwhile, the President’s communication and the draft supplementary budget were sent to the Joint Committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning and Public Account and Expenditure. The committee is expected to scrutinize and report within two weeks.

The House’s decision follows a motion from Montserrado County District#13 Representive Edward Flomo.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Nine million US dollars from the iron ore company ? Is that future taxes paid in advance ?
    More explanations Daily Observer, more explanations. And George is still begging for money. He shouldn’t have taken that 16 billion dollars in local currency. Will continued to take taxes in advance and keep begging here and there.
    Perhaps, on second thought, no need to explain.
    7G on arrival. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    7G on arrival. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .
    One thing though, what is meant by “windfall” or not shortfall ? With all the begging and what looks like paying taxes in advance for the deal that was announced in the State of the Union between the iron ore company and the regime.

  2. Supplemental and the President called the amount “Windfall”? I wonder they know what it means? Concessionaire taxes is called Windfall, it means free money. I thought you people said these agreement were bogus, why do you accept bogus agreements taxes? You people are very contradictory in your propaganda.
    Your Minister of Finance and Development Planning(MFDP), said there was a surplus budget, why the extra could not be used to undertake these expenditures.
    We were informed that you have electrify the city of Monrovia, why did you allocate money for fuel in the budget for generators? You are now experiencing what it takes to govern and the unnecessary criticisms of yours in the past is now catching up with you.

  3. Oh nooooo! Not another loophole! What the keck is “Legislative goods and services,” for which $1.4 million is allocated? And another $900,000. for “constituency travels?” In the darn first place, legislators ought to be residing in their freaking constituencies and coming to Monrovia for sessions. Reason why there is budgeted allocations for rent for each of those do-nothing drags. Too much wasteful spending on this useless legislature!

    And then a pathetic $5000,000 for “hospital beds?” Just JFK alone or any one of the other government hospitals in Monrovia needs more than that. And I can bet my life that the county hospitals are not even factored in this allocation. After all, “Legislative goods and services” are more important than the lives and welfare of the people in rural Liberia. Another classic example of the cluelessness of this administration.

    And don’t anybody tell me any nonsense about “this is jes supplementary.” The more reason why this windfall ought to be used to supplement those areas that were initially underfunded, and not additional lunch money for idlers.

    And $400,000 for “domestic travels” for who, president Weah? In the 3 years this “African/World best” soccer star has been in power, how many counties has he visited, in order to justify this allocation? And there must be cost-benefit considerations for these allocations. Hence, what will be the benefit to the people of these intended visits?

    Then $300,000. for “Vehicle repairs and maintenance?” Another obvious black hole!! I mean this level of effrontery is just brazen. And either done out of ignorance or callousness. Either way, it spells stupidity for this administration.

  4. Mr. Gboyo,

    Stop hurting your heart! Can’t you read between the lines? A fair “kuku jumuku” agreement between the Executive and Legislative Branches of government; I chop, you chop!
    I chop : Generator Fuel 600,000 + Domestic travels 400,000 = $1 million (you know I am the preso);
    You chop: Legislative goods and services $1.4 million + constituency travels 900,000 = $2.3 million (since you guys are plenty).

    And my brother, look at how much they have allocated to Public schools’ renovation = $250,000 ($0.25 million), wow! How many public schools are there
    In this amount, the minister has to get his cut, each public school principal will also get her/his cut; so how much will be left to renovate when the office boy who should run the errand takes his own of pocket change from it?
    No budget allocation for textbooks, curriculum development, increment in teachers’ salaries, etc.
    Wicked and heartless children of Liberia!

    By the way, Arcelor Mittal should be aware that any dodgy deal of $9 million signed between you and Weah will be accounted for. Pay taxes for the year under review and during Weah’s term. If you go beyond, eeehhhhnnnnnnnn!

    Children of Liberia, the people you voted came to kill you yaaaaaaaaah!
    They are not pro-poor, but pro-pocket government!


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