President Weah Seeks US Support

President George Weah

President George M. Weah has asked the United States Embassy in Monrovia to help with ongoing investigation into the deaths of two staffers of the Liberia Revenue Authority and the head of the Internal Audit Agency, Emmanuel B. Nyeswa.

The President said it was sad that the latest deaths are happening at a time when the country is nurturing a vibrant democracy where there’s respect for fundamental human rights.The Liberian leader announced that he has instructed Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean to coordinate his efforts with partners of the government, including the Americans, in order to establish the cause of the deaths of the three government workers.

In a press release, the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism said the President while expressing his sympathies to the bereaved families, noted that “death should come naturally….anything to the contrary is unacceptable!”.

President Weah explained that he understands why some people will engage in speculations about what might have caused the unexplained deaths, but he called on everyone to “give the authorities a chance to determine the cause of death”.

President Weah has also reiterated the government’s earlier commitment to carry out an open and impartial investigation. He said at this point, it’s difficult to know what exactly happened. “But I am working to make sure we determine what happened through the investigation..”, he said.


  1. I am partially relieved ! It’s one step forward (the request for assistance). At least if the Americans get involved with this we would get to unravel the mysterious variables in these “three equations three unknowns”. What about the staffer who died in what was stated to be an accident ? What about George F. Fanbutu ? Has the LNP concluded it was an accident with 100 % certainty?

    In the event where the US gets involved with this, I urge the Telecommunication Services Providers to make available the relevant digital data to the investigators (unaltered). I also urge the LNP, LRA including any other agency or persons of interest that might have information leading to a breakthrough in this case to cooperate 100%.

  2. John Doe

    One of my worst fears John is the process will be stalled and delayed until the outcome will be unsatisfactory for the survivors of the victims and the nation. Why? I say this because by the time, those who will be instructed to conduct the corpus delicti rule (the process of determining the evidence as to the cause of death), the body shall have already decomposed.

    In fact, I read one of your earlier posts where you insinuated CDC paramilitary groups were already on the scenes of some of the gruesome murders and conducting the removal of the corpses from the site of the investigation without the intervention of credible, criminal justice professionals. Chances are, the bodies have already been tampered with, and the physical evidence have already been shredded to establish an iron-tight alibi.

    Isn’t this episode reminiscent of the murder of the late CBL staff, Mr. Matthew Innis? It is very reminiscent of the death of the late Innis.

    What happened to all the computers, which were assigned to these late internal auditors? If any were found, what efforts have been made to ensure the data integrity and the information that were on their storage medium have remained intact since their murders? Have the government made any effort by now to trace the individual whom observers noted to be a very huge man who drove the vehicle that contained the bodies of the first two victims?

    My pepo, this ting we we take to be play play ting, dat ay way be our troubo!

  3. “Heaven helps those who help themselves….”
    It is a good idea for George Weah to call upon the United States to intervene and help in the investigation over the mysterious death of the 4 Liberian auditors. First, let the Liberian government help itself by putting up a $50,000 or $100,000 United States Dollars reward for anyone with information that would lead to the arrest of the perpetrators of this criminal act.
    They could even go forward in doing the same for the late Harry Greaves which surprisingly Ellen Johnson Sirleaf failed to put up a ransom for information and up to this writing not a single suspect was ever arrested for the killing of Harry Greaves.

  4. Mr. Call Me John Doe,
    In my spirit, I know of you. It seems as if you’ve undergone a transformation, especially with your name. You write as if you were in this neighborhood a while back. If I am right, welcome back. Be informed that I am still here.

    Yeah, Mr. Call Me John Doe, I get your point. Weah did the right thing in terms of asking for help from Uncle Sam. By doing that, Weah clears himself of any involvement. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. But what is strange at this juncture is the fact that some of Weah’s critics have begun pointing fingers at him. Various kinds of of conspiracy theories are popping up.

    Well, well. We just have to be patient for a while and not take our eyes off the prize….. meaning the said investigation. We may hear something.

  5. You think it is a good move to call upon the USA now? Sure, the experts will get results from the forensic pathology but not immediately.
    If Weah wanted fast results to prove his innocence before the senatorial elections of December 8, he could have called upon the USA to examine the crime scenes.
    By the way, who is demanding the pathology? The Liberia government. Therefore, it would be turned over to them, case closed! But beware, there will be targeted sanctions.


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