President Weah Orders Ministries to Produce ‘Guiding Framework’

Flashback: President Weah, joined by VP Jewel Howard-Taylor, presides over first historic Cabinet Meeting

To achieve Pro-Poor Agenda for health, education, youth empowerment

President George Weah mandated cabinet ministers to carry out a comprehensive assessment to develop a realistic roadmap that will serve as a ‘guiding framework’ to advance the government’s pro-poor agenda.

In his first cabinet meeting yesterday, Weah also requested the ministers to ensure that the roadmap will account for the realistic approach that will take care of road construction, better healthcare, education and youth empowerment.

He said these are part of his government’s pro-poor agenda priorities that should bring short-term success to ordinary Liberians.

President Weah also said a committee must be set up to review the recovery and transformation of the ministries of Finance and Development Planning, Commerce, Education, Health and Public Works.

Following a careful review of a recast National Budget for Fiscal year 2017/2018, the cabinet, pursuing the government’s pro-poor agenda, mandated a number of priority projects.

They included payment of the West African Examination Council/West African Senior School Examination Council (WAEC/WASSEC) fees for 12th graders in public and private schools; maintaining traffic and street lights as well as the construction of new street lights in Monrovia; the digital registration at the University of Liberia (UL) and the provision of Wi-Fi (high speed internet) in key locations at the UL main campus.

They also include the upgrading of equipment and facilities at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center and the government-backed credit line to stimulate the private sector development.

President Weah and VP Taylor in a group photo with his Cabinet

According to an Executive Mansion release, cabinet members received a briefing from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on prevailing developments in the country’s Foreign Service, especially the compelling need to provide progress reports from embassies and honorary consuls abroad, in light of their economic benefits as they relate to their representation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also mentioned the need for Liberia to introduce online visa services for incoming visitors to be obtained on the visitors’ arrival as part of the ministry’s 150 days deliverables.

Further briefings at yesterday’s cabinet meeting included those from the Justice and Rule of Law Sector that encompass the Liberia National Police (LNP), Liberia Immigration Service (LIS), Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA) and Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS).

Additional briefings included the augmentation of the LNP to its full strength of 8,000 officers; the de-congestion at the Monrovia Central Prison; and beefing up of the manpower capability at the Palace of Corrections in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

Additional priority projects mandated by the cabinet are the issuance of the National Biometric identification cards to help clean-up government’s payroll; an increase in the staff in the education sector for FY 17/18 – bringing 400 Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) teachers onto the payroll and correcting 180 underpaid personnel.

Others are professional skills development to increase the number of Liberian experts in the health sector; humanitarian outreach program by the First Lady; a feasibility study for the Military Hospital; the Resettlement Action Program (RAP) for the road from Sanniquellie to the Loguatuo border with Ivory Coast; and road maintenance across the country.

The Cabinet also mandated a ‘Cabinet Retreat and Orientation’, aimed at providing insights into the business of governance, standing orders as well as rules of engagement in the execution of the business of government.

In the end, President Weah challenged his ministers to remain focused, patriotic and selfless in their problem-solving ventures, noting, “Our approach to addressing problems will enable us to rapidly achieve our goals for the greater good of the people. You will be judged effectively on account of your performance and tangible results.”


    • A brilliant idea, Rev. Dr. George! There is need for such a body having a relative autonomous status to serve as a guardian or coordinating entity over our macro-economy. The conflicting and sometimes competing missions of the CBL and the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, makes it unlikely for either one of these entities to perform this role.

  1. Not now. Later for putting together any plan right now. No money right now to waste on redundant groups. Such will come from the Ministry of Finance and planning after all Ministries are audited and economic figure for the year placed in the nation’s coffer while the Legislature tells the people of Liberia what the nation’s broke amount is from its findings from the past administration’s deposits. This new President keep taxes vessels flying Liberian flags and the flow of natural resources and finished products of GDP to keep economic maintenance with the little amount on hand until the people get to know this coffered figure after his audit.
    May the Liberian people be told. Do not reply this box.
    Gone to silent majority.

  2. Individualized Ministerial Short, Medium, and Long Term goals are salient to success of the CDC government.

    Allocating budgets to match these plans are also an important factor to guarantee success.

    Those who fail to plan actually are planning to fail.

  3. Do not forget that this President did win the first last administration at a 9-10th grade level. Do not also forget that he also is now President on a high degree level. This proves that the control of this nation is still entrenched within the factor of true leadership to suit the educational mean of 15% and 85% literate and illiterate. Which also depicts that a leader does not necessarily have to be a tenure educated to get majority of the people to lead. Those of the 15% who would like career performances to help the nation and care less about high numbers could feel comfortable doing the nation’s resource work and leave the power to the people. After all only one President of Liberia can come at a time or term. No President yet has obtained majority of registered voters, since most of 1847 constitutional activities. Now 1986 came in where many still do not understand and the Legislature has yet to sifter. The very reason why the silent majority will control more power until one is elected. Remember also that the percentage in presidential votes acquired, for example, this present 34% as was also in the case of the last is equal to the other two branches of Government, Legislative and Judiciary. This is our Liberian solid democracy. Best of luck. Let the Liberian people know. Do not reply my box.
    Gone to silence.

  4. Mr. President, these are all good initial first steps that can offer some sense of direction to your pro-poor agenda. But some immediate action can be taken now, including imposing a HIRING freeze on government appointments, until you get a clear sense of the economic outlook of the nation. This can be done right away before the cabinet reports back to you. If the country is ‘Broke’ as you reported to the nation a month ago, sound and common sense fiscal policy would require that you ‘hold the line’ on adding to an already bloated and wasteful expenditure roll that cannot be sustained by the limited revenues being generated. Please hold the line on Hiring for the next 3 months!


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