President Weah Orders Street Lights, and Here They Come

A segment of Tubman Blvd in Paynesville illuminated with streetlights on October 1, 2020.

“Let there be light,” and a stretch of the Tubman Boulevard in Paynesville, Montserrado County, Liberia, immediately illuminated the impenetrably dark surroundings on orders by the President of the Republic, George Manneh Weah.

The Liberian Leader made the assertion on October 1, 2020 at one of many ceremonies to commemorate his 54th birthday, mimicked the Genesis 1 authority of the Almighty God when He created Light and Day. The only difference was that the President’s orders followed a prior plan and promise to the people of Liberia that he would drive out darkness from communities during his tenure as President. The only difference was that the President’s orders followed a prior plan and promise to the people of Liberia that he would drive out darkness from communities during his tenure as President.

The first part of the President’s promise benefits communities, specifically between ELWA Junction and Samuel Doe Boulevard in Paynesville, and additional works toward Central Monrovia and other parts of the city are in accelerating pace to achieve results before this year’s Christmas festivities.

“Today is a clear example of what is in stock for Liberia,” the Chief Executive said amid jubilation greeting the spontaneous burst of electricity in a corridor of Paynesville.  “Much more is to come as we provide streetlights, working with the LEC to light up 80 more communities soon.”

The President said further: “I have already authorized the payment of Two Million United States Dollars to LEC to cover the city of Monrovia with electricity, and I am happy to showcase this promise into practical reality on my birthday.”

“I promise to do my best, as your president. Only my best is required,” the President said, thanking the people of Liberia for reposing their confidence and trust in him to serve them.

He called on Liberians to remain peaceful and patient as his Government endeavors to meet their heartfelt needs.

“Resist temptations to destabilize the peace and tranquility of the country,” the President stressed. “Whether you are a journalist, opposition politician, civil servant or civil society actor, remember that it is in the best interest of the country and people if everyone realizes their national obligation, works with the national government to make the country what is ought to be.”

The President used the occasion to frown on the tendency of health workers to abandon their posts to protest in the streets at the risk of sick people.

He said while some of the demands of the striking health workers might be legitimate, it was unprofessional and unethical to turn their back on sick people when they had the opportunity and the available political will in government to negotiate their claims peacefully.

In other ceremonies commemorating the 54th birth anniversary of the President, a group of Liberian children who congregated at a Thanksgiving Service at the Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church offered prayers for the President, invoking God’s blessings and favor of long life and good health upon him.

The children also offered prayers for the recuperation of Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor and Public Works Minister, Mobutu Vlah Nyepan who are currently undergoing treatment out of Liberia.

Meanwhile, President Weah has expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped make his birthday celebration this year another memorable event.

The President said he is grateful that Liberians from all walks of life, including friends, fans, foreign partners, and other well-wishers extended him warm greetings in commemoration of the day.

President Weah who turned 54 on Thursday, October 1, 2020, observed the birth anniversary with a thanksgiving prayer service and meeting his supporters.

He also used the occasion to symbolically switch on the new street lights being planted around Monrovia to cheers from hundreds of onlookers.

The Liberian Leader has additionally conveyed his profound and heartfelt appreciation to First Lady Clar Marie Weah who he described as his source of strength and the pillar of his family. He thanked the First Lady for the wonderful celebration and always being by his side.

“I am blessed to have this amazing woman by my side, giving me support to deliver for the people of Liberia”, the President said.



    Amazing !!!!

    We’re still talking about lighing up Tubman boulevard near ELWA junction – SKD boulevard axis ? What have the GOL and its international partners been doing since the end of the civil war?

    The civil war ended in August, 2003 with the signing of a peace agreement.

    The LNTG was inaugurated in October, 2003 and elections held in October/ November (2nd round) , 2005.

    Inauguration of a civilian government occurred in January, 2006.

    We’ve had two (2) subsequent elections. Overall, we’re talking 17 years . So, what progress has been made if this area 7 miles away from the Executive Mansion has been in darkness ?

    I must state, as a matter of disclosure, that this is my old stomping ground. I grew up on SD Cooper road ( formally known as “Old ELWA Road” until people commenced colloquially referring to it as “SD Cooper Road”.

    I can remember the days of Mersubi gas station across the street from the ELWA junction near E. Sumo Jones’ home and AB Tolbert’s road.

    I can remember the time when PRC member Fallah Varney died in a car accident which prompted the installation of traffic lights at the ELWA junction. That was 1981,

    I can remember when the road passing by TB Annex, leading to Tubman boulevard, was undergoing expansion to four lanes [ That was 1978].

    I can remember the days of basketball playing at Paynesville playground and Tucker’s court (Danlette Tucker/Archie Bernard property).

    I can remember when the SKD boulevard road construction commenced. The AFL was involved and they would work even on third shift draining the swamp. One could hear the construction activity from as far as SD Cooper road. [ That was 1987]

    So, I hope readers can understand why I am stunned that that part of Liberia, right outside Monrovia, is still in darkness.

    Keep in mind I’ve been away since 1995 and I visited briefly in 1998. So, please forgive my ignorance.

    • Mr. Renford Walsh:

      You have been away from this country going 23 years now, so your ignorance is forgiven.

      But, as I am sure you can imagine, a lot can happen in this length of time and a lot has happen since you left. Thankfully, you keep yourself abreast of issues here and so you know what unfolds on the ground.

      From your writings here and the date mentioned, I consider you a big brother as I am a 1985 born. So much respect to you.

      But please be aware that I am the “Man” now on the ground and so the day you come for visit again, make sure you “pay head” to me.

      Take care, Sir.

  2. Comrade Kimba,
    You were gone for a while. I hope that your absence was not due to hardship or illness, but rather fun and enjoyment. Welcome back. I have something for you to download.

    Hang in there.

  3. Mr. Hney,

    Thanks for your concern. All is well at my end. I hope all is well with you at your end.

    I took my wife up to Bong County to visit with the old folks and we were take for a few days, but, we are back home now and going through our normal routine.

    I will download what you have for me.

    Quick question for your, sir. Why is Trump so certain that he will win this election?

    Thank you

  4. While the rest of Africa is lighting up rural areas, Liberia, independent since 1847, has now started partially lighting up the city of Monrovia, what a disgrace to all past presidents!

  5. Comrade Kimba,
    Taking your wife to visit your family in the back country area exposes you as a good guy. Keep it up!

    Trump will lose this election. The “weakman defender” wants everyone to believe that Trump will win. The weakman defender has a right to express his opinions. And so whenever the defender states that Trump will win, it should be understood that he is in fact expressing his opinions. However, the facts on the ground in America are outside of the realm his opinions.

    As I compose this document, the Trump White House is tainted with Covid-19! So far 11 men and women of his inner circle have tested positive. The number increases everyday. Secondly, Trump’s unfavorability rating (47 %) is higher than his favorability rating. The weakman defender does not say that. There’s gotta be a reason! Finally, Trump has no alternative but to support himself. He hopes to win, however in reality, he will not.

    “The Bible – Daniel in the den”.
    Your next download is around the corner.

    Hang in there, partner.
    Stay safe out there.
    Watch out for cararkoro.
    Ku- nemen da’ mlahn

  6. Kimba,
    This is your second download of the day. It is one of my favorite mini videos.

    Here it is….
    Zacchaeus [English] meets Jesus.
    The main question for you is this…
    Did Jesus laugh when the rest of the visitors laughed?

    What’s that?


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