President Weah Secures US$5M to Develop Sports

President George Manneh Weah addresses the audience at Conservatoire National Arts at Metiers in Paris, France.

FIFA President Promises Liberia will benefit from grant to develop soccer in Africa

President George Manneh Weah has secured US$5 million from the World Bank Social Protection Program to enhance his sports development agenda.

According to a dispatch from Paris, President Weah held bilateral talks between France and Liberia.

At a press stakeout, President Weah expressed gratitude to France, noting that he was proud to be back in a country where his journey to stardom started.

He enumerated his experience as a migrant who came to France about 29 years ago in search of better opportunities.

President Weah attributed his success story to his longtime coach and mentor, Arsène Wenger of Arsenal, and the great people of France.

He said he owes a debt of gratitude to France for giving him the opportunity to triumph.
He reminded the people of France that he is indeed a product of France, and told President Emmanuel Macron that he was in France this time as President of the Republic of Liberia to seek the same opportunity and chances that France gave him to succeed for the people of Liberia.

In another development, FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who was invited by the French leader to the launch of his Development through Sports Program, was among a host of sports officials representing various institutions, including the National Basketball Association.

The FIFA boss informed President Weah that FIFA has allocated half a billion United States dollars towards the development of sports in Africa, and assured him that Liberia will be among the countries in Africa that will benefit from the pilot project.

Additionally, the French government will also introduce its new Economic Empowerment Program dubbed: “Agriculture through Sports,” which Liberia stands to benefit from. This will be done through the construction of sporting facilities and the provision of sporting materials and other logistical support.

The president of France has determined that sports is one of the best ways to promote development in Africa, and has therefore embarked on a sports development program.



  1. “President George Manneh Weah has secured US$5 million from the World Bank Social Protection Program to enhance his sports development agenda”.
    Let’s be real here. This guy played international soccer and also was the sitting senator. Are you telling the Liberian people he went out and asked for 5 million dollars to improve the so-called sports activities? Whyooo, he could have improve the game with part of his earnings during those many years playing abroad.
    Liberia, Liberia…Oh Liberia. Are ever going to be part of the 21th century?

    • When did Weah become Liberia. Do you really believe the man should have used his hard earned money to support sport?
      But remember, he did support the Lone Star, though. However, it was not his obligation. He did this for the love of his county.
      If I may ask, how much of your paycheck is being used to develop your own village or to provide a hand pump?
      Let us learn to appreciate one another and stop pointing fingers…

    • One thing are know we Liberian praise the dead body instead of we working wit our pres weah to see how far we can developed our country you off for negative saying. How much are u help with liberia development stop putting mouth on our pres ok.

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