‘President Weah Responsible Electoral Violence in District 15’

Sen. Steve Zargo

Opposition Collaborating Parties sound alarm for International Community Investigate “wave of national terror being imposed by our President”

Members of the four opposition collaborating political parties have called on the international community to urgently investigate the recent acts of deliberate violence against peaceful citizens during the ongoing District #15 by-elections and bring all perpetrators to justice.

The parties made the statement on Sunday, August 18, 2019, at a joint press conference in Monrovia.

Steve Zargo, Lofa County Senator, who read the statement on behalf of the collaborating parties, also invited the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) of the United Nations, the African Union and the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOWAS) to act with utmost urgency because Liberia is rapidly descending into chaos, violence, and lawlessness.

Senator Zargo, who is the chairman of the Liberty Party, told journalists that the Collaborating Political Parties demand that an independent commission of inquiry to duly investigate these matters, have findings made public and provide a guarantee for the security and safety of every citizen.

He said, “We know that we are victorious but the safety of our citizens is our priority. We don’t intend to become victors over the blood and misery of the Liberian People.  This makes us different.”

Senator Zargo alleged that President George M. Weah has orchestrated, designed, promoted and supported all the violence in the Montserrado County by-elections.

“He must be held responsible for the tragic episodes” Senator Zargo said, “and violence that continue to occur. His deafening silence and complicity is echoing all across our country and the world at large.”

Hear Zargo: “The collaboration of Political Parties will not cower in fear to this wave of national terror being imposed by our President. We will resist it with peaceful actions and, in the words of former US First Lady [Michelle Obama], ‘where they go low, we will go high’.

“We remain cognizant of the years of conflicts our country and its people have endured, and we remain committed to providing an alternative leadership with peace and unity as our core values. We call on all citizens and our supporters to remain peaceful. Liberia is our common denominator and we must not allow this President and the ruling party to take us back to the days of old,” he said.

Senator Zargo urged the National Election Commission and partners who support the consolidation of democracy to speak out and bring international observers to observe the rerun elections due to the extent to which violence is becoming consuming and addictive.

“We hope all relevant committees on elections at the Legislature would call for inquiry and summon the relevant institutions, agencies of government to provide proper explanations for their actions against peaceful citizens.”

The Senator’s remarks are in response to the recent attack on Telia Urey and her supporters, which took place on the evening of Saturday, August 17, 2019, in Logan Town.

Telia Urey, the candidate of the collaborating parties in the District # 15 Representative by-election, narrated her ordeal in Logan Town Saturday evening, that led to the damage of her bullet-proof Toyota Land Cruiser and injuries to her person and several of her supporters. She said she had gone to visit the campaign headquarters of Kelvin Bayoh, another candidate in the by-election, when she came under attack by supporters of her main opponent, Abu Kamara, the candidate of the ruling party, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Ms. Urey said while sitting in Bayoh’s office, they heard a noise outside, followed by rocks on the roof then later through the windows.

“After I observed that it was an attack, I placed a phone call to my dad and to Henry Costa, who told me that they were calling the police. But, because of the numerous incidents with the police and their protective behavior in protecting the ruling establishment, I did not sit there waiting for them to come and save me but I try to escape but I was unsuccessful,” Urey said.

She said the police arrived after 20 minutes, but did nothing — similar to what happened in June when she came under a similar attack from supporters of her rival, Abu Kamara.

She said, although the police arrived, she and her team made several attempts to leave the office but it was just impossible.

Ms. Urey said one of her attackers entered the building with a knife and almost stabbed her, but her supporters were able to save her.

She said a senior official of the Liberia National Police, code-name “105” was on the scene but, when she asked him to bring his government-issued vehicle down into the garage to be evacuated from of the building where she sought refuge, he refused.

“Are we protected,” she asked. “If we are protected, who are we protected by? When the president sits at a platform tells his supporters to beat this little girl…I may not sustain injuries but, when you hurt one of my supporters, you are also hurting me.”

Ms. Urey said the collaborating parties will not stand for violence in Liberia because protecting the peace and the lives of every citizen is important.

“Nobody owns District #15. We will stand firm against the President, Justice Minister, and the police,” she said. “Nobody will intimidate us, we are bigger than the president, minister of justice because we are the people they serve; in case they have forgotten, it is their job to protect us because now we are unprotected.”

She assured District #15 residents of her commitment to ensuring their safety, maintaining the peace and ensuring that the district is improved.

Alexander B. Cummings, the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), said the four collaborating parties are a responsible opposition against an irresponsible government

Cummings said the people of District #15 have elected Ms. Urey as representative, indicating that it is unacceptable to have the President of the Republic of Liberia to declare that any citizens will not win an election under his turner.

He said the President’s statement does not mean well for any democratic country, but the opposition will stand strong for peace.

He reminded Liberians that the economic hardship is not an accident but the government practices of ‘self-severing economic’ that only care for themselves not, the Liberians.

“To put the daughter of any citizens in harm,” Cummings said  “way is not a good practices of a leader of a democratic nation but we want to assure our people that as collaborating political parties stand shoulder to shoulder with rep. elect Telia Urey and want our government to know that we will not accept their irresponsibility.”


  1. Ghastly! What a leader says can send his supporters on an uncontrollable orgy of violence. This administration is unaware of its utterances and the impact on their supporters. Shades of Rwanda. Is it now a crime to defeat CDCians? Good will always triumph in the end versus evil. These utterances have the propensity to send us back to the ice age. God will protect you, Telia.

  2. Violence committed in the name of political party politics is dead wrong. Neither the ruling party nor the opposition has any right to attack any one with any opposing views. In my view and understanding, I don’t think sporadic incident like what happened on Saturday or before, a sitting president should be held accountable. I m not saying those at the helm of power should not be held accountable, if deem necessary that they are promoting violence against the citizens.

    We in Liberia or other third world countries in Sub Saharan Africa are quick on evoking the term ‘international community’ for transparent guidelines. The international community, has more SKELETONS IN ITS CLOSET than you think. If critics assertion are true to the book, Barack Obama should be held accountable for white policemen shooting black in America or Kennedy, Nixon, Ford or those who served before them should be accountable for black lynching by white mobs. Should EJS be responsible for every sporadic incident that occurred during her 144 months in power? Those responsible for these crimes should be brought to justice. Our criminal justice system should be strong to prosecute any wrongdoing.

    Partisan politics has taken root in Liberia to such extent that no one seems to see reality to speak truth. Majority are speaking on behalf of political parties or closed alliances. The interest of the nation is no more significance to anyone, but winning elections to have their aim accomplish.

    Self -interest is what killing us, people. We should remember that virtues are lost in self-interest. For personal interests, we cannot see good in our fellow Liberian who do not belong to our party.

        • George Zota, what do you have for a brain? It’s 2019 and you still talking native-Congo BS. Your problem lies with the man you voted president…fools like you thought that voting a football player to run a very complicated, post-conflict nation would be easy. You are now enjoying the fruits of your irrational decision to vote Weah President…don’t blame any Congo person.

  3. Violence of any kind is unacceptable. Violence must be condemned from all angles. The premeditated attack carried out by hooligans in district 15 was pointless. The senseless attack did not do Mr. Weah a favor. Not at all. Mr. Weah does not crave for violence. As Mr. Weah tries to improve his image nationally and internationally, the least he wants from any band of thugs is to attack his political enemies.

    On the other hand, Telia Urey’s attackers must be brought to justice. Being brought to justice is the fairest thing to do. The bottom line is that Telia Urey is entitled to her civil liberties in a democratic society like ours. Urey deserves police protection just like everyone else

    Bah deplores the wisdom of the political parties in a way that is sanguine. Bah is right because the opposition political parties have naively rushed to judgement without presenting a vision-oriented contrast. Initially, internal matters such as a violent attack against a political opponent ought to be dealt with locally. The international community can be informed after all efforts to assuage a troubling issue has failed. The immediate call by the opposition amounts to negative political posturing. Such a move is a detriment. It ought to stop.

    Liberia is the 3rd poorest country in Africa. Secondly, Liberia is the 7th poorest country in the world. Finally, Liberia is the 135th military power in the world. Going to war with Sierra Leone will be suicidal. Where we are is sickening! If we do not extricate ourselves from the position we’re clamped in (no one did it to us), we’ll be like that until the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ!

    My point is that it’s okay for political parties to exist. There’s nothing wrong when political leaders express themselves. But how serious are the politicians?
    We can do better. Yes we can.

  4. Several editorials of Daily Observer insightfully warned early this year that mob violence and vigilante justice – including burning down of a police station in Margibi County – were circling the country. But legislators, few of whom are members of the Collaborating Opposition Parties, ignored those alarms. That seemingly concerted silence did embolden continuation, thus wrongly normalizing violence as legitimate expression of views that deserve response from political leaders.

    The District 15 ruckus was preventable had police protection been assigned to candidates in view of what happened last year in District 13. Therefore, rather than a Commission of Enquiry, the appropriate approach is investigation by our Criminal Justice System. Needless to say, granted that Ms. Urey’s graphic statement accentuated her ordeal, the politically-motivated hysterical reporting on most platforms only inflame tensions; let all sides rein in the passion. Liberia is a democracy, not a mobocracy.

    • Nonsense! Why are you and fellow establishment apologists always condemning others for how they react to the silly behaviors of CDCians and this government, instead of dealing with the stupidity that provokes the reaction? The attention of the international is drawn in these instances because they will be the ones to come in again to divide us in the next fight being instigated by your people. You, Hney and other internet trolls are full of yourselves. I really wanted to say full of shit save for the sake of other readers. It goes to say you too, are getting on people nerves here with these stupid defense of a bad regime. Perhaps you want this whole thing to turn upside down with those fools that keep jerking us around. Good thing these alibi are mounting up daily. Let’s see how long this will continue. Hint to the wise!

      • Its time you guys put your shit together, the international community invested both capital and human resources and have other priorities. Not every little difference we have you guys are quick to call on the “International Community”. How many independent states call for foreign investigation for internal political difference? Nonsense with this dependency syndrome! Liberia is an independent State fellows and put your shit together and stopping acting like you are brain dead.

  5. sylvester BAGHDAD MOSES IS A FRAUD “politically motivated hysterical reporting” this man was the NSA director under Doe when thousands were tortured and killed. He supports dictators. My dad would tell me of the atrocities under Sylvester baghdad Moses.

  6. Senior Bro
    Thanks Observer, for keeping us informed.
    I suggest that you please do us a favor by editing your grammar/spelling/etc. I found a few, for example: 1. “international community investigate”, there should have been a “to”, “to investigate” instead. 2. Under his “turner”, should have been “tenure” instead. So please double check your spelling. Thank you

  7. It’s not about condemnation. It’s about impartial investigation into ALL violence in Liberia and promptly arresting and prosecuting suspects irrespective of their political and socio-economic status. The Police and Prosecutors need tenure in order to do their jobs without fear or favor. The National Legislature must work overtime now in order to provide for this in the law – in the statutes creating the LNP and the MOJ. The Police and Public Prosecutors cannot be one-sided. Until the Lib National Police and the MOJ Prosecutors have tenure, the criminal justice system in Lib is always going to be bias towards those in power. Just my 2 cents

  8. Gboyo writes “You, Hney and other internet trolls are full of yourselves. I really wanted to say full of shit save for the sake of other readers”.
    Comrade Gboyo, you and a few commenters resort to the use of street words when you disagree with someone’s (point/points) of view. Let me ask you this….does it help when you shout profanities? You imply that you hesitated to use the ” S” word because of the readers. But it’s apparent that you blew off your steam. How are the readers spared your paroxysm? Gboyo, you write like an educated guy. It’s all good. You will disagree with me sometimes or maybe always. I hope not though. But my side must be made clear: It’s not my style to spew broadsides. What I prefer is for all of us to interact with each other respectfully. I could be wrong.

    With regard to the international community being called in by the opposition parties, I have strong reservations. Again, I do not rule out a call to the International community. My point is that our local issues must and should be handled through a genuine democratic process. In the interim, if no accommodation can be reached, a step outside our borders can be taken. How could my suggestion become a yoke?
    I gain nothing by getting on the “nerves” of people. In fact, I am rather an unflappable individual who seeks the truth. It seems that Liberia is faced with a lot of unsolvable Conundrums. We must turn bad things into good things. If you feel that a regime is bad, you have an obligation to fix it. You cannot fix it by insulting it. Otherwise, it will never be fixed.

    • F. Hney, you too, must be a scion from the same detested barren tree from which the goons currently misruling Liberia were extracted. It may serve your obvious pandering agenda to redirect any future advice as such at those morons for the good of the country, and not people who are simply reacting to the moribund specter haunting Liberia. You, that Sylvester Moses murderer and few trolling others come here every blessed day to defend this rouge regime. Yet, for the loquacious democrats you and glee-club of drags on this government purport to be, have never mustered the audacity to lift a voice of consternation addressing some of the missteps of this pariah spectacle of a government, even if just for the testicular gravitas. This is why social ostriches like you and any other self-seeking degenerate, will always be vilified and in whatever shape or form, until it registers with your respective atrophied humanities. Call it “insults,” or whatever the lamentation, those just happen to be omen of the fate bound to befall whatever the abhorrent phenomena and supporting cast plaguing Liberia.

  9. When unscrupulous partisan journalists and relentless rabble-rousers use fake identities to spew division, confusion, and hate, it calls into question transparency and integrity of a media space that claims to inform and educate readers. Notwithstanding, politicos and their choristers, religiously hiding behind pseudonyms to silence some of us that don’t join their anti-establishment chorus, won’t be given free pass to mount malicious misinformation. The public disorder which included extensive damage by a mob to the Pathfinder Jeep of Counselor Ambrose Taplah on Broad Street, Logan Town – a man returning home after a day’s work – didn’t come out of the blue.

    Perhaps, the covert Machiavellians waging this propaganda warfare to stoke another conflict would that we forget their wittingly and unwittingly contributions to the following: 1),That the UN, AU, and ECOWAS on February 26 warned against “media messages that promote violence”; 2), One month later a vigilante mob burned down a police station; 3), Four political parties made a Costa-inspired threat to galvanize “nation-wide civic action” were Tweah and Patray not fired; and 4), The four Political parties morphed into a COP recklessly promoting continuous business-killing protests.

    As for loudmouths bent on intimidating me, a guy who worked in a multiparty democracy while they were under a de facto One Party System, should forget it. By the way, when President Tolbert invited me to work with our National Security apparatus in the late 1970’s, SKD was in the AFL. I came to his government with capacity, and unsurprisingly the American Lawyers Committee for Human Rights in their 1987 fact-finding Report (following the 1985 Qwinwonkpa-led invasion) described NSA during our leadership as a “professional organization”. Incidentally, this was one year after I was out of NSA; shame on psychotic slanderers; go read, or enquire from those who worked there – silliness!

    • SGM, You are a hard-cord “Tribalist” you used to be very critical on one of your supposed victim-EJS regime for doing this and that, at least that regime brought some pride to Liberia, but your own tribal man who has stolen enough and is wantonly violating the rights of others, you are praising him and trying desperately to defend him. For you GMW is doing very well in Liberia!

  10. Mr. Concerned Liberian,
    I really like your name. I don’t know if it is your given name at birth or whether it is a nickname probably handed to you by your chick. Whatever the deal, I respect you, my dear brother. With your nickname or let’s say your name (whatever the deal), you seem to have Liberia at heart. It’s all good.

    But, I have a request. Please do not refer to G .F. Moses as “Baghdad” Moses. Baghdad was made prominent by Saddam Hussein, the former notorious leader who caused voluminous trouble for his people. Hussein’s crimes against his people cannot be compared with many former tyrants. Hussein did a whole lot of wicked stuff. In the real sense of the word, he was a cretin. Gentleman, I don’t know Moses. Never met him. Never saw him. When he worked for the government of the late Doe, I was in the states. I never saw Doe in person. Now, for whatever crime you think Moses may have committed, can you all forgive him and stop referring to him as Baghdad? You may attack what he writes. Leave the old stuff behind. I heard Moses’ side of the story. He denies every bit of the charges. We cannot dwell on the past forever.
    Let’s move on.

    I committed a lapsus calami a few days ago by referring to you as “Concerned Citizen”. It was done mistakenly man. I apologize. A person should always preach what he or she teaches.


    • F.Hney, This man is capable of defending himself as he said; almost everyone who had committed some wrong will always have an alibi, he being a trained criminal justice person knows it too well and have coughed out an alibi. He needs to have some soul cleansing to do, his friend, The Late Gen. Gray D. Allison, did when he was being consumed by his own tactics that was employed on EJS and other democratic activists during the Doe era, he asked the University of Liberia students for forgiveness, because of the August 22, 1984 incident. Let Sylvester Moses do similarly, he cannot hide behind some international group report and say he is an ethical professional person. Witnesses are all here Ezekiel Pajibo, Lucille Massaley-Yallah, Dempster Yallah, etc are still alive, if they do not want to be reminded of those dark days, they will speak up. Go to the grave of the late Tom Kamara and asked for forgiveness, and stop lying about being top of your class, does it make you clean of atrocities in the Doe’s era. Repent now.

  11. F. Hney

    With all due respect, I can defend myself, and it’s presumptuous to be asking forgiveness on my behalf for newly-minted false accusations. Not surprisingly, “charges” neither I nor anyone known by me heard of when I was National Security Advisor to President Sawyer of the Interim Government of National Unity from 1991-1994. Needless to say, nobody associated my name with human rights abuses during the TRC hearings; shouldn’t you have enquired about that?

    I earned an honors degree at FBC and did training at the Metropolitan Police Training School, London, England; and If I may, two institutions where I was among the best of the best of my classes. One doesn’t leave an institution that trains Scotland Yard detectives without being inculcated in ethics of the profession. Thanks for what you wrongly thought was solidarity, but I won’t allow insidious politicking to dissuade my insightful perspectives.

  12. F. G. Moses,
    I am very sorry for making a heartfelt plea on your behalf. In my heart of hearts, I am convinced that you’re a good gentleman. Irrespective of how you disagree with me, I strongly believe that it is unfair for a good gentleman like you to be called names that you don’t deserve.
    So sorry for what I did brother Moses.

  13. F. Honey

    Thank you, but nobody fights my battles in a pit full of sick slandering snakes: I’m capable.

  14. Gbada Harris alias Flomo.

    What the heck have I got to do with those guys you naming when NSA’s professionalism got many falsely accused persons vindicated and released. Or are you thinking that the agency didn’t have counter-intelligence responsibilities under the mandate which established it? We did our job professionally, and neither you nor any anti-establishment inciter can change that fact.

  15. Gboyo,
    I stick to my guns. I’d like to be construed as a person who takes civility on every level seriously. As provocative as your retort is, I refuse to waddle in your confused state by lambasting you for launching nefarious ad hominem attacks against me.

    You sound worse than a ruffian. Additionally, you stretch the truth as a trademark. What else is unknown about you? Saying that there was never a time that I called the government of Weah out for anything speaks volume about your warped arm-chair behavior. In 2018 when it was suggested that soccer stadiums would be built nationwide, I opposed that idea. Where were you?

    I don’t want to go too far with explaining things to you. Because doing so will make me to be like you. In other words, I will be needlessly forced to become an autocrat and attack your character without discussing the issues of Liberia that matter most. God forbid!
    But don’t get me wrong. I can fight back.

    The issues of Liberia take precedence over your and mine self-interests. We can do more to discuss or solve the mountain of issues we are confronted with than attacking each other for frivolous reasons.

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