President Weah Nominates Amb. Kemayah Minister of Foreign Affairs

Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., Liberia's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Permanent Representative to the United Nations

President George M. Weah, has nominated Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Sr., as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liberia. According to a release from the executive Mansion, the nomination made on Thursday, September 3, 2020, is subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

Amb. Kemayah currently serves as Liberia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative of the Republic of Liberia to the United Nations and All Its Organs.

Ambassador Kemayah holds a Master of Arts Degree in Development Studies (MADS); with credit, Diploma in Microfinance and Community Economic Development; with First Class Honor (Suma Cum Laude); and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Microfinance and Community Economic Development; with Second Class Honor – Upper Division (Magna Cum Laude); all from the Catholic Owned and Run Uganda Martyrs University in Nkozi, Uganda, East Africa.

He also holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree in Mathematics from the University of Liberia (Class of 1989). Ambassador Kemayah has many years of High-Level work experience; spanning multiple institutions in the Non-Governmental Organization/Civil Society, Private and Public Sectors; with a focus on Public Policy Administration, Diplomacy, Governance, Development, and Humanity.

“His Leadership has led to improved competencies in policy formulation and strategic planning and implementation across diverse institutions; including the Public, Private, Non-Governmental/Civil Society arena; and the Church,” the release said.

The Foreign Minister-designate previously served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where he was directly responsible to ensure; and did ensure effective and efficient functioning of the Home Office at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and the Foreign Service of the Republic of Liberia; through budget formulation and execution; and administrative and logistical support; in consultation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Once confirmed, appointed and commissioned, Amb. Kemayah will replace Gbehzohngar M. Findley, who resigned recently.


  1. Mismatch, Mr. President!

    First, I thought CDC told us that they did not need Socrates to rule Liberia, this guy is a Socrates, can’t you see?

    From Mr. Kemayah’s resume, he could be a very brilliant and fine Minister of Finance or spearhead the project implementation unit of any productive and development-oriented government. He can even run a state-owned company and bring it the highest prestige and financial integrity that can assure any financial institutions.
    Why did you send him as ambassador? Why are you naming him as a Foreign Minister? He will NOT be efficient; he will be learning on the job most of the time.

    Look, Gbekugbeh, if you want to get out of your current entanglement, bring in Mr. Kemayah as the Minister of Finance to help strengthen up many things for Liberia. He can put Liberia to work in the shortest time possible with very good project too.

    Stop your mismatches, Mr. President!

    • Petarus Dolo, keep quiet! You know nothing about the modus operandi of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a State.

      If you even had the elementary knowledge of that ministry, you would have long assimilated upon hearing about the nomination of His Excellency Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kemayah that,

      1. taking into account his Kemayah being a specialist and a technician ligated or in amalgamated to his wealth of experience in the execution or implementation of Liberian foreign policy, he,
      has all it takes to supervise THE FUNDAMENTAL DUAL MISSION of that ministry which are,

      3. to communicate with its own personnel abroad and with foreign diplomatic missions in its own country ///the very tasks performed in New York with other foreign policy makers through their diplomatic extraordinary plenipotentiaries, and other ambassadors within the world=s safety net the United Nations!

      4. Little boy Petarus, Ambassador Kmayah as a chief policy maker of his political party,, an administrator at the UN, hence ipso facto an adviser to the President on foreign affairs, Ambassador Keymayah,

      5. holds excellent credentials to steer the network of our diplomatic mission abroad as his boss His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah.. making Liberia stronger at home and respected in the world, deal with the new generation of global challenges while ensuring the renewal of Liberia=s leadership and her admiration within the comity and community of nations!!!

      • I hear you, big brother False Nationalist.
        We are looking up to you people. Show us how he will make Liberia respected at home and abroad.

        As much as I agree with you that technocrats can sometimes head the foreign policy of a country for specific objective/s and at a given time, it’s not the case with Liberia for now. But since CDC knows too much, we are watching you people to rule us to mundanity.

        By the way, I recall respectful big brother Saah Dennis from my community. I did not know he was now KEMAYAH. He’s brilliant indeed, this I can ascertain. He will be great, but he could have been fantastic if you guys were using him as an economist to make sound economic policies or implement them for you.

  2. With Mr. Kemayah as Minister of Finance and Maiden Cooper as Minister of Agriculture, Liberia will rise above all odds, Mr. President. It will be a very fine combination or tandem to see through a brighter agricultural economic goal.

    Be bold and brave enough to part with Minister Tweah. We understand he is your all-in-all, but he only imitates what Ellen did; respectfully walking in Ellen’s administration path. Pump in a progressivist like Mr. Kemayah, you will not regret your presidency and we will stop “causing” you for such choice.

    I hope you read my comment, Mr. president!

  3. Mr. Dolo, you are sounding so lively today in the interest of Amb. Kemayah’s. Being Amb. Kemayah’s purist in this manner is politically translated that you are having greater passion in the RULING COALITION which you will be highly welcome to. This decision will be a good one for you instead of you wasting your valuable time behind backyard political party (ANC) that was forced to go into collaboration due to it unpopularity. The Coalition is highly interested in you and believe that can be her valuable asset that could make a commendable change.

    But in all, my question to you is that what type of able leadership you have found in Kemayah? May be this should be his second prestigious job. You are forgetting the political cult (The Liberia Business Association) they founded he and Mill Jones for political motive that help swindled the people Liberia money and today is disbanded and having no future resurrective value?

  4. Mr. Solee,

    It is with pleasure I will take my time to reply to your invitation.
    I acquiesced to the ideals of the CDC from the onset. I agreed and still agree with everything the CDC stands for.
    West African leaderships also acquiesced to the vision championed by the CDC. It is indeed the way forward for Liberia.

    But brother Solee, Weah is the WRONG embodiment of our common vision for Liberia. We said it in the beginning, even before he could accept to join the political arena. We wrote him a two-paged letter to express our plea of abandonment before his last game in Paris, France where he was officially leaving the football pitch. I was one of the leaders of a student movement called the Movement for the Restoration of the Dignity of Liberia (MRDL) by then who helped compose that letter to Weah. We got a reply from Mr. Mulbah, telling us the Liberian people will decide.
    But apparently, Weah had taken his decision ever since the idea was uploaded and programmed into his brain; on one fateful and beautiful day of celebration for the Lone Star team in White Flower.

    Because Weah could not sit and analyze as we did, like me, many people who shared the same vision shied away.
    During the 2017 elections, I saw the embodiment of our vision in an individual called Alexander B. Cummings. I spent my time, resources and contacts to gather as much information as possible on this honorable man. And I said to myself, this is the perfect embodiment of our abolished (suspended?) dream, I am going to campaign for him.
    Though a little late, I vigorously campaigned for Cummings and thank God, some Liberians gave us attentive ears.

    The ANC is not unpopular. CDC went into collaboration with the NPP and other political groupings. Can I say the CDC is unpopular?
    In politics, there are alliances. The ANC will work with Liberians of all walks of life. Anyone who wants to collaborate with the ANC is welcomed. This is not synonymous to unpopularity.

    Most of you, young Liberians and CDCians, think that a good leader is the one with the loudest voice, or the person that can exhibit the most strength in speech and actions, NO brother.
    Peruse the resume of Mr. KEMAYAH, I don’t know him but looking at his resume, he could make a fine tandem with Maiden Cooper of Agriculture if only you guys can name him as Finance Minister or make him to spearhead your project implementation unit. Educationally, Mr. KEMAYAH is an entrepreneur, trained to mold minds and lead a team to creating wealth. Why send him as ambassador to the UN or make him a foreign minister?
    Replace Tweah. He lacks creativity, inspiration, flexibility and diplomacy. We understand he’s Weah’s brain but he himself cannot entice any foreign governments or independent financial institutions or exert leadership on other government ministries and agencies to efficiently deliver a pro-poor agenda.

    CDC can save face if they recruit from the intellectual class of Liberia. We have policy makers or decision-makers (who use different methods before coming up with a clear-cut policy) and people who execute what has been decided (managers).
    From the resume of Mr. KEMAYAH, he is a good policy maker. He obtained his first degree in mathematics (key subject in making sound financial policies and principles), then went to study Finance, Project Management, etc. Intellectually, he has all the rudiments to be the brightest and greatest Finance Minister for you guys.

    If Mr. KEMAYAH is a swindler as you claimed here (not me ooooh!), why appoint him to represent you at the UN? And why are you proposing him as the Minister of Foreign Affairs?
    Does it confirm the thesis that the CDC is a party of swindlers?

  5. Your defensive you pulled on here are well respected, although some are subjected to refutation .So, it is clearly understood that you have personal ire with the President when it come to his leadership ability, it is also understood that you have no qualms with the CDC when it come to their ideologies or platform. Before going ahead let me boldly tell you that I am not a CDCian but a Weah fanatic who lifestyle and success I have been studying and continue to study them.

    As you stated earlier you and your bogus organization the Movement for the Restoration of Dignity of Liberia (MRDL) lettered to the president telling him to abandon his decision of becoming president of this country was a evil one, the group was politically immature or possibly the group was paid by unscrupulous politicians to implement such political coup d’etat in a clever manner, because in all indications, he has prove you people wrong. President Weah is one of the brilliants, mature, peace loving, developmental and tolerant president Liberia’s ever have.

    Liberia was so unfortunate of having villain leaders, from the today of Joseph Jenkins Robert who not only manuever to see himself in the presidency frame several times by the way of suppressing his opponents through Presidents Samuel K. Doe and Charles Taylor down to Ellen Johnston Sirleaf who used tribal and religious politics to cling unto power that subsequently plunge this country today where we found ourselves. They were fearful in the way that oppositions or whosoever that go against their will, will consequently disappeared or murder in cold blood. For typical example, With all the presence of international peacekeepers under the leadership of EJS, we saw how important people disappeared in cold blood; the likes of Harry Greaves, Cllr. Michael Hans and you know the rest; also the opened policy of corruption that makes some people richer around here today.

    This is just to enlightened you how Liberia’s suffered under those villain leaders that put themselves on the pedestal above the country interest. But under this government headed by Amb. George Weah, things are different, the country getting to take a real shape and international recognition in good governance wherein he were tested twice by you people on his ability to lead this noble country.

    Let’s take some looks of the leadership ability of president Weah:

    1. Government of Inclusion:
    Kemayah’s that you so loyal to is not from the CDC background, and today he and other many Liberians are heading important positions in the CDC led government, this tells you how our president is tolerance and a pacesetter for government of inclusion.

    2.Good Governance:
    President Weah has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he is a good leader even you Mr. Dolo with all your mindset in your criticism, you cannot dispute this fact. He has created the environment for all Liberians to practice true DEMOCRACY and set the platform for DEMOCRACY to continue to rain even after his tenure. For example, you people engineered by your hardcore leader, Henry Costa, has had on numerous occasions has unconstitutionally demonstrated against this government without evidential prove, were you people were kindly treated in contrast to the past regimes who could not tolerant such action which could lead to blood shed.

    3.Fighting Corruption and misused of power:
    I am not disputing the fact that corruption do not exist in Liberia under Weah led government, but there is indications that president Weah is ready to declare war against corruption and misused of power by government officials. The winning of corruption case against Brownie Samukai and his accomplices, the dismissals of Dr. Musoka Fallah and Dr. Nathaniel Blama can justifies these indications. Even Samuel Tweah as you painted him in opposition to Kemayah may not be corrected, even though Tweah may have his own internal problems as we all humans have, but his performances in the dichage of his duties are yielding fruitful result. You might not understand that due to the $25m mop up exercise that the exchange rate is steadfast today compared to earlier 2018 where the exchange rate was on the free fall scale.

    4. Developmental minded:
    It is true that we the Liberians are not seeing those deliverables as we foresee in the President Weah, this is because of the global financial crisis wherein all aides has been seized, but nevertheless, with the little ones we have, this government is internally using them in the best interest of this country. Examples of these are the upgrading of some principal streets in Monrovia and the $5m nationwide low cost housing unit that is currently on going.

    5. Impartial or nontribalistic personality:
    If you look at the presidency, will not see any of his kinsmen around him in contrast to previous regimes that instill many of their of kinsmen and women, relatives or children in the presidency for the sake of protection and confidentiality. This shows that our president is treating all Liberians as one regardless of tribe or religious background.

    These are just some of the quality clues I am freely and educationally giving you about the president. I believe that by now you would have a positive rehink as the ALMIGHTY COALITION door remains open for you.

    In all, I am not a politician, I just a follower of politics.

    I hope that this note will not go against your personality.

  6. Mr. Solee,

    I hope I will continue my exchange with you. I am saying this because partisans and most (NOT ALL) supporters / sympathizers of CDC do not partake in intellectual discourse without resorting to vituperations. I have not seen any of such yet in your exchange with me, and so I hope we will maintain the tune cordial in our divergent views.

    As I told you earlier, I acquiesced and still acquiesce to the ideologies and platform of the CDC. I have no qualms with those ideals.
    I DO NOT have an ire in anyway against Weah, get me clear for once. But it irks me to see Weah taking on responsibilities out of ignorance and derisible passion.

    I was also a fanatic of Weah, the footballer. If he had stayed in line with his calling, I could have joined you to even write his success stories; rising from the slum in New Kru Town to the majestic heights of Milan, passing by Paris.
    Such stories could have elated young people of all walks of life to never despair in life and to believe in themselves. Such Weah could have been empowered to fashion and undo sporting and political leaderships in and out of Africa.
    God created each of us unique and for a purpose. Africans should learn to identify the purpose of God in their lives and how they can impact God’s creation. Weah is on the wrong path, believe me. If I can be abusive of my golden boy Oppong today, many people are even more irked.

    My “bogus’ organization MRDL was a very patriotic group made up of the 16 ethnic groups of Liberia. We all had the desire to see a new Liberia that can be reconciled to forge ahead, hand in hand, with the sustainable development of Liberia. We had no political affiliation of any kind or shape. The only political leadership we contacted in Liberia was the CDC.
    Our mission was to tour the length and breadth of Liberia to beg our people to forgive and relearn to live together in peace, as we had a common destiny. To facilitate our displacement, we earmarked Weah, a figure that could have been accepted by all and in every county, to lead the crusade. And so, we embarked on a fundraising campaign with diplomatic missions, which received us with enthusiasm and overwhelming joy of our initiative. Some promised financial support, some proposed training of the group and others were tight-lipped on their contributions. But when Weah declared his intent to run as president, the same diplomatic missions expressed deception in us, thinking we were soliciting funds to campaign for Weah. Some Missions accepted to hear us in our defense, others NEVER did, reason why the movement was disbanded.
    This is something that should not have been said here, but just to make you understand, Mr. Solee.

    Besides Tolbert, I hold no past Liberian rulers in esteem. Like you, I strongly believe they are all responsible for the underdevelopment of Liberia. I believe they were all selfish rulers who only cared for themselves, immediate family members and friends.
    What’s the way forward? The way forward for Liberia is outlined in CDC’s platform. The embodiment of the way forward is the WRONG person. Weah is the wrong person, brother!

  7. My comments on your points:

    1. I am not loyal to KEMAYAH. I do not even know the guy. For Liberia to move forward, we NEED NOT consider political affiliation, but COMPETENCE. Some people do not like to be indulged in political talks but willing and ready to do professional job for their country. Appointing KEMAYAH does not mean Weah is forming a government of inclusion, for KEMAYAH does not belong to any political affiliation but just a patriotic Liberia willing to help his country. Let’s look out for such people. You can NEVER see such people with a CDC partisan card, believe me!

    2. President Weah defaulted on good governance when he bought his way through to the presidency. You think Weah is handsomer than Boakai such that the latter who served Ellen for 12 years could have been sidelined in favor of your dear and lovely Weah who spent all his time insulting Ellen? NO brother, you need to open your intellectual eyes and apply your common-sense analytical capability. Where did Weah get the money to demolish his 4 houses and rebuild them into mansions in just one year of his reign?
    I do not, in any way, belong to any organization headed by Mr. COSTA. I am also not in support of any group headed by this man. But Mr. COSTA is doing exactly what you guys did to Ellen. Is it hurting the CDC? If yes, then learn the golden rule of nature and live by it: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    3. Given the above point, do you think Weah can effectively and efficiently fight against the scourge of corruption in Liberia?
    Mr. Samukai: Is he in prison for corruption? Did the case go through to designate the culprit?
    Dr. Fallah: Who is responsible for delivering falsified COVID-19 test certificates? Dr. Fallah or the guys adjoined to him by Weah who will take no orders from the honorable Dr. Fallah? If you guys don’t put an end to this thing, no intellectuals will come to work with your administration.
    Dr. Blamah: I will not comment on this matter, but if you are close to the CDC, I urge you to keep your ears open. What transpired will come to light soon and very soon. Dr. Blamah is a CDCian 100%; he knows the practice and concepts of CDC.
    Mr. Tweah: Do you think it is because of the $25 million mop up exercise the exchange rates have stabilized? No, brother. Exchange rates fluctuate based on the country’s productivity, risks and economic trends of the world. Come back by June 2021 and tell me if the exchange rate is still stagnant. However, there is one exchange rate in Africa that is stable: The F CFA against Euro, do you know why? Open your ears to conflict in Francophone countries and their former colonial masters.

    4. CDCians, do you depend on financial aids from abroad to develop Liberia? Has any country ever developed from financial aid from NGOs? Wake up, Mr. Solee. Sustainable development can be achieved through the effective and expedient use of our human capital, natural resources and democratic governance.
    It’s good to renovate streets in Monrovia, but the citizens of Lofa, Maryland, Grand Kru, Sinoe should be able to bring their produce to town in Monrovia. ¾ of produce from these counties slip over illegally to Guinea and the Ivory Coast, and so you their values are not added to the Liberian economy.
    Low cost houses should be constructed and sold, not given out freely. To build and give low-cost units to individuals freely is synonymous to socialism or communism. The USA hates these 2 forms of government. As a country dependent at 99.99% on the USA, there will be repercussions and these units shall eventually be retrieved and sold to the owners or other interested individuals, take my word for it!
    Bring in huge projects that will enable citizens to build their own lives, we call this capitalism.

    5. Look around Weah again, brother Solee. You think he’s not surrounded by his kinsmen? Investigate properly again.

    Mr. Solee, sincerely, I love you. You are a good man. Let’s think for Liberia. It’s a shame we are behind countries we helped obtain their independence. Tell your friends and relatives that the national congress has failed.
    Encourage and welcome them to the Alternative National Congress (ANC) to make Liberia a better place for mankind.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Although your exoneration or continuous defensive is not satisfactory explained, however, I thank you ever so much for the time and your willingness to keep in company with me. I highly appreciate your gesture as well as your intellectual discourse. I was opportuned to learned new things from you.

    Have a blessed weekend with your family’s. Hope to see next time.

  9. Posted at 9:34 PM EST on Saturday, September 5, 2020


    I’ll start with the necessary disclosures. I have known D. Max (as we used to call him) since the late 1980s. He was a class ahead of mine at the TJR Faulkner College. He was Maths/Physics, I was Chemistry/Physics (in terms of major/minor).

    To the best of my recollection, we did only one course together and were involved in a group “all nighter” for a final exam. I haven’t seen him in 30 years. I did inquire about his welfare in 2004 when I encountered his relative in Maryland.


    With that said, I have read lots of positive things about D. Max in the media. He was head of LIBA and initially Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs before he was appointed to replace Lewis Brown at the U.N.

    I recall reading a news report that the foreign donor community was quite pleased with his appointment (as Deputy Foreign Minister). Lots of positive reports about him as Ambassador to the U.N.

    I am, therefore, pleased with the nomination as Foreign Minister.

  10. Posted at 9:54 PM EST on Saturday, September 5, 2020


    I think a lot of people who claim that Weah’s foray into Liberian politics commenced after he was drafted are wrong.

    I recall when the BBC reported in 1996 that he had called for the UN to intervene in Liberia (during the April-June, 1996 fighting). Shortly thereafter, his home was attacked by one of the warring factions ( I think it was the NPFL).

    In his reaction, Weah stated that his opponents feared his popularity could be a threat to their presidential ambitions. So, really, I think he recognized earlier than many, perhaps most, people that he could win the presidential elections.


    Now, is he qualified? That is debatable.

    Personally, I have my own set of standards for presidential qualifications.

    #1. Previous public sector experience (as an appointee or elected official).

    #2. Knowledge of public policy issues, data-driven goal formulation for Agriculture, Commerce, Communications, Education, Energy, Environment, Finance, etc.

    #4. Management of financial resources worth millions of dollars.

    Based on what I’ve seen, neither Weah nor his primary opponents (in alphabetical order, Boikai, Cummings, Urey) have met ALL of the aforementioned criteria.

    They have met SOME but NOT ALL.

    That’s why I have been INDEPENDENT since November 1992 and will remain so in the near, and possibly distant, future.

    • Welcome back, Mr. Walsh.
      From the USA, passing through Europe down to Africa, the best leaders to ever preside over a nation have NEVER met even 2 of your standards.
      Houphouet Boigny of the Ivory Coast NEVER had even one of the standards you defined, not even Jerry J. Rawlings of Ghana.

      It takes first and foremost patriotism, then honesty, a higher educational level and above all, the fear of God.
      We have had seasoned politicians come and fail, great economists being befuddled in the face of reality and proven managers led their country to economic meltdown.

      With no doubt, Cummings can start the development train of Liberia. We need to get on par with other regional African countries in terms of development.
      I can drive from the border town of Danane (Ivory Coast) to South Africa on paved roads. When will this journey begin in Monrovia?
      I can take the train from Abidjan to Niamey, passing through Burkina, Mali, and Senegal. When will we admire our verdure landscape from Buchanan to Niamey?

      Let’s not play politics with this thing, try Cummings and see. If he fails, some of us will NEVER again talk political talks.
      Let the heavens bear me witness!

  11. On behalf of the first Nordic African venture capital company, Bambwa Group, we would like to congratulate Amb. Kemayah on his important new position. We are ready to support him and President George Weah with all our international business contacts and experiences. We are commited to support, develop and invest in Mama Liberia.


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